New World October 20 Patch Notes (Update 1.0.3)

The New World October 20 Patch Notes (Update 1.0.3)

New World October 20 Patch NotesImage courtesy of Amazon Games

On October 20, 2021, at 1 a.m. EST, New World Update 1.0.3 will be released (5 AM UTC). Server migrations are nearing completion, and the patch notes include a number of issue fixes. Below is a complete list of all the New World October 20 patch notes for Update 1.0.3, as well as a summary of all the key changes to be aware of.

Character server transfers will be phased in by area, with the Utopia world in the AP Southeast region being the first. Server transfers will open up to the rest of the planets in AP Southeast if everything holds up and scales correctly. If all goes according to plan, Amazon Games will enable server transfers for the remaining areas after eight hours.

Aside from character server transfers, there have been several noteworthy adjustments, such as a reduction in the amount of reagents dropped from chests. In version 1.0.2, a modification was made that resulted in the loss of too many refining reagents. In a nutshell, the patch means you’ll get less reagents from chests, which means Flux, Sandpaper, Crossweave, Tannin, Solven, and any higher tier equivalents will skyrocket in value.

A vexing issue that prevented T4 and T5 Azoth Staffs from shutting high-level portals has also been fixed. On a related note, the problem with the abandoning event notification has been resolved. Many more problems have been fixed as well, as shown in the notes below.

Notes about the October 20th patch for New World (Update 1.0.3)


  • The server transfer framework’s last components have been implemented.
  • The World selection UI has been improved.
  • When a player is kicked for going AFK or breaching the EAC, the message is now more explicit.
  • When stacking discounts are present, such as territorial standing and faction discounts on property taxes, clearer information has been included.
  • Back-end improvements were made to assist our team in investigating complaints about client performance in War.
  • On Boatswain Ambrose and other elite opponents throughout the globe, the respawn timer has been adjusted.
  • Players must now be in the arena to harm Thorpe in The Depths.
  • When players try to purchase their own goods in the Trading Post, they now get an error notice.
  • Reverted an update 1.0.2 chest/loot modification that was causing too many refining reagents to roll out of chests.
  • On the Amazon Games splash screen, I changed the volume.
  • Armor may only have one skill perk per piece.
  • Visual artifacts and graphics settings now have better overall performance.
  • When goods are traded, dyes are now removed with a warning notice.
  • When an invasion is near but not yet planned, the “Time to Declare War” meter now visibly stops to make it apparent. After invasions, territory remains in a state of conflict, and war may be proclaimed.


  • Issues with the T4 and T5 azoth staffs have been resolved— now is the time to shut those high-level portals!
  • An issue that caused the abandoning event notification to persist has been resolved.
  • A housing UI problem has been resolved. The user interface now properly displays that property taxes are based on the entire purchase price of the house and are not affected by the first-time home buyer rebate.
  • Early game spawning problems have been resolved. After the Settlement is found, it takes the place of the watchtower respawn point. After choosing to respawn in a Settlement, players no longer respawn at a Watchtower.
  • Various localization problems have been resolved throughout the game.
  • When finishing the task, not all goods for Town Projects were used, which was fixed.
  • Login issues that prohibited players from accessing their characters have been fixed.
  • Arena keys were not dropping as expected due to a bug.
  • Fixed an issue where the Runic Bear armor was not colored properly during Wars.
  • A problem with pet placement has been resolved. Pets put in an otherwise vacant house now stay in the house instead of being returned to the player’s inventory when the player logs out.
  • The proper time zone is now shown in-game on AP Southeast servers.
  • The accomplishment tab now correctly refreshes when a new achievement is achieved, and the player titles and achievements now display as expected.
  • A bug was fixed that caused Company invitations to continue after they were declined or accepted.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Rajah spawns to stack indefinitely – please only spawn one large cat at a time!


The remedies and mitigations mentioned below are just suggestions. Our aim is to get these changes out there and see if any problems arise so that we can keep working on them and fix them in a future release if required.

  • Worked to resolve an issue in which Wars and Invasions began sooner than expected.
  • Worked to resolve an issue in which not all settlement stations upgraded as expected once town improvements were finished.
  • When entering or leaving an instance, players should no longer get trapped. When a player reconnects and their character is dead, the respawn screen appears, with several respawn choices. Players that are trapped should contact customer service to get their character unlocked.

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