Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now, and one of the many new features in the game is the ability to have villagers move in and out of your town. If you want to keep your town thriving, you’ll need to know how to manage your villagers’ requests – and that includes understanding what they want when they ask for specific items.

One of the most requested items in the game are bones. Villagers will often ask for bones to complete their collections, and it can

Who is Bones?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch, Bones is a dog villager. He has the personality of an uchi big sister, which indicates he’s lovely, sociable, and kind. He also enjoys outdoor activities and would gladly provide you guidance and recommendations on how to participate.

Bones’ slogan is “yip yip,” and he enjoys fishing and insect hunting. When you bring him with you, he goes about town on his moped, which is his distinctive item. His original outfit is a red aloha shirt, which makes him instantly identifiable in your town, but he also has a large selection of apparel available to alter his appearance with accessories such as caps, glasses, or sunglasses. Even unusual objects, such as furniture or flower seeds, might be given as presents to Bones.


The villager’s birthday is a crucial piece of information to keep track of when playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. This feature assists users in remembering the birthdays of their villagers and planning special activities such as giving them gifts or inviting them over for a special birthday celebration. Knowing each villager’s birthdate also helps in developing relations with them, since giving them a gift on their birthday will make them very happy.

Villager birthdays are randomized in Animal Crossing, so pay attention when you first meet a villager since this is the only time you may acquire this information from them. To remember each villager’s birthday, utilize the “Remind Me” feature on your Nook Phone, which lets you to make reminders around your island calendar by inputting data such as a villager’s name and birthdate. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to surprise your locals with gifts.

Bones Personality

Bones is a sluggish villager personality type in the Animal Crossing series. He looks to be amiable and relaxed back, yet he is prone to forgetfulness, which may lead to him neglecting requests or chores. Bones talks slowly and comfortably, often concluding his statements with “hahaha”. His catchphrases are frequently bone-related, such as “It’s a happy skeleton.”

He enjoys food and cooking and often spends his time in the game preparing or eating different culinary items. He is also a musician who enjoys playing the guitar and singing whenever possible. His desired career is to be a musician, and he likes discussing music. He enjoys art as well, though he is not very adept at it himself – but is equally captivated by the work of others. Finally, he enjoys discovering new devices and technologies to experiment with, ensuring that all of his neighbors are up to date on the newest technological trends.

Bones Appearance

One of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 15 basic villager varieties is the Bones villager. With black and white fur, skeleton decorations, and a skull-like visage, villagers with the bones look have a particular eerie flair. They are normally quiet and hesitant with other villages, but if they feel at ease in their new surroundings, they may become wonderful companions. They are also highly creative, often preferring art or handicraft pursuits over other activities. The addition of this distinct villager type invites players to experiment with their own distinct style while building their own towns on the island.

Gladys and Frita are two other peasants that have the bones look.

Bones House

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bones lives in the Bones House. He is a skeletal-looking villager that lands on a Halloween-themed island with Pumpkins and other Halloween decorations all around his home. His home features several creepy elements, such as a coffin lying against a wall and tombstones sprinkled across the yard.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bones has a distinctive manner of decorating his house. He enjoys eerie furniture and stuff like skeletons, skulls, coffins, and pumpkins. These things may be purchased from the Nook Shopping catalog or crafted using materials obtained during gameplay.

The Bones House stands out from the other residences on your island because to this style of decorating. If you’re searching for something entertaining and unusual to add to your town, here is the place to go. So have that eerie decor up and running as soon as possible.

Facts About Bones

Bones are a crucial component of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ residents. In the game, bones are a form of money that can be used to buy a range of products such as furniture and apparel. They may also be utilized for other hobbies like fishing and fossil hunting.

Digging in various locations on your island will reveal bones. Digging locations may sometimes contain bones, so keep a watch out for them while exploring. Pick them up as soon as you locate them since they will only be around for a short time.

You may also get bones by defeating animals such as rabbits or tarantulas, or by accomplishing certain unique events that come on your island on a regular basis. Bones may also be acquired by engaging in events such as fishing tournaments or bug-catching contests, which can provide the opportunity to win uncommon and expensive things such as this money.

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