League of Legends is a MOBA game that offers great opportunities every year. For casual players, it’s a great game. For esports enthusiasts, it’s a great competitive game to watch and bet on. If you want to bet on LoL with bitcoin while watching epic tournaments like Worlds, you can be sure to find odds for each and every game. The first thing you must do when starting to play LoL is to master the basics. You obviously can’t master every champion because there are too many of them. But you can master 3-5 of them and then focus on other elements of the game, such as team fighting, item builds, farming, or vision. Because it has so many components that affect your performance, LoL is a highly sophisticated game that can be played in many different ways. The goal is to always attain higher numbers faster than your opponents. If you play Mid, you’re competing against the enemy Mid and his other teammates. This means that you must be a better farmer than him and most skilled in team fights. But there’s a lot more to LoL than this.

Principles of Getting Better at LoL

For a start, you should play every champion at least once, just to get an idea of what he or she does. Once you’ve experienced all of the 150+ options, choose a role for yourself and then play that role exclusively. This will allow you to get better at one aspect of LoL, which in turn will raise your Elo significantly. Most professional gamers do this. The role of the position itself can be further broken down into smaller components: champion pool, farming, team fighting, landing, itemization, and so on. You need to reach a decent level in every category.

Champion Pool

The first category is the champion pool. Make sure you master 3-5 champions by spamming them in your games.

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It doesn’t matter if you win or lose while engaging in this process. The goal is to accumulate vital knowledge that will allow you to become a valuable member of your team. Someone who has played a champion 300 times will play that champion with far greater skill than someone who’s inexperienced with it. Initially, every champion will feel harder to play and weaker than he seemed from the outside. But very often, the weakness that you perceive is not the champion’s weakness. It’s actually yours. In the right hands, a champion like Zed or Yasuo can win a game almost on his own. And we sometimes see that in professional tournaments. But if you’re just a novice, you will simply die over and over. Always remember that to get better, you must go through the hours and the mistakes and learn something from them. Don’t expect to be a natural Katarina because nobody is a natural Katarina. All players go through a similar process. But some reach mastery much faster because they figure out the key lessons almost immediately.


LoL revolves around gold and experience. The more gold and experience you gain per minute, the better you are. The goal is to gain more of them than the other team so that you can fight the enemy champions effectively and win battles. The basic principles of farming are these: build damage, build sustainability, establish map vision, and then take advantage of the space (or the time) that your team creates for you. Obviously, you can’t farm while the enemy is hitting your Nexus. And you also can’t farm when your jungle is invaded, and a fight is about to break out. Suppose you’re a core champion on your team; farm whenever you can, but don’t neglect objectives and other factors that can intervene. If you’re a support player or a tank, try to create more space for your cores so that they can farm more of the map per minute. The higher your DPS, the faster you’ll kill a jungle camp. This is why you should always try to build some damage before building your stats.

Team Fighting

The goal is never to fight until you die and just attack non-stop. Attack, retreat, heal a bit if you can, then go in again. Maximize the amount of time you are alive and use your abilities effectively. Don’t just utilize everything you have on a tank that doesn’t care about the damage. Try to find a support or the enemy carry. In team fighting, positioning is key. If you initiate first and can bring down a key target, the fight is won. Likewise, if you can protect yourself or your damage-dealing teammates, your odds of winning are much higher. The enemy team will always try to hit you where it hurts and defend its vulnerable spots from your maneuvers. Don’t engage if you have little to gain and everything to lose. Fight where and when the odds favor you. If the enemy team has reached a power spike early and wants to fight, avoid them. Wait until you’ve hit your own power spike and feel comfortable. If you take bad fights early on, you will almost certainly lose the game.


The first 5-10 minutes determine the next 10 minutes of the game. If you gain a gold advantage, your opponents will no longer be able to win fights against you unless you’re making big mistakes (usually positional ones).

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Always pick a champion that can make lane well against the enemy champion. If you can’t gain an advantage in the lane, at least don’t lose your lane. Another thing to consider here is the enemy jungler. Pick a champion that can dodge his ganks more easily, and try to always stay as close as you can to your tower. That way, you’ll be harder to kill.


If you use your gold inefficiently, your gold advantage will be nullified by your bad decisions. Always make sure that you buy the right items against the enemy lineup. Consult with your teammates if you have to, but don’t waste gold on silly items.