A year ago, I predicted that 2019 would be the end of mobile MMOs as we knew them. While it is true there has been an influx in blockchain-powered games on our phones and tablets, they still pale in comparison to PC MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls Online. What will happen with these games? Will developers finally release a single world for all platforms, including personal computers?

The “best free mmorpg 2021” is a retrospective of the mobile market for MMO’s. It looks at what mobile games will be like in 2021 and what trends are emerging.

MMO's In 2021 Retrospective: Mobile Edition

MMOs have seen a resurgence in popularity in the recent year. True, they never went anywhere; they merely stayed in the shadows. However, they stagnated at that period, with fewer and fewer new games being released. It may have been due to people having less and less free time, or it could have been due to other genres gaining center stage, or it could have been a combination of the two. However, as the virus spread, people returned to MMOs to pass the time and keep in touch with friends and family when it was almost impossible to do so physically. This was precisely the type of shock the genre needed, and things began to look good for folks like me who never gave up on the MMO dream. Let’s take a look at mobile MMOs first.

When we think about mobile gaming, three things come to mind: horrible monetization, dreadful grinds, and ridiculous sums of profit owing to having the largest gaming audience. While this is all true, mobile gaming has proved to be a new frontier for MMO gaming. What began as Farmville and other similar games has grown into a full-fledged version of EVE Online. Mobile gaming is, without a doubt, responsible for most of the genre’s recent advancement. In 2021, this came to a head, with both amazing ports of old titles and brand-new mobile games.

To be clear, this is a list of games that I like playing. It isn’t always a ranking of the most popular games or the games that the majority of people believe to be the greatest. That’s not to say you won’t see all of the major titles, but you could notice some games that you didn’t expect to see, as well as a few surprises. There are as many varied MMO viewpoints as there are MMO players, in my opinion. It’s one of the genre’s highlights. So you never know, you may discover a new game to play or nothing at all. All you can do now is wait and see.

Mobile Black Desert


A whopping 225 damage is little more than a blip on the radar.

Without mentioning Black Desert, you can’t speak about prominent names in the MMO field. With mobile, PC, and console versions, it has a worldwide fanbase. It differs from other Asian MMOs in that, although it is a Pay-2-Win grindfest, it is to a lower extent. Black Desert wonderfully satisfies a demand in the MMO community, given the tremendous surge in popularity for JRPGs and anime. It accomplishes it well, with stunning visuals, fluid gameplay, and a steady stream of high-quality releases. The mobile version is also no red-headed stepchild, receiving the same attention as the PC and console versions. The only significant change is an isometric camera angle, which I find to be more comfortable in general.

Black Desert Mobile has had nothing but success in the last year. A large number of new classes have been added to the game. This is in addition to current classes getting additional Specs (called Awakenings/Successions). There are new regions to explore, as well as a whole new boating and sailing system, as well as new bosses and events. Everything you’d expect from a professional MMO developer, presented with the amount of quality you’d expect. This mobile MMO comes the closest to a true AAA experience of any mobile MMO. This will very certainly continue until 2022, with new courses, venues, and events planned. Everything you could want in a partner: dependable, popular, and amusing.

MapleStory M is a role-playing game.


I swear, the UI works so much better than it seems.

For the most part, Black Desert Mobile is the mobile Asian MMO’s favorite. MapleStory M, on the other hand, is more my style. It was one of the first mobile games I recall being really enthused about, and I remember watching its progress with bated breath. It had a difficult start, but once it found its stride, it never lost it. It’s always been a cornerstone of every phone I’ve owned over the years, and one of the first apps I’ve installed. It’s not a perfect version of the PC game, but it’s a lot better for it. It captures the original’s essence and traditional gameplay, which is all that counts.

2021 was an excellent year for MapleStory M, but it was not without flaws. There was a continual trickle of new classes to play, much like Black Desert and other games like it. There are other fantastic classes as well, like as the much-anticipated Duel Blade. There are also new events, monsters, and game modes to experiment with. The issue is that MapleStory M falls short when it comes to substantial new content additions outside classes. This isn’t now a problem, but this game might easily wind up being one of those that releases a lot of new methods to play but not enough new stuff to do. Hopefully, in the following year, this will be addressed and corrected.



Why isn’t there an image of you fishing in every MMO instead of a picture of anything more thrilling or intriguing?

RuneScape will always be RuneScape. Regardless matter what the fans thinks, old-school or new, it’s all the same. Old-School is more grindy and hardcore, while New-School is less so but more diverse. Both are excellent instances of RuneScape’s main gameplay cycle, and they cater to various players’ demands. The extremely wonderful mobile version provided a nice shock to this dinosaur’s system, even though the game has always been a thing. It’s now my primary method of playing the game since it’s so effective and convenient. Personally, I prefer New RuneScape, although I do like playing Old-School RuneScape on occasion.

