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A good lead actor is essential if you want your show to grow. And you want to know the surest way to write a good MC? Just make them incredibly cool. Of course, some people prefer a recognizable character. But no one has ever turned down a memorable villain. So let’s take a look at the rankings of the coolest anime protagonists.

20. Anos Voldigoad

word-image-9565 Anime: The underdog at the Demon King Academy Anos represents the simplest form of admiration – pure power. Every show these days has a demigod as the main character. But I don’t think any of them are as good as Anos. If you want to see what a really strong character is, just watch this series. The Anos will never have to sweat. And whole wars are just fun for this guy, because he can destroy you just by quickly blinking your eyes. Unlike the average person, he never loses his temper. So he’s cool 24/7, which is why he’s on this list.

19. Karma Akabane

word-image-9566 Anime: Murder class The intellectual bad boy is another apt way to get your audience’s attention. Although the entire anime revolves around assassins, Karma seems to be the only real assassin among them. He is quick on his feet and not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to results. He is also a passionate warrior and an incredibly caring friend. This man has no weaknesses in his armor, and his fan base is large and strong. Later in the series he softens up, which is not a bad thing. But it loses a few coolness points to this note.

18. Lelouch Lamperouge

word-image-9567 Anime: Giass Code We already had an intellectual bad guy, so it makes sense to move on to an intellectual emperor. What makes Lelouch so cool and memorable is his drive and ambition. This guy is willing to fight the whole world to achieve his goal. And the series finale shows how dedicated he is to the cause. Of course, it’s not perfect. But he is smart and brave enough to use any situation to his advantage. The magic eye also helps, but it’s not important anymore.

17. Satsuki Kiryuuin

word-image-9568 Anime: Kill la Kill I love Ryuuko, but Satsuki surpasses her when it comes to sheer awesomeness. Look at what she accomplished in the first few episodes. Forcibly removing Kamui’s will, she fights Ryuuko with her normal sword and without Goku’s form, and then immediately makes herself master of her new power. Also, the way she towers over everyone and looks down on them like an almighty god is just cool. A little mean, but still cool. She never loses hope either. And she has enough mental strength to carry the whole world on her back.

16. Ken Kaneki

word-image-9569 Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Although I’m still mentally traumatized by the end of this anime, I have to honor Kaneki’s first and second seasons. There’s a reason this white-haired ghoul dominates every Hot Topic in the world. When he gave up his humanity and started beating everyone in his path, he became a spectacular sight. Look at his fight with Jason! This fight alone can give you enough adrenaline to smash into a wall and then run to the hospital.

15. Hyakkimaru

word-image-9570 Anime: Dororo If you wield a sword, you’re automatically a tough guy. It’s a simple calculation. But if your hands are swords, this effect is amplified! A tropical, silent, cruel samurai who can take on entire armies will probably never grow old. And Hyakkimaru is one of my favorite examples. I’m not sure which moments captivate me more: when he calmly and composedly slaughters demons, or when he loses his humanity and turns into a raging boss. Anyway, I’m here.

14. Killua Zoldik

word-image-9571 Anime: The hunter and the killer Killua is one of those characters who seems to have two different personalities. When things are quiet, he’s just a nice guy who likes to joke around. But when he gets serious or, God forbid, angry, he is like the reincarnation of death itself. This is where his toughness comes into play, as he can rip someone’s heart right out without blinking an eye. Gon has had a few moments like that too, the most memorable of course being his last. But Killua has always excelled in this regard, which is why I decided to include it in this list.

13. Joutarou Kuujou

word-image-9572 Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Crossroads of the Stars This man is simply an icon in many ways. Whether it’s due to the fact that he’s probably the manliest man to ever walk the earth or his attitude, he just stands out as a badass. He also has the perfect combination of intelligence and strength. That is, he always had to outsmart his opponents to beat them at their own game. And his plans are often incredibly complex and well thought out. And then he punches them in the face for about two minutes. Honestly, it never gets old. Its inclusion in this list is therefore not questioned.

12. Satoru Goju

word-image-9573 Anime: Judjutsu Kaisen Goju is the new member of the super strong and cool family. And it wasn’t long before he became a true icon. If Kuujo was cool because he was always serious, then Goju is cool because he is literally never serious. It’s a game to this guy. You’d think he’d just look stupid. But his power is so flashy and cool that his antics have the opposite effect. This man is so strong and confident that he never has to take anything seriously. I think that’s what we all want in life, right?

11. Rev

word-image-9574 Anime: Black Lagoon Revie’s just calling names here. She waves her gun around, curses constantly, is badass and makes up for her lack of charisma with plenty of leads. If you’re looking for a strong, independent female MC, look no further. Because not only does Revi not need help, he actively avoids it. She’s definitely the kind of character you can leave in the middle of nowhere without fear of something bad happening to her. He’s an MC who can definitely take care of himself.

