Looking to get an edge in Bannerlord’s multiplayer mode? Here’s a guide on how to increase your party’s speed, giving you a better chance of winning.

All of the Different Speed Modifiers

Speed modifiers in Bannerlord, the medieval strategy game, refer to different methods of changing the speed at which a player’s party moves on the world map. Speed modifiers are used to swiftly cover enormous distances or to avoid notice by an opposing force.

Positive and Negative Modifiers are the two types of speed modifiers. Positive Modifiers make a player’s party faster, while Negative Modifiers make it slower. Mercenary contracts, rank bonuses, parties with similar speed, and bonuses from food or consumable items are examples of positive modifiers. Meanwhile, negative modifiers include rainy weather, heavy wagons, low food supplies, and party member injuries.

The appropriate modifier combination may provide players a significant edge in terms of speed when traveling on the global map. It’s crucial to understand that certain Negative Modifiers can’t be avoided, while others may be controlled to improve a party’s pace. The best way to learn how to navigate Bannerlord is by experimenting and getting familiar with different modifier combinations which work best for you and your playstyle.

The Best Ways to Increase Party Speed in Bannerlord

In Bannerlord, equipping horses is the greatest method to enhance party speed. Horses are essential for enhancing your party’s speed since they drastically minimize journey time.

To equip horses, you must first buy them from stables or search for them on the global map. Once you’ve obtained them, equip the finest horse for your character’s class. This is accomplished by picking the horse and pressing “E” on it. You may also increase your horse’s tier at an animal pen or crafting facility. This will significantly improve movement speed and allow you to go much more quickly.

Finally, utilizing long distance roads when playing on high level can help you improve speed and get XP as you finish such routes.

How to Increase Party Speed in Bannerlord

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