The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes has a unique story structure. Instead of following one protagonist across the entire game, you play as multiple characters in different settings throughout the chapters to uncover what ultimately happened to them and their loved ones. The endings are all explained at the end, so if you want an answer from the creators themselves on how your character turns out, don’t worry!

The “house of ashes ending explained” is a video that explains the endings in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes has a lot of possible endings. This is due to the fact that any of the characters may die at any time throughout the voyage. When it comes down to it, there are only six possible outcomes throughout the game. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

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Everyone has a life.

You may save all of the characters, much as in earlier Supermassive Games games. While we won’t go into great detail, in order to reach this ending, you must prevent all potential deaths for the characters. As an eclipse occurs, you’ll have to battle against a swarm of animals while you’re outdoors. Everyone will survive if the QTEs are timed appropriately. Depending on whether you requested air assistance or not, this conclusion may go one of two ways.

  • If air assistance is not requested, Salim will leave after the last battle. Salim will express his gratitude and wish his kid a happy birthday. After that, Salim will depart to meet his son. Later, the remainder of the squad will be picked up by air support and transported back to the base, where they will be quarantined and interrogated by government operatives.
  • If air assistance is requested, Salim will report to the base with the rest of the crew and be interrogated by the agents. The agents are looking into the creatures known as ‘entities.’

In the home, everyone dies.

To obtain this ending, all you have to do is kill everyone in the final fight. Depending on whether Balathu/Kurum was slain during the hive attack, the conclusion may be somewhat different. If the old one is murdered, they will not present in the last fight, which will be fought by everyone. The ancient one will come during the last combat if they are alive because Nick did not kill them, he left early, or he died.

The eclipse will cease after the combat is done, and air assistance will be called in. Because there is no activity in the home below, they will conclude that everyone has dead. They’ll eventually leave the group in the home and fly away, claiming they need to call CENTCOM.

Rachel was encased in a cocoon and was able to recuperate.

When Rachel gets infected, you have the option of placing her in a cocoon to keep her alive. This option is contingent on the team’s ability to operate the UV Wand. If they do, the virus will be burned out of her. The secret agents will discuss Rachel’s recovery from the cocoon and how they took the creature from her before she transformed during the end credit sequence after everyone has made it out of the caverns.

Rachel has been encased in a cocoon and has yet to be rescued.

This outcome is also contingent on whether or not the team is aware of the UV Wand’s effects. Everyone else must perish once Rachel has been cocooned. The end credit scene will be altered as a result of this. While gazing at the team’s corpses, the two agents will discuss how everyone is dead. They’ll also discuss how Eric’s satellite system has aided them in finding these weird occurrences. They explain that they never discovered Rachel’s corpse and that she must be dead when they get at the location where she should be.

Jason had been infected.

If you make a mistake during a QTE in the chapter The City, Jason will get infected. A mist will be spewed forth if you interact with a cocoon in the chapter. If you fail the QTE, Jason will get infected. He would cough incessantly after that. The agents will indicate that they are planning to experiment on Jason during the end credit sequence. They also say he doesn’t have much time left.

Only Salim is still alive.

Salim will go out alone to meet his kid if he is the sole survivor, whether everyone perished in the caverns or at the end. Later, air support will arrive and confirm that the rest of the crew is dead, before informing them that they must alert CENTCOM.

In the “house of ashes best ending” in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, there is a unique way to end the game. The player has to kill themselves when they reach the end.

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