Apple villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are some of the rarest villagers in the game. Here’s how to unlock their secrets.

Who is Apple?

The Animal Crossing franchise is enhanced with Apple, a cute pig villager. Apple debuted in New Horizons and has since become a popular villager. She enjoys fashion, has an enthusiastic attitude, and enjoys conversing with other locals.

Apple enjoys her space as an Animal Crossing inhabitant, but she also enjoys socializing with her neighbors, avidly partaking in talks and activities. You may discover Apple on friends’ islands or by purchasing Nook Miles tickets to unlock her as a villager.

Apple’s home is filled with adorable stuff such as a Saucy Lamp and a Pincushion by her bed. Her home also has some unusual objects, such as the Modern Wood Table and the Mini Fridge. With all of her charm, it’s no surprise that she’s been a popular villager since her introduction.


Each villager has a unique birthdate in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which may vary from early January to late December. After the villagers have been relocated to your island, their birthdays may be seen on their profile pages in the Nook Phone.

A villager’s birthday may be celebrated by either scattering gifts about town or having a party complete with balloons and cake. The user may win unique incentives such as Nook Miles or customised furniture items by participating in this special event.

Recognizing and celebrating the birthdays of the villagers is a vital way to create ties with them and make them feel loved and valued. Celebrating their birthdays will also improve your relationships with them, maybe allowing them to leave your island in the future.

Apples Personality

Apples, the chicken villager from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is eccentric and lively. Apples is constantly searching for new experiences in her daily life, which makes her a fun character to hang around with. She enjoys telling tales and communicating her feelings to people.

Apples is a dedicated villager who often spends long hours performing tasks or assisting the island’s residents. Her upbeat attitude and energy make her very charming to all of her island pals. Apples has a misunderstood but very intense enthusiasm for fashion, making her one of the game’s most fashionable characters.

Despite her reputation for being shy and timid, Apples is really rather extroverted when it comes to engaging with people on the island. There’s never a boring moment when Apples are around.

Apples Appearance

Apples are one of the most recognizable fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In every town, apple trees are organically growing, making it simple to pick and utilize. Apples are a favorite among Apple Villagers, despite the fact that all Animal Crossing villagers may eat them. Apple Villagers have a red face like an apple, with brighter or darker tones depending on their preference.

Aside from their physical appearance, Apple Villagers are distinguished by their individual personality. They are typically cheery and pleasant, yet their love of food leads them to overeat from time to time. They are also often interested in nature and animal welfare. 😃 Some people may even like gardening or walking around town to keep fit. Furthermore, Apple Villagers often like learning new things or engaging in exciting activities that pique their curiosity.

Apples House

Apple’s House is a distinctive dwelling owned by Apple, a villager with an apple-shaped head, in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Talking to Apple will take you to Apple’s House, which is on the player’s island.

Inside, players will discover one-of-a-kind furniture and decorations, such as Apple’s particular bed and sofa, as well as other amusing goods, such as furniture from the Nook’s Cranny shop. The apple-shaped roof is a unique characteristic of this home. Apples House is a nice spot to explore for gamers searching for something out of the norm in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, since each villager has their own unique house and amenities.

Additionally, players may communicate with Apple by sketching on their walls or giving them presents.

Facts About Apple

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the apple is a well-liked fruit. It may be obtained from Apple Trees that have grown on the island or from other players who are willing to sell them to you. Apple trees can only be planted during the months of April through August and take 5 days to mature and bear fruit. When an apple is completely ripe, it has a distinct aroma that might entice adjacent residents. Apple trees always have six apples growing at a time, and once harvested, will regrow apples every four days until the end of August.

Apples may be used in a number of ways throughout the game. They may be used in recipes, eaten by the player or villagers to recover HP, or sold for bells at the Nook’s Cranny and Re-Tail businesses. Apples are also a component of several special events, such as Harvest Festival, which celebrates the approach of autumn and rewards players with rare goodies if they harvest or purchase enough apples from other players during this event.

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