10. Sinbad

word-image-9575 Anime: Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad In the original, it felt like the ballad king known as Sinbad. But this prequel only helped him reach even greater heights. To put it bluntly: He’s strong as hell. But he triumphed in blood, sweat and tears. That’s why it’s more satisfying than someone just born into power. Then he used that power to gain even more power, then built his own country and took over an entire continent. A story as old as the world. You can say what you want about this guy, but his stats and ambition are far superior to anything you’ll see in the series.

9. Escanor

word-image-9576 Anime: The seven deadly sins Honestly, I originally wanted to put Bana or Meliodas here because they have more screentime and have accomplished more. But I can’t give up my sun so easily. This guy has the best lyrics you’ll ever hear. And his self-confidence is so infectious that you can’t help but fall in love with him. He can confidently claim to be the most powerful man on earth, then summon a miniature sun on his fingertip and blow you into oblivion, just to prove him right. It’s like Glory be to the King is on all the time when he’s on screen. And there’s nothing cooler than Avenged Sevenhold.

8. Tania Degurechaff

word-image-9577 Anime: The saga of Tanya the bad What I love about Tanya is that you never see her as a villain when you see her. She is, after all, a little girl. But even the title of the series doesn’t give it enough credit. Tanya is just relentless on the battlefield, single-handedly tearing through entire platoons. Even at home she inspires fear and beats up anyone who dares to cross the line. Seeing so much anger and power in such a small body makes it even more interesting. So I had to put them in their place on this list.

7. Sasuke Uchiha

word-image-9578 Anime: Naruto! Shippuden There were ups and downs in the creation of Sasuke’s character. But the one thing that remained unchanged was the fact that he was pretty cool. From his original demon form to his Orochimaru style to his Akatsuki style, Sasuke has always looked menacing and cool. The Sharingan is just the coolest aspect of the whole series. And, as mentioned earlier, having a sword gives you some extra points. Add all these things together, plus a setting that can give an atmosphere like the toughest Edge Lords, and you get Sasuke Uchiha.

6. Momonga

word-image-9579 Anime: Overlord If you really like RPGs or DnD, Momonga probably has a special place in your heart. He’s just a giant skeleton with more magic than his kingdom has ever seen. He lives in a huge castle and has an entourage of some of the most powerful and terrifying figures in poetry – plus his alter ego as protector of humanity. Mamona has so much to do. And the fact that his knowledge of the game allows him to reach such heights is more satisfying to us nerds than we care to admit with pride.

5. Shinya Kougami

word-image-9580 Anime: Psychopas If you don’t really like the new power and calm approach, Shinya might be a better option. He is the kind of old school man who is unconventional but gets results. Even though management looks down on him, he still does his best to do his job and catch many a madman in the act. In fact, it’s classic: no one understands the criminal better than the criminal himself. So when it comes to the traditional toughness of an agent, Shinya has every reason to.

4. Mugen

word-image-9581 Anime: Samurai Champlu Mugen is a similar story to Shinya, but we’re talking about samurai now. He didn’t have to go to a real school to learn how to fight. He relied on his wits and natural talent to survive. But he trains all the time. Mostly his knives and killers are real people. But he never had to be a prude to do the job. In fact, he’s so unique that some of the best samurai can’t anticipate his moves and take him down. It really is the kind of energy we are all looking for in life.

3. Giorno Giovanna

word-image-9582 Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Since we’re talking about being an evil villain, I couldn’t limit myself to JoJo. Maybe it’s because this role had a hood, or maybe it’s because Jorno is the most ruthless when it comes to murder. But either way, he was the coolest JoJo’s yet. This man has so much style, so much spunk and so much incredible power that he fills the room when he walks in. And, like a fine wine, it got better as the series went on.

2. Eren Yeager

word-image-9583 Anime: Attack on Titan. For three whole seasons, I never would have put Eren here. He was completely hidden by the shadows of Mikasa and Levi. But so much has changed in the last season, it’s hard to keep up. Eren had so many iconic and great scenes last season that I liked him much more than the rest of the cast. Okay, Levi’s still in second place. And I don’t want to give anything away here if you haven’t seen the last season. But if you always thought Eren was just a whiny kid who couldn’t do anything on his own, get ready for a wild ride.

1. Alucard

word-image-9584 Anime: Hellsing Ultimate I voted for Alucard #1 because he has a bit of everything I’ve already mentioned in this list. He is without a doubt the most powerful being in his universe. His smug attitude is hardly a cause for concern either, his style is perfect and his presence on the show is great. Every time he fights, it looks like he’s playing with his food before tearing it up. And ask yourself, what’s cooler than an all-powerful, stylish vampire demon who also knows how to have fun?This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about cyberseek and let us know what you think.

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