The first RGB fans are designed for maximum cooling, while also including an adjustable RGB lighting system. The fan is powered by a universal USB cable that connects to the ARGB port on its back plate.

be quiet! has launched its first quiet fans with ARGB lighting. The be quiet! Silent Wings 3 airflow direction will allow you to choose the direction of the airflow, so that it can be directed towards your CPU or other components.


Please keep your voice down! has released its first silent fans with ARGB illumination for fans who want something more than the company’s signature quiet performance and stylish style. The new Light Wings fans from be silent! come in 120/140 mm PWM and PWM High-Speed variants, with an LED ring at the intake and a thin LED ring at the outlet, each with up to 20 individually controllable LEDs. A diffuser is also included to distribute the light in opposite directions.


From the book stay silent! :

There are two types of Light Wings fans available. Because of its low operating noise, the PWM model, which has seven fan blades and a rotating speed of up to 1.700 rpm (120 mm) or 1.500 rpm (140 mm), is perfect for use as a case fan. The PWM high-speed type, with nine fan blades and speeds of up to 2.500 rpm (120 mm) or 2.200 rpm (140 mm), is designed for radiators and heat sinks. Shorter fan blades with optimum angles arise from the sturdy frame and fitted impeller for a balance of volume and performance in both variants. With a long service life of up to 60,000 working hours, the high-quality strong rifle bearing ensures a long-lasting and trouble-free operation. All Light Wings fans contain a PWM connection that allows the motherboard to intelligently regulate the rotation speed.



  • €22.90 / $26.90 / £22.99 Light Wings 120 mm PWM
  • €22.90/ $26.90/ £22.99 Light Wings 120 mm PWM high-speed
  • €23.90/ $29.90/ £24.99 for the Light Wings 140 mm PWM
  • €23.90/ $29.90/ £24.99 Light Wings 140 mm PWM high-speed

Triple-Packs (ARGB hub included):

  • €69.90/ $79.90/ £59.99 for the Light Wings 120 mm PWM Triple-Pack
  • €69.90/ $79.90/ £59.99 for the Light Wings 120 mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack
  • €72.90/ $84.90/ £65.99 for the Light Wings 140 mm PWM Triple-Pack
  • €72.90/ $84.90/ £65.99 Light Wings 140 mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack

Please keep your voice down! Beginning November 23,’s Light Wings will be available in retailers.

Be quiet! says the source.

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The “silent wings 3 high speed vs normal” is a new product from be quiet! which is designed to provide silent operation with RGB lighting. The product has three different speeds which are high, normal, and low.

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