All of the Cherry villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Who is Cherry?

Cherry is a Villager in Animal Crossing: New Frontiers. She is a kind, kind-hearted, and optimistic bunny that enjoys making new friends and flaunting her fashionable looks. Her vibrant personality and distinct fashion sense make her a popular favorite in the Animal Crossing world.

Cherry’s home is adorned with a variety of artifacts, including the Rainbow Arch, Two-Tone Chair, Lovely End Table, and others. Cherry has a wonderful apparel wardrobe full of elegant alternatives for your own islander, in addition to her house décor.

Cherry loves nature and often spends time in the Wild Area fishing or collecting fruit. She also likes to read books and perform karaoke with her fellow villagers. Cherry is constantly on the lookout for new experiences, no matter what she finds herself doing. She’s ready to tackle any problem that comes her way, thanks to her trusty shovel.


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, when you first meet Cherry Villagers, they will tell you their birthdate. This may help players form stronger bonds with their villages and feel more invested in the game. When a villager’s birthday approaches, players may participate in various activities to commemorate the event. A gift exchange or party, for example, may be held. In addition, players may write congrats notes on the newly visible chalkboard.

In addition to commemorating their birthdays, Cherry Villagers should participate in numerous activities on a regular basis to preserve solid connections. Having chats with them whenever possible and fulfilling activities that they require are all excellent strategies to guarantee that your relationship stays strong and healthy.

Cherrys Personality

Cherry, a cheerful cat villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is a cheerful cat villager. Her nose is short and white, her fur is deep pink, and her hair is long and loose with a single red accent in the middle.

Cherry has the personality of a cheerful peasant. Peppy villagers are distinguished by their cheery, happy demeanor and eagerness to meet new people. She likes interacting with the other villagers and acting as the life of the party. She often says it’s all meow-velous “when expressing her pleasure about something or delivering an announcement to the community.

Cherry enjoys chatting about her acquaintances and telling tales to others, which is why she always has fascinating things to say when she meets other people in your town. Her enticing meowzie “It exactly depicts her personality; it’s lively, fun, and friendly all at the same time.

Cherrys Appearance

Cherry is a smug cat villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a distinct look, as do all other villagers. Her brilliant yellow fur, as well as the rich pink tint around her eyes and lips, are bright and energetic. She also has an orange scarf wrapped over her neck and tied in a bow on her back. Cherry also has two prominent markings on either side of her head above her ears that mimic the form of a cherry blossom.

Her home is furnished with Sleek Series objects, which perfectly express her stylish style. Everything is slick, from the wallpaper to the carpet to the furnishings. She is a conceited villager that loves fashion and would often mention make-up or clothing while introducing herself.

Cherrys House

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Cherry’s home is situated in the north-east portion of the island. Cherry is a pink hippo villager with a beautiful and tidy house. Her home is furnished with pieces from the Lovely Series, such as furniture and wallpaper. She also has a variety of plants around her house to provide vitality to her interior design.

Cherry’s interior design offers a warm and friendly ambiance, making it ideal for a quiet evening with friends or family. Overall, Cherry’s house is one of the most visually beautiful on the island, making it a perfect destination to visit if you’re searching for some home design ideas.

Facts About Cherry

Cherry is a snobbish villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and one of two new inhabitants introduced during the Wedding Season event. She always wears a gorgeous Daisy Mae costume and her signature heart spectacles.

Cherry has a passion for flowers, likes gardening, is obsessed with fashion, and is always up for a good talk. Her slogan is “cheeries,” which describes her upbeat personality. Her birthdate is on June 28th, hence she is a Cancer. K.K. Bossa is her favorite music, pink is her favorite color, and she enjoys drinking grape soda.

Cherry, as a snobbish villager, may seem chilly or frightening at first, but she will warm up to you if you chat to her often enough.

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