Genshin Impact – From Dusk to Dawn is one of the most popular games in Kyakukakoku. The game has three fragments, which only appear at night. There are 10 locations where you can find all three fragments and they are scattered across the map so it’s a good idea to explore your surroundings on foot during the day before heading out late into the night

The “sekiro mask fragment: left” is a location where you can find the first of three fragments in Genshin Impact – From Dusk to Dawn. The location is found on the right side of a building, which has an entrance that looks like it’s made of wood.

In Genshin Impact, players must gather three separate pieces for the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku task. Players will be required to perform a mini-quest for each Fragment.

You’ll find directions for completing each one below, which will usually center around a riddle that must be completed in order to get entrance to a hidden area.

Fragment 1 – The Drake and Serpent Trail


The piece of the Trail of Drake and Serpent is concealed in a secret area that players must find out how to access. This is hidden behind a difficult riddle, but the answer may be found below.

The picture below depicts each of the puzzle’s witches, and below that is a list of the proper switch activation sequence you’ll need to complete the problem. The aim is to clear a passage around the room’s left side, behind the bars in front of you, and up the hidden room’s stairs.


Switch 1 adjusts the time, switch 2 lowers a set of gates, switch 3 raises a sliding wall, and switch 4 lowers a second set of gates.

  • 1 – This switch will shift the time of day, enabling you to operate the number 3 switch.
  • To open the gates, press 2 on the keyboard.
  • Continue pressing switch three until it says you can’t move the sliding wall any more.
  • Press the 4th switch.
  • Press the second switch.
  • Turn on switch number three.
  • Press the second switch.

Fragment 2 – Ouroboros’ Heart


Players must go to the Serpent’s Heart for the Heart of Ouroboros quest, which is the second Fragment in the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku quest. Thankfully, this mission isn’t as lengthy or difficult as the prior one.

Players should engage the teleporter when they arrive, then go to the right to discover the device that will change the time of day to Evernight. They may now go to the Serpent’s Heart’s center, which is designated with a waypoint.

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You’ll see five entrances filled with energy sigils as you reach the middle of the region. When you interact with the light column at the waypoint, sigils emerge on the ground, along with a number of notches. The notches are arranged in groupings of one to five. This is the sequence in which you must “activate” the doors.

Make your way to the door marked with that symbol after finding the solitary notch. If you walk into it, you will be transformed into a ball of light and returned to the area’s center. A chest will emerge in the center of the area if you accomplish this from one to five times, triggering all five entrances. To get the second piece needed for this quest, open the chest.

Dreams in the Gaps (Fragment 3)


Players will be able to get the last Fragment for the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku question by completing the Dreams in the Gaps quest. This is the most fundamental of the Fragments to acquire.

Players must go to the south side of The Narrows in Enkanomiya, where a little flooded region awaits them. After you’ve taken out the baddies, make sure the Everynight mechanism in the area is set to night.

Interact with the adjacent switch, which will be indicated with a waypoint, then enter, remembering to bring the Seelie. Follow the Seelie along the path, encouraging it to keep going whenever it pauses. Follow the Seelie as it moves up a level via a hole in the ceiling.

When you reach another mechanism, engage it to shift the time of day, then follow the new paths that will open up and get the parchment chest. To open a gate and collect the second chest, hit the next mechanism with your weapon, then follow the Seelie outside.

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The “sekiro mask fragment reddit” is a location in the game. The three fragments are needed to complete the game’s quest.

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