Looking for a fang-tastic villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Check out our guide to finding the perfect fang villager for your island!

Who is Fang?

Fang is a villager in the Animal Crossing New Horizons video game. He is an ostrich with dark crimson eyes and brown feathers that is dressed in a sailor outfit.

Fang enjoys reading, working out, and, of course, shopping for fancy goods. He also enjoys socializing with both players and other villagers. He is very generous with his stuff and is often seen offering precious things to other villagers. In addition, Fang has a distinct personality when compared to the other animals in the game; he prefers the calm life and seldom discusses contentious matters or becomes too upset about anything. His favorite dish is Larvesta Noodles, and when given the opportunity, he enjoys activities like kendama and fishing.

Fang is the man to go to if you’re searching for a nice, easygoing villager.


Every villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a birthdate, which remains constant with each new game or island you play. Finding the ideal villager for your island may be related to their birthday, since each one has a birthday present tied with them.

When compared to other players who may not be aware of this secret, using the right sort of birthday gift might be the deciding factor in keeping your favorite villagers on your island. This guide covers all of the frequent birthdays as well as what sort of gift you should offer to increase your chances of keeping them on your island.

Knowing a villager’s birthday dates is very beneficial if you’re attempting to hunt down an elusive figure who is about to leave. With this information, you may get unique goodies like as cake or gifts from Nook’s Cranny that are only available during their anniversary month, so check back often.

Fangs Personality

Fangs is a snobbish villager introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is a grey wolf dressed sharply in a blue suit and purple spectacles. His profile describes him as “a bit of a trendsetter,” and it’s true that he enjoys fashion and has his own distinct style.

Fangs has a chilly and distant demeanor, but that doesn’t imply he isn’t nice. Even if you disagree with his fashion taste or find his personal ideas challenging, Fangs will not back down from expressing his thoughts. He also really cares about his pals and will always be there for them when they need him. His caustic humor might make anybody chuckle, so it could be worth a go.

Fangs Appearance

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Fangs, a Wolf villager, is a grumpy character. His catchphrase is “snicker-roo,” which relates to the chuckle sound made by wolves.

Fangs’ look is distinct among Wolf villagers, since he has lighter fur and darker eyes than the majority of Wolf villagers. This gives him a more eerie appearance, suited for his grumpy disposition.

His body is primarily dark, with white fur on his legs, neck, and arms. He’s dressed in an orange shirt with little stars and black shorts to match his dark eyes. His light brown fur and orange-and-black attire give him the appearance of a Halloween werewolf. He also has a pair of enormous fangs in his mouth, which adds to the whole appearance.

Fangs House

Fangs House is a one-of-a-kind villager residence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It bears the look of a gloomy, gothic castle, like the residence of a vampire. The locals that dwell here are mostly members of the Fang family, which includes Mom Fang and her four kids.

With its tall spire, pointed roofs, and towering stone walls, the Fangs House architecture stands out. In addition to its distinctive appearance, the home is surrounded by gravestones, which adds to the creepiness. Inside, the player will discover items such as a coffin bed and an ancient organ to enjoy.

With their gloomy look and characteristics, the Fangs House villagers live true to their gothic motif. While they may seem frightening at first appearance, these villages appreciate friendship and, given the opportunity, may form terrific friends over time despite their occasionally austere demeanor.

Facts About Fang

Fang is a reclusive wolf villager in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game. He has a black and white appearance and is noted for his calm, quiet demeanor. His slogan is “snappy,” which refers to his keen intelligence, and he enjoys collecting fossils as a hobby.

Fang’s favorite pastimes include fishing and bug-catching. He enjoys deep-sea diving and is often spotted searching for the most precious aquatic animals in the ocean depths. Fang likes contemporary furniture with an old-world feel, as well as pieces from the Alpine Series furniture set. His first outfit is mostly gloomy hues like black and gray.

Fang may seem to be cool, but he has a sensitive side when it comes to making friends; he enjoys giving presents to people around him. He likes many types of presents, but loves outside goods such as flowers or fruit. He also likes to read novels and relax in hot springs with his pals. Fang will always be there with a warm grin, no matter what activity they perform together.

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