All you need to know about the different types of toilets and villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Who is toile?

Toile is a rare villager from the Animal Crossing franchise who makes her first appearance in New Horizons. She is a bear dressed in a pink and white striped outfit, white and black shoes, an orange ribbon on her head, and her characteristic “baby bottle,” which she takes everywhere.

Toile is described as a lively and pleasant villager who enjoys assisting people. She likes organizing events and is often spotted tending to her flower gardens or caring for visiting young people. She also enjoys taking art lessons and competing in hobbies such as bug-catching and fishing. Toile’s unique skill is relationship advice; she even appears as an advisor in the game’s Relationship Networking event if you request her.


Birthday is a special feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that gives your community a distinct flair. Because each villager has their own birthday, you may commemorate it by showering them with presents and welcoming them with a loving message. Your locals will appreciate your kindness and will reciprocate in kind.

When a villager initially moves in, the date of their birthday is randomized, so you won’t know the precise date until the day of celebration. The game does, however, offer you indications when someone’s birthday is approaching – balloons will begin to appear about your island on the birthdays of every villager. When this occurs, chat to your people as quickly as possible and offer them presents such as flowers, fruits, or even furniture designed specifically for their birthday.

toiles Personality

Toiles is a default villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who enjoys playing the role of a friendly guide. She is a squirrel-like villager with the tagline “nuts about it,” which alludes to the fact that she is a squirrel. Toiles enjoys assisting people, particularly the player’s avatar, but becomes irritated when the Player disregards her advice. Toiles might be obstinate at times, but he always has the finest intentions. She likes cracking jokes and having fun, thus she will often bring up subjects that she considers fascinating, even if they bore others, such as gardening or fishing.

Her interests include fishing and collecting insects or fossils, and she enjoys exploring new sites around town and photographing them. Toiles is compassionate and empathetic to both villagers and gamers, however she may be harsh with her criticisms if something isn’t up to her standards.

toiles Appearance

Toiles, one of the most distinguishing inhabitants in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, are classified into four types depending on their looks.

  • Peppy Toiles, who are distinguished by their wide-open eyes and animated attitude. Peppies often dress in colorful, showy costumes, such as polka-dots or top hats with ribbons.
  • Normal Toiles; these villagers have rounded or slightly curled eyes at the ends, and they dress modestly in traditional patterns and palettes.
  • Jock Toiles; have brows that curve up towards their brows and often wear athletic-style apparel such as tank tops or basketball shirts.
  • Cranky Toiles, on the other hand, have downturned eyes and frequently dress more informally in goods such as overalls or flannels.

Each sort of villager will have their own own personality, mannerisms, and house décor preferences.

toiles House

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Toiles Dwelling is a villager house type. It is related with the Toile line and includes both conventional furniture and accessories. Toiles dwellings are frequently filled with a lot of furniture, much of it is from the Toile collection. Toiles residences often have white walls, however this might vary based on the color and form of the furnishings.

The floors in Toiles homes are often made of wood, while some players may choose carpet or other forms of flooring instead. Rugs, vases, paintings, and sculptures are examples of accessories that may be utilized to adorn the home. In general, these accessories should be carefully picked in order to keep a consistent concept across the home. Furthermore, having too many accessories in a place might make it seem crowded or dirty. As a result, it is critical to ensure that everything works well together to create a tranquil and pleasant environment.

Facts About toile

Toile, a bear villager, first seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She is a cheerful villager, which means she enjoys staying active and making new friends. Toile may seem severe, yet she can be ridiculous at times. She enjoys keeping up with the newest fashion and music trends.

Toile has a distinct style that combines old and contemporary elements. She usually dresses down in a yellow and red striped sweater and denim shorts. Toile is also obsessed with umbrellas, and you can frequently find her in the rain with one in her hand.

She also likes hobbies such as

  • fishing
  • insect hunting
  • shopping for clothing at Able Sisters

Toile also enjoys

  • sending letters to other villages
  • spending time with her pals

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