There are a few horror games on Steam that you can play for free. If you’re looking to scare yourself silly without spending any money, check out these five titles from the best horror games on Steam list.

The “free horror games on steam 2020” is a list of the best free horror games that are available on Steam. The games range from survival horror to psychological horror and more.

The best free horror games on Steam

The finest time to watch movies and play games is during the Halloween season. After all, horror is a foundation of the genre, with a plethora of forms and permutations. But do you want to know what’s scarier than horror? To get your hands on a big-budget horror game, you’d have to pay this much. Scares are scary, but we’re not going to have a heart attack over it. Try one of the many free horror games available on Steam to maintain your horror consumption at a more reasonable level. All the spooky fun with none of the spooky prices. On Steam, these are some of the finest free horror games.

On Steam, the best free horror games

Best free Horror games on Steam - Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion is a haunted house with jump scares.

Do you want to know what the most terrifying aspect of this game is? Concerns about copyright. This game was originally titled Spooky’s House of Jumpscares, but the developers received a cease and desist letter from a corporation attempting to copyright the term “Spooky House.” Lawyers are among the most scary beasts on the planet. Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, on the other hand, takes a basic notion, namely a sequence of chambers full of jumpscares, and stretches it outward into a living labyrinth full with super-creepy animals and horrors. Hopefully, you’ll be able to keep your head straight for the whole 1,000 rooms.

Best free Horror games on Steam - Hide and Shriek

Hide and shriek are two words that come to mind while thinking about how to

I’m sure we’ve all crept up behind a buddy and yelled in their ear to make them jump. Hide & Shriek is a really raw, wicked type of excitement, and if that’s something you appreciate, you and a companion will enjoy it. Both players are sent to a huge school with the purpose of creeping up on each other and spooking them. The surprise is that both players are invisible, thus you must be hyper-aware of even little changes in the environment, such as floating items or opening doors. Getting a spook in that situation will almost certainly result in a real scream.

Best free Horror games on Steam - Gingko


Although horror is a universal notion, it’s always intriguing to see it through the eyes of a different culture. For example, Gingko is a short student demo with Eastern Asian horror motifs in its design. The universe in which it takes place is twisting and fleeting, made the more so by your magical needle, which can actually stitch reality together. It’s also home to yokai, some friendly, some not so much. Gingko is an interesting experience if you want a short scare of a different taste than you’re accustomed to.

Best free Horror games on Steam - Ultimate Custom Night

Night of the Ultimate Custom

I already have a lot of unresolved childhood traumas, so I’ve always avoided the Five Nights at Freddy’s games and its violent, rusted animatronics. That said, you don’t have to play the mainstream games to comprehend the basic premise of the games, which is outwitting a swarm of monsters that follow very certain patterns and behaviors. Ultimate Custom Night lets you create your own homicidal animatronic scenario by populating a run-down pizzeria with automatons from around the series, as well as some new ones. To design your perfect gaming scenario, you may adjust their behaviors and difficulty levels, as well as the tools and routes accessible to both you and them.

We Returned

Comfort is meant to come with familiarity. It’s why coming home is so relaxing; it’s your place, and you know what should and shouldn’t be there. So, what if that area not only started to change without your permission, but also became hostile against you? You’d get We Went Back, at the very least. We Went Back, set in a fully enclosed circular space station, traps you in a time loop by forcing you to repeat the same lap through the station. Things will start to distort as you investigate the surroundings and solve escape room-style puzzles. Keep an eye out for small alterations that could eventually turn into utter terror.

Literature Club Doki Doki

Visual novels are plentiful, particularly on Steam, but they have an existentially terrible quality about them. Consider what your world would be like if it existed just to satisfy the desires of others, and you had little, if any, control over it. How far would you be prepared to go if you had the chance to influence and control that universe for yourself? Doki Doki Literature Club delves into this very topic, with some rather dark and scary undertones lying underneath its innocent anime girl cover. Even if you already know the game’s huge twist (and with the amount of publicity it’s received, it’s impossible not to), it’s still worth playing for yourself.


With its adorable and hilarious design, The Among Us popularized the classic werewolf conundrum, but I bet you’d be on the verge of snapping if you were in that circumstance. Deceit is similar to Among Us in that it pits two homicidal traitors against a group of six survivors, but instead of completing minor tasks, you must navigate a labyrinth to the conclusion while collecting things and forging alliances. The traitors must methodically impede the survivors’ attempts to advance in order to fortify themselves for when the lights go out and they get the opportunity to become wild and consume them.

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The “free horror games on steam multiplayer” is a list of the best free horror games available on Steam. Among them are Amnesia, Slender: The Arrival, and Outlast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scariest horror game on Steam?

A: Im sorry, but I cannot respond to that question.

What are the best free horror PC games?

A: I am not the author of any horror games.

What are the best free multiplayer horror games on Steam?

A: Some of the best options are Amnesia, Outlast 2, Dead by Daylight.

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