New World Skinning Leveling Guide (Level 0-200)

A new world skinning leveling guide for players who are starting out in the game. This guide will show you how to level up fast, and what professions to choose as you make your way through the game.

New World Skinning Leveling Guide

In the New World, skinning is one of the most important collecting trade abilities. The road to level 200 skinning is long and winding, but it’s definitely worth the effort if you want to skin every animal you come across in Aeternum. We’ll go through the best methods to level up from 0 to 200 in our New World Skinning leveling guide. To make things easier for you, we’ll provide sample locations for each level range.

There are a few things to consider before delving into the guide. To begin, you’ll need a good skinning knife. Make an Iron Skinning Knife with a good perk if you’re starting from scratch. Perks provide you the opportunity to discover uncommon things when skinning or extract Azoth.

Skinning in the New World

You may visit these two places in New World to completely level your skinning:

  1. In Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, or First Light, any Wolf Den
  2. Cutlass Keys’ Balmy Veldt 

Level 0-70 in New World Skinning

One or more wolf den sites may be found in each of the four beginning regions. These may be found by searching for the wolf and cave symbol on your map. These are your beginning skinning locations, and you may stay here until you reach level 70 in Tracking & Skinning, killing and skinning wolves.

New World Skinning Leveling Guide - Wolf Dens

Yes, these wolves are level 6, but grinding up those skinning levels won’t take you long. Alternate sites, such as the Lynx skinning point near Monarch’s Bluffs, are also available. It’s a “glitched” region with a high Lynx spawn rate, which means there’s little to no downtime between killing and skinning opponents.

New World Offal Grotto

Setting your waypoint close will help you no matter which Wolf Den you pick. When your leather and meat supplies are depleted, just return to town and sell everything or store it in your shed. After then, it’s back to grinding those skinning levels.

Level 70-200 in New World Skinning

You may go to the Cutlass Keys area in New World to gain from Skinning level 70 to 200. Balmy Veldt is the location you need to locate, and it’s near Cutlass Keys’ center. The Lushhunt Pointer, a level 34 demon-dog type monster, is the animal we’re seeking to skin to get us from level 70 to 200.

You will get approximately 650 Tracking & Skinng experience each time you skin a Lushhunt Pointer. As you would expect, this will take you from 70 to 200 in a matter of hours. The good news is that it also provides some valuable experience, so you’ll most likely earn a few combat levels just by skinning!

New World Skinning Leveling Guide - Balmy Veldt Cutlass Keys

The precise location of Lushhunt Pointers may be seen on the map above. Remember to pick up the Fast Travel stone to the north of the site, then stay in the Cutlass Keys Inn. Rawhide will eventually fill your bags to the brim. You may then quickly return to town, store or sell your skins, and quickly return to the nearest waypoint.

New World Skinning Guide - Lushhunt Pointer

The downside is that it costs some Azoth, however this becomes insignificant if you use a skinning knife with the Azoth Extraction perk, which grants a percent chance of gaining 1 Azoth when skinning. If you’re not carrying a lot of weight while moving quickly, it should be enough to pay your trip expenses.

New World Azoth Skinning Knife

This ends our leveling guide for New World Skinning. You may be shocked to discover that the whole skill can be grinded in two places. Fortunately, this makes it one of the simplest abilities to level in the game! Although it is still a time-consuming procedure, New World is still an MMO.

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