How to get all Abilities in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a dark, gothic action-adventure game that takes place in the vast underground kingdom of Hallownest. The player’s goal is to purge the land of corrupted insects and restore peace. To do this, they must explore the world, defeat bosses, collect items, upgrade their gear and level up.

Hollow Knight all abilities in order is a guide to getting all of the Abilities in Hollow Knight. It includes a list of each Ability and how to get it.

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Finding and acquiring all of the skills in the game will be required to complete Hollow Knight and reach every corner of the Hallownest. There are a total of nine of them, or eight if you exclude Sense of the World. This guide explains how to get all of Hollow Knight’s Abilities, including where to obtain them and how they function.

This is part two of our series on gaining spells and abilities in Hollow Knight, in case you missed it. For more information on how to get all of the spells in Hollow Knight, see our other guide. Now, let’s look at how to acquire all of Hollow Knight’s abilities!

How to acquire all of Hollow Knight’s abilities:

  1. Cloak of the Mothwing
  2. Cloak of Shade
  3. Claw of the Mantis
  4. Heart of Crystal
  5. Monarch Butterfly Wings
  6. Tears of Isma
  7. Awakened Dream Nail and Dream Nail
  8. Dreamgate
  9. Sense of the World 

Cloak of the Mothwing

Knight will be able to sprint in the direction he is facing if he has this talent. Mothwing Cloak enables the Knight to reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible via leaping, as well as making avoiding foes and escaping from a battle much easier. 

This skill, however, has a 0.6-second cooldown that may be reset by taking damage, pogo-jumping, or clinging to a wall.

You must fight Hornet in Greenpath to get the Mothwing Cloak. This skill may also be improved to Cloak of Shade.

Shade Cloak 

This ability will allow the Knight to pass through opponents’ missiles and assaults, as well as the Shade Gates found in Fog Canyon and Ancient Basin. Overall, Shade Cloak is essential for late-game monster battles and gives the Knight access to Shade Gate-locked locations.

This ability has a 1.5 second cooldown that can’t be reactivated in any way, even using the Dashmaster charm. In other words, the Knight will execute Shade Cloak for the first time if you hit Dash for the first time. Any Dash done during the following 1.5 seconds will be the standard Mothwing Cloak dash.

After igniting the lighthouse nearby, go to the bottom right of the Abyss, stand within the bowl, and wait for the Knight to absorb the Void. 

Claw of the Mantis

Make it possible for you to cling to the wall. While clinging, pressing Leap allows you to make another jump to reach a higher platform and access the Hallownest’s secret regions. This skill enables you to remain in a higher position during fights, where certain opponents’ assaults cannot reach you. Mantis Claw will also make your pogo-jump considerably easier if you can’t double jump yet.

Mantis Claw may be found in Mantis Village in the Fungal Wastes. To go to the chamber with the Mantis Claw, you must activate several door switches.

Heart of Crystal 

To rocket ahead, hold DASH for approximately a second and then release the button. If the Knight takes damage from any source while flying, he will instantly halt and fall to the earth. The Crystal Heart may be used when the Mantis Claw is clinging to a wall. This is an important skill to have in your toolbox since it is the only method for the Knight to go through the open crystal tunnel in Crystal Peak or the Thorns Room in Greenpath.

Crystal Heart may be found at the east section of Crystal Peak. You must overcome a difficult platforming section including conveyor belts, lasers, and many spikes before finding Crystal Heart lying on top of an ancient golem.

Monarch Butterfly Wings 

In brief, the Knight may execute a double leap by pressing JUMP once more while in mid-air while wearing the Monarch Wing. It is the last necessary component for pogo-jumping, but you may not need it to complete the game (by skipping some game sub-content). Monarch Wings, on the other hand, is required if you wish to complete Hollow Knight to 112 percent or just go around every corner of the Hallownest.

You must fight Broken Vessel and make your way to the Ancient Basin’s last chamber on the left. Collecting the Monarch Wings is one of two necessary steps in transforming the Forgotten Crossroads into the Infected Crossroads, which makes the whole region “energetic” and “vivid.”

Tears of Isma 

The Knight will be acid-resistant as a result of this skill. Again, this isn’t a must for completing Hollow Knight’s story. Obtaining Isma’s Tear, on the other hand, would protect players from drowning in acid ponds and give them entry to certain closed regions or acidic places in the Hallownest, particularly Fog Canyon.

This Isma’s Tear may be found in the Isma’s Grover at Royal Waterways. You must first beat Dung Defender in order to open a gate through which you may soar across a spike gap with the Crystal Heart.

Awakened Dream Nail and Dream Nail          

Holding the DREAM NAIL for approximately 1 second enables you to read the thoughts and access the dreams of certain particular opponents, which may lead to a boss battle with an enhanced version of monsters you’ve already fought. When you enter an NPC’s or a boss’s Dream, your Souls will be restored on the spot without the need for a bench rest.

The Dream Nail’s main purpose is to assist you in gathering Essence from Spirits, Whispering Roots, and, most notably, Dream (in reality, Nightmare) Boss Trials. 

The Dreamnail will be given to you by the Seer at Resting Ground. After entering Resting Grounds, turn right and you’ll come upon the Dreamers Memorial. You will be sent to the Dream World after examining them. Then you’ll be on the hunt for the Seer’s dream form. You’ll be handed the Dream Nail after meeting up with the Seer.

The Dream Nail is upgraded to Awoken Dream Nail after gathering 1800 Essence, allowing you to DREAM NAIL the Kingsmould’s corpse in the Palace Grounds to obtain entry to the White Palace.


Holding DOWN and DREAM NAIL together creates a Dreamgate, and holding UP and DREAM NAIL together transfers you there. This ability may be used to teleport to places that are not accessible via Stagways or Trams, such as the Colosseum of Fools or certain bosses’ liars, who are difficult to beat in the first try. You cannot, however, set up a Dreamgate in a dream or boss chamber until the boss has previously been defeated.

To obtain the Dreamgate, you must gather 900 Essence and deliver it to the Seer.

World Sense

World Sense is not an official ability in Hollow Knight, and its only purpose is to display the status of your current Hollow Knight. After slaying all three Dreamers and examining the Lore Tablet in the Temple of the Black Egg, you may get World Sense. 

Hollow Knight has a variety of abilities that players can use. Some are more powerful than others, and some require certain conditions to be met in order to use them. Reference: spells hollow knight damage.

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To get all the abilities in Hollow Knight, you need to find the three hidden Gods. They are hidden around different areas of the map.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I get the spell Hollow Knight?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can find it on the PlayStation Store.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is 100% Hollow Knight hard?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
100% is the hardest difficulty in Hollow Knight, but its not impossible.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get all the abilities in hollow Knight?

To get all the abilities in Hollow Knight, you need to find the three hidden Gods. They are hidden around different areas of the map.

How do I get the spell Hollow Knight?

You can find it on the PlayStation Store.

Is 100% Hollow Knight hard?

100% is the hardest difficulty in Hollow Knight, but its