New RuneScape received a slew of new material and events in 2021, but Old-School continued to function normally. That is ultimately the game’s greatest strength: all it has to do is exist. People will always play RuneScape; fresh material and activities are only a bonus. If Black Desert is a safe contemporary MMO, RuneScape is the genre’s foundation stone. It’s always there, and there are more and more ways to play it. I’m certain that 2022 will be another year of game progress (as well as another year of deliberate stasis for Old-School), and everything will be OK.

Albion Online is a website dedicated to Albion.


What does it imply, therefore, if you don’t wear anything?

The game appeared out of nowhere. When the mobile version was in testing earlier this year, I read a couple stories on it. It seemed interesting, and the idea piqued my interest, so I downloaded it. I’m not a huge PvPer, but I’m always open for trying out a new mobile MMO. Especially on smartphones, when the initial investment and time spent testing new games are both minimal. I’m still playing months later, after the game’s formal debut and some incredibly amazing and substantial content patches. It doesn’t accomplish anything really daring or novel, in my opinion. But it excels at what it does, and it includes complete crossplay. Crossplay is, in my view, an essential feature for MMOs.

Albion Online is, at least at first, a pseudo-survival PvP MMO. This year’s improvements, in particular, have done an excellent job of fleshing out the PvE experience. New modes and material have been added in the hopes of broadening the game’s appeal. Sure, PvP MMOS have their place, but PvE gamers account for a sizable portion of the total audience. So why not offer a bone to PvE gamers while without jeopardizing the game’s primary PvP playerbase? Albion Online proven its worth this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for it. For me, this may be the mobile game that replaces RuneScape. In terms of scale and gameplay, it’s similar, but it’s lot more polished and fun.

Integral Factor in Online Art


To be clear, at level 100, you don’t merely do 5000 damage.

Now we’re talking about games that you wouldn’t expect to see. I know I wouldn’t have done so after a buddy suggested it and I downloaded it anticipating the worst. Based on an anime I hadn’t watched (at the time), and a quick check at the Play Store, I was anticipating microtransaction hell. Months later, I’m still playing and having a good time. It’s simply so classic, and it’s done so wonderfully. And the microtransactions are so small that they seem to be non-existent. I’ve never spent a single penny, and I’m not sure where I’d put it if I did. The Gacha principles concentrate upon unlocking techniques for your chosen weapon, but the game distributes them quicker than I could purchase them. So why would I do that?

The year 2021 saw the game get yet another round of upgrades. On top of the huge quantity of material currently accessible, it’s had a steady assault of fresh releases and events. There’s also no paygate or anything. It’s organized and plays considerably more like a premium MMO than anything else on our list, so you just start on Floor 1 and keep going. There’s also a complete AI companion system, where you can choose between a personalized partner and a character from the anime/light book. It’s based on the Progressive plot, so if you’re familiar with it, you’ll know it’s a good thing. The year 2021 came to a close with a huge tease for the game’s future that has me extremely thrilled. To be honest, it’s arguably the most anticipated title on this list. I’m all for brave new titles, but every now and again I simply want to play a good old-fashioned enjoyable game, you know?

Now, how about a game that isn’t quite an MMO but is tough to overlook?

Impact of Genshin



It’s not an MMO, I understand. But it’s hard to discuss MMOs, much alone mobile MMOs, without mentioning this titan. It seems to be the type of Gacha action adventure game with some co-op components that doesn’t fit here. However, an MMO’s content release schedule, developer engagement, and community interaction are the foundations of the game. The game has been going strong for almost a year and shows no signs of slowing off. While not an MMO, this is the game for anybody searching for a quality mobile game with an MMO community and release schedule. I know a lot of MMO gamers, particularly PC players, who also play Genshin on the side. There’s simply so much about this game that should make professional MMO devs cringe with embarrassment. Consider being humiliated by a Chinese BotW clone.

That’s all there is to it, guys…

My opinions on five of the most popular mobile MMOs I play, plus one more for good measure. I’m aware that some major ones are absent, but this is typically for good cause. EVE: Echoes was immensely powerful at first, but eventually it self-destructed. Lineage and similar games are off the table for me since I despise games that depend on auto-play. BDM and MapleStory M both feature it, albeit to a lesser extent. Future Revolution, the latest Marvel MMO, looks lovely, but it’s simply another in a long series of Marvel microtransaction hells; there’s nothing new there. I’m sure there are many more; the mobile MMO market is enormous. However, I only have so much time, and playing five billion MMOs takes up a significant portion of it. Keep an eye out for stories on console and PC MMO gaming in 2021 and beyond.

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rise mobile” is a game that’s been out for a while, but it was recently ported to mobile. The game has a lot of features that make it feel like an MMO from the early 2000s.

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