Bungie has been one of the most popular games in recent years, but players have expressed displeasure with new features. Some say that it is time to move on and start over with another game entirely. Players may be right, as Destiny 2 looks like a drastic change from its predecessor- even if it only changes cosmetics

The “destiny 2 multiplayer is garbage” is a popular opinion. The new light experience does not introduce new players to the wonderful world of Destiny, and has been met with criticism by many.

The new light experience is garbage, and does nothing to introduce new players to the wonderful world of Destiny.

destiny2 9 - The new light experience is garbage, and does nothing to introduce new players to the wonderful world of Destiny.

On a fresh new account, I’ve been going back and playing Destiny as a whole. I began with Destiny 1, completed the campaign, all DLCs, and raids, and then decided to go on to Destiny 2.

  • You’ll be level 40 in no time. If you’re playing on a console, you’ll gain an accomplishment for hitting levels 20 and 40 right after the introductory cinematic. Levels have lost their meaning and are no longer useful. Remove them from your life.

  • I knew the Red War was coming to an end, so there’s no need to be upset, but nevertheless. When new gamers don’t have a place to start, it’s objectively awful. Sunsetting old content works for veterans; we weren’t going to play it anyhow, but it’s not as meaningless for new players as it was for us.

  • The Forsaken campaign is also coming to an end, and with it, the final tale with any kind of hook to keep people engaged. Shadowkeep and Beyond Light aren’t bad, but they don’t have much for newcomers. To get anything out of those tales, you need to know a lot about the series. At the very least, Forsaken was a fun wild-west chase-down-the-badguy drama with unique characters. It was simple enough to serve as a starting point for some.

  • D1 characters can no longer be transferred to D2. So any veteran incentives, voicelines, or anything else for those who have just recently started D2 are entirely gone.

  • The new light campaign almost deliberately keeps everything as open-ended as possible, with minimal background. There are so many things discussed by characters that you have no idea what they’re talking about. Now that I think about it, it reminds me a lot of D1’s basic campaign. At the very least, D1 had a high budget, a lot of cutscenes and voice acting, and a plot with a beginning, middle, and finish.

  • With the exception of Shaw and the ghost, there is practically little voice acting. There’s a brief introduction to zavalla, but that’s about all there is to it. There’s nothing there while you’re walking around meeting all the merchants. Long walls of text, with your ghost describing who it is pursuing.

  • Even things that haven’t yet seen the sunset aren’t present. Take, for example, the fantastic basic D2 subclass missions. Do you recall those? You’d find artifacts based on your lost subclasses, and as you discovered more, you’d go to the forest near the shard of the traveler and learn about famous guardians who used those subclasses, with awesome lore, great visuals, and an awesome combat scene at the end with you having constant super energy to go wild with your new powers, with awesome lore, great visuals, and an awesome combat scene with you having constant super energy to go wild with your new What has taken its place? Use elemental weapons to kill foes and create orbs. When you reach 100%, the element is immediately unlocked. That is all there is to it. The EDZ is still here, as far as I recall. What happened to this?

  • There is no longer a progressive slog through lesser rarities as you gain power. Shaw hands you your first epic 30 minutes of gameplay. Only around 2 hours into the game, you obtain your first exotic. Blues take over soon after green gear. You’ll never see green or white gear after your first set. So, why is it here?

  • The other planets aren’t really introduced. They open up after a certain level of experience. That is all there is to it.

  • Before everything was vaulted, new players got a year to wade through previous content before having to pay for anything. It was a hassle to get such campaigns started since the game didn’t tell you how, but now? How are we expected to persuade our friends to play this game, which touts itself as “FREE TO PLAY” yet has paid content for 90% of the material? “Destiny 2 is a free-to-play action MMO with a single dynamic universe that you and your friends may play whenever, anywhere.” This description on the Steam page is a complete fabrication. Let’s not fool ourselves: the game’s free part is now effectively a demo.

Something has to be done about all of this. MMOs are infamous for having poor starting experiences, but this is insane. It’s about to become a lot worse, and we don’t know whether Bungie is even working on it. Obviously, the senior players should be their first focus. We’re all looking forward to the Witch Queen’s 30th anniversary. However, they’ve removed a lot of things and replaced it with almost nothing.

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  • For novice gamers, the experience

    So, it looks that I’ve entered this group at an odd moment. And although I’ve read a lot of the rants and essentially fury quits on this sub since 6.0, I feel compelled to offer my own two cents, since a new player’s viewpoint may have something unique to say…

  • My New Light Encounter (Caution: Some Positive Views)

    hello there, everyone! For some perspective, I began playing Destiny 2 on my 30th birthday (about 2 weeks into the Splicer season) after a buddy suggested it to me. He took the risk of getting me all three dlc and the season 14 pass before I had ever played a minute of the game…

For the game Destiny 2, write “The new light experience is rubbish, and offers little to expose new players to the beautiful universe of Destiny.”

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