Looking to complete your Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers collection? Check out our comprehensive guide to cookie villagers, including where to find them and what they’ll do for your island!

Who is Cookie?

Cookie is a dog villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and one of the game’s most popular and sought-after characters. Her appearance includes a small, round nose, light gray fur, sparkling blue eyes, and long ears. She is dressed in an orange shirt with brown polka dots.

Cookie has the personality type “peppy,” which implies she is perky and joyful. She enjoys talking about fashion and cuisine, and she is always happy to assist out around the town or meet new acquaintances. She also enjoys collecting uncommon artifacts such as fossils and fish for her museum collections. “Oh my god,” one of her catchphrases, is one of her trademarks. She frequently displays her delight upon discovering uncommon objects by exclaiming “Woo woo.

Players like Cookie’s kind greeting when they first encounter her in-game, as well as her eagerness to assist other villages. She has become a fan favorite owing to her cheerful attitude, compassionate heart, and readiness to provide a helping hand when required.


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a Cookie Villager’s birthdate determines the month in which they will celebrate their birthday. On the day of their birthday, players, like other villagers, may go out and celebrate with them. Following the festivities, participants will earn a unique gift if they are able to perform or play balloon games with them before midnight.

The villagers’ birthdays may fall into one of three months; March, April, or May. Each season has its own distinct attraction when it comes to celebrating birthdays, with March being early spring, April bringing spring in full bloom, and May offering summer-like conditions.

Depending on their personality type and breed, each Cookie villager will have one of 12 potential birth dates over these three months. Players may tell what sort of villager they have by looking at the outside of their home or going to the Nook Stop at Resident Services to examine each villager’s own profile page, which includes the villager’s birthdate information.

Cookies Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each villager has a different personality that influences their attitude and conduct. They are the most active of all the locals, Cookie. They are often pleasant, gregarious, and typically upbeat. They may also be chatty and a little noisy at times.

Cookies are the heart and soul of the party; they don’t take themselves too seriously and like making people laugh. They have a positive outlook and spread pleasure everywhere they go. Cookis are often outdoorsy people that like activities such as fishing and insect capturing. One of the Cookie villagers should be a perfect match if you’re seeking for a fun-loving companion to join your island community.

Cookies Appearance

Cookie is a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who enjoys baking cookies. Her look is distinctive, with black feathers and a huge red crown like a chef’s hat. Cookie’s eyes are blue, her hair is yellow, and her outfit style varies based on the game from traditional to contemporary. Since New Leaf, she has featured in every mainstream game as well as various spin-offs such as Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer.

Her specialty is making cookies, which she may teach other villagers when they come to see her. Cookie likes playing the piano at home and is also a music lover. She can also play a variety of instruments with the other villagers, including the ukulele, drums, and the guitar. On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, Cookie fans often picture her at music festivals or with a lovely singing voice.

Her slogan “chef’s kiss” refers to her fondness for making cookies, and her favorite cuisine is curry dishes such as curry rice or curry bread rolls.

Cookies House

Cookie’s Housing is one of the most popular villager house kinds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Its rustic style and vibrant colors set it apart from other designs.

Cookie tiles, which are created to seem like a home made of cookies, are used to construct it. The outside hue is a bright yellow-orange that contrasts well with the darker baseboards and pink roof tiles. The inside is outfitted with a bed, table and chairs, refrigerator, sofa, and even a cooking set.

This kind of housing will make your island stand out and create an appealing environment. The Cookie’s House may be personalized with wallpaper, flooring, and furnishings to reflect your particular style or personality. This sort of villager home, with its vivid colors and comfortable vibe, will undoubtedly be a favorite on your island.

Facts About Cookie

Cookie is an alligator villager who made her debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She has a typical personality and occurs often in New Horizons. She enjoys fashion, cookery, and other outdoor hobbies like fishing and insect capturing. Her favorite colors are orange, yellow, green, and blue, and she says “sugar coat it” as her first sentence.

Cookie’s home is filled with adorable wallpaper and furnishings from the contemporary series. Her room also has a large baking set with a cupcake-covered oven in the middle. She also has various items of furniture from the Retro Series, including a boom box, jukebox, record player, concert poster board stall, and more. Cookie likes inviting guests over to her island and discussing numerous issues with them.

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