All you need to know about the Apollo Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Who is Apollo?

Apollo is a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is a bird with a golden beak and blue feathers, and he, like most other birds, has his head inclined to the side. Apollo is simple to get along with as a villager, and his playful attitude makes him popular among gamers.

He enjoys reading books and often gives advise on a variety of things, whether it’s life advice or how to build anything in the game, however he occasionally talks as if he’s from another era. Apollo likes fishing and bug-catching, like many other villagers. One of those activities would be a fantastic present for him, particularly if it was something unique like a golden fish or golden insect.


Birthdays are important days for villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They are commemorated with a celebration in the villager’s house, replete with decorations, a cake, and gifts from their island friends. Tom Nook will give the birthday villager a gift on their birthday. Tom Nook always gives the player character cake as an apology for not providing them anything as a child in prior games. It is also possible to organize a surprise birthday celebration for a certain villager by chatting with Isabelle before to their birthday.

On the day of each villager’s birthday, they will wear a unique hat that can only be obtained in-game, which players may buy if they like. Furthermore, if it occurs on or around your birthday, you will get unique stuff such as apparel and furniture; Otherwise, certain uncommon things, such as wallpaper or flooring, are still available.

Apollos Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Apollo is a laid-back, kind villager. He has a sloth-like demeanor, able to go at his own leisure and not be concerned with the troubles of the world. Because of his laid-back demeanor, he will not put you under any pressure to accomplish anything. Though he isn’t the most extroverted or chatty villager, he makes up for it with his good heart and eagerness to serve others.

When engaging with people, Apollo is usually cool and collected. He may not be the most fascinating local to hang out with, but his presence on your island might provide a feeling of calm. Apollo likes activities like hide-and-seek and bowling, although he would rather read a book or just have a good discussion than be overly busy. He also enjoys giving presents to others, maybe because it makes him feel good about himself. Apollo is a laid-back character who likes nature and the finer things in life.

Apollos Appearance

The Animal Crossing series features Apollo, a light-green Villager with a golden beak. He has brilliant yellow eyes and pink cheeks, and one of his distinguishing traits is his magnificent mohawk-style head feathers. His beak is likewise curled downwards towards the rear of his skull, and he often seems tired.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Apollo wears the No. 4 Shirt, however he may also be seen wearing a two-tone blue suit in Wild World or his regular rural attire Red Bar shirt with white suspenders and straw hat in City Folk. Furthermore, Apollo often accessorizes himself with green spectacles or headphones that cover both ears, giving a touch of originality to his already distinctive appearance.

Apollos House

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Apollo’s mansion is a magnificent and legendary residence. Apollo’s home, located on the western side of the island, stands out from the other inhabitants owing to its size and style. Apollo’s home is built with rich red wooden siding, giving it an attractive but intimate appearance.

The first level of Apollo’s residence has various blue furniture pieces such as a TV, Trash Can, Lamp, and Wardrobe. The second level is largely made up of green or yellow furniture, such as a table lamp, wall clock, wash basin, and tea set. It also features some one-of-a-kind goods like a Goldfish Modeling Figurine and a Porcelain Vase. Apollo also has an outdoor hot tub put up right outside his home door, in addition to these indoor decorations.

Facts About Apollo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has Apollo as a playable character. He is a cute, flightless bird villager who is one of the game’s most beloved characters. He is quite nice and is always happy to assist with tasks such as making the player’s island appear exactly how they want it.

Apollo enjoys music and is often spotted singing his own compositions or listening to it. He stands out from the other villagers because he wears a bright yellow shirt with stars on it. While he isn’t as welcoming as some of the other characters, Apollo has a lot of personality and is always ready for a good talk. He’s also quite informed and can give gamers amazing tips about their island if they ask.

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