Today, we are taking a look at the best gaming outfits. The competition can be fierce when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit for your avatar, but these tops will help you take home that W in style!

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Fashion plays a significantly larger role in Final Fantasy XV than it did in previous games.

The Royal Crew may wear a variety of various clothes, each with its own set of stats and unique abilities.

And they’re all so sassy!

You could be having difficulties picking what to wear, why, and when, so let’s take a look at each member’s greatest outfits to help you decide.




3. Exosuit by Magitek

Magitek Exosuit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

It should go without saying, but if Noctis is knocked out, the game is finished.

And, on occasion, the game will go out of its way to ensure that you witness that awful destiny, such as by using exceptionally high-level foes or immediate death assaults.

The Magitek Exosuit can readily eliminate these instances of cheap defeat.

It can only be utilized for one combat every 20 real-life hours, but you’ll be unstoppable throughout that battle. You will be unaffected by any damage or status effects.

It’s a highly creative approach to go around the system.

However, the time restriction and rate of recharging have a significant impact on how beneficial it may be.


2. Fatigues of the Prince (No Jacket)

Prince’s Fatigues (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Most gamers will undoubtedly remove Noctis’ jacket. This is because doing so offers the prince a significant +20 percent increase in strength.

Boosting hit points is a lot simpler and less important than boosting main stats.

Noctis’ casual T-shirt appearance gives him a significant advantage in combat, and not only in the early stages.

It’s best to keep the Lucian lord without his jacket for the most of the narrative.

The strength gain is quite beneficial.


Royal Raiment (No. 1) (No Jacket)

Royal Raiment (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

The Royal Raiment is Noctis’ most opulent “dinner party” costume, and it only gets better after the jacket is off.

This business casual style not only offers you the smooth manner that every royal diplomat needs, but it also boosts your magic by 30% and gives you an endless quantity of stamina.

This means you may dash as much as you like after the canapés and wine sifters, and after that Cactuar or gargantuan.

It’s not often that you get to look this fantastic while still receiving advantages that are equally impressive.

You’ll find it difficult to go back to having to worry about stamina after playing with intrinsic limitless stamina for a time.

It will be much more difficult for you to return to appearing like anything less than a real royal.




Fatigues of the Crownsguards

Crownsguard Fatigues Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Gladio is a tank, and he’s well aware of it.

That’s why his first suit, the one he picked for the trip, gives him a powerful +20 percent HP increase.

This hit point enhancement is ideal for this buff boi, as well as his function in the group.

Ignore the fact that the “no shirt and jacket” rule is really daunting (for all the right reasons).

Gladio has a lot of hit points already. But by adding more, he’ll be able to withstand strikes that others won’t be able to.

Combine this with his Royal Guard ability, and you’ll have a bro who can take more than a bullet for you.


2. Garb of Kingsglaive

Kingsglaive Garb Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Gladio’s formal Kingsglaive costume is an excellent continuation of the impression that he is the party’s tank.

This regal costume, which is usually reserved for rare events and endgame brawls, may be worn at any time and offers our big brother a +30% increase in both vitality and spirit.

This mix makes the Gladio, which is already hearty, much heartier.

The distinction between a casual and a formal Gladio is stark, and it may be the difference between life and death.

This clothing, once again, complements his defensive talents well.

Plus… let’s be honest. Look at how handsome he is!


1. Rugged Appearance

Rugged Attire in Final Fantasy XV

There’s a subset of gamers (you know who you are) that want to strip Gladio down to his underwear as much as possible.

The closest you could get for a long after debut was a tank top. But suddenly, all of those fantasies are coming true!

The Rugged Attire, obtained via Gladio’s DLC, gives our main character a bonus, as well as a significant increase in strength.

Gladio is a genuine beast in combat because to his gruff and harsh appearance.

Even better, giving away a shirt for free almost doubles the item drop and discovery rate!

Don’t inquire how it works; simply take use of the advantages.

Gladio’s Rugged Attire is his greatest bet since it gives him a lot of more strength and a lot of extra stuff.




Fatigues of the Crownsguards

Crownsguard Fatigues Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Prompto has the lowest intrinsic stats of the whole crew.

This isn’t to say he can’t be beneficial; he very definitely can.

But what about when you’re in need of a boost? He’s in front of the queue.

The Crownsguard Fatigues accomplish just that, increasing our favorite shutterbug’s HP by 20%. This pump is also just what he needs.

It takes him many levels to bring his HP up to line with the rest of the party’s average.

True, Prompto spends much of his time on the periphery of combat. But it doesn’t imply he’s impervious to harm.

Any assistance he may receive in surviving the never-ending conflicts is much welcomed.


2. Comfortable Outfit (No Jacket)

Casual Outfit (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Removing the jacket seems to be a recurring trend – but that’s understandable given the benefits.

Prompto is all about hitting fast and hard, with precise strikes and rapid-fire tactics delivered by weapons.

His casual attire, which is devoid of a jacket, provides him a +20 percent critical hit bonus, implying that all of his strikes will do that much more damage.

When faced with a swarm of flying opponents, monsters with breakable pieces, or even giants who need a lot of work to bring down, a casual Prompto can inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time – and actually help the fight end sooner.


1. The Hyur Look

Hyur Outfit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

The crew is awarded with a pair of distinctive clothing after meeting (and subsequently assisting) the enigmatic Eorzean explorer.

The Hyur outfit is Prompto’s gift: a modest reproduction of another world’s dress that gives both life and spirit a much-needed boost.

As we’ve seen, Prompto isn’t inherently as powerful as his contemporaries. Getting a +30% improvement to the main defensive metrics means a lot to the youngster.

It also seems to be cool!

Keeping Prompto in his defenses is excellent, but the leather and fabric combination complements his childlike nature well.

Spirit and vitality stat improvements are just too excellent to pass up.

It’ll be well worth your effort to complete the essential side quest.




3. The Elezen Look

Elezen Outfit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Ignis’ Elezen variant comes from the same mission as Prompto’s Hyur Outfit.

The Elezen Outfit is ideal for Ignis for the same reasons that it is ideal for Prompto.

The defensive and magic defense bonuses are fantastic, and maybe even more so here, given that Ignis is the group’s de facto healer.

It’s critical to keep Ignis alive and able to withstand harsh assaults so he can aid regroup and keep the team’s hit points topped up.

Or maybe he can rally the troops to do major harm… Look, Ignis may assist in a variety of ways. And keeping his defenses up is crucial to ensuring that he can.

That’s where the Elezen Outfit comes in handy.


2. Comfortable Outfit

Casual Outfit Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Because Ignis is so important to the party’s survival and attention, anything that keeps him alive and focused is worthwhile.

The Casual Outfit not only looks great on a daily basis (love those suspenders), but it also protects Ignis from common stat-lowering effects including strength reduction, magic reduction, burns, and the movement-impairing freeze effect.

Casual Ignis is just too smooth to be affected by anything.

He’ll go through combat unconcerned with what your opponents are attempting to do to him, and he’ll assist the party in doing the same.


Fatigues of the Crownsguards (No Jacket)

Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket) Attire in Final Fantasy XV

Let’s take off the jacket once again.

We may now outfit Ignis in his standard Crownsguard uniform and remove the jacket to offer our spectacled pal a boost in both strength and magic.

This additional 20% makes a significant impact while fighting through wood and rubbish.

Especially for Ignis, who excels in exploiting opponent flaws with magic.

In the end, he just seems to be too excellent to fail.

That silk shirt benefits him in a variety of ways, from making him appear as sharp as his daggers to increasing his strength.

I believe this is what they mean when they say “looks can kill.”

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