How to Create Your Own Game and Make Money on It

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Computer games have long ceased to be a hobby for children. Even respectable men sometimes like to escape from the daily hustle and relieve stress in some popular shooter. Tournaments with quite serious prizes are even held among professional players.

Some are so inspired by computer games that they start thinking about how to create their own. But most stop not knowing where to start. This step-by-step plan will help you build a strategy for creating a successful PC game, from zero to your name on the developer list.

Find an Idea

A computer game only becomes popular when its idea is really interesting. There are many examples in history of how not very good graphics but a well-thought-out plot and a catchy idea made the game a real hit. Take at least games that are similar to those that were popular 20 years ago. It would seem who will play this now if there are options with a picture a thousand times cooler.

When creating games, first of all, come up with a catchy idea. At the same stage, you should decide on the genre in order to understand in which direction to move on. Looking for some fun and easy ways to make money? Why not try your hand at creating your own game? Australian Online Casinos are a great place to start, and with our tips, you can be raking in the cash in no time!

Assess Your Options

You need to understand that to create a really cool game project; you won’t be able to cope alone. Just being able to write code or use special programs for writing games is also not enough.

If you are good at writing texts or drawing, this will be a big plus in your business. Estimate the time frame – if you are not going to spend a lot of time creating a game, then do not aim at a global project. In this case, the rule “less is better” should be followed.

In short, if you are focused on creating a massive project, you will need help from someone. For example, Cryptocurrency casinos are not made alone, and there are plenty of people contributing to efforts.

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Think Over the Characters

Well, if you can draw, then you can draw on paper what you want to see on the screen. But even if you are not friends with a pencil, you can assemble your character in special online generators. If you have the finances, you can contact a concept artist who will take into account your wishes and draw the characters of the game.

Decide on an Engine

Developing games for computers, tablets, and smartphones or consoles is markedly different. The most popular engines for creating games for different platforms are Unity and Unreal Engine.


Unity allows you to create games for different platforms – smartphones, PCs, consoles, and others. It is on this Engine that such cult games as Angry Birds 2, Hitman Go, and others are created. Here you can make both 2D and 3D games. This opens up many possibilities for implementing completely different ideas. You can use this Engine for free but with reduced functionality. If you want to work with the full version, you will have to pay.

Unreal Engine

No less popular engine, the number of fans of which is growing very quickly. A major role in this was played by the development program of the developer company Epic Games, which holds regular streams, meetups, and conferences. Users also note that Unreal Engine games often have better graphics than Unity.

Unreal Engine is suitable for creating games on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Great news for those who do not know how to program – you can use blueprints, with which it is not necessary to write code. And here, you can find ready-made models, sounds, and even entire projects.

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Consider all the Nuances

Having come up with a great idea, creating characters, and mastered the Engine, you need to think over those nuances without which it would be uninteresting to play. The variety of worlds, the elaboration of the environment, the placement of accents, and the mechanisms of action of the characters give the game that zest that catches no less than an interesting plot.

After studying the contents of the course, you will be able to make your first game and understand where to go next to create a really interesting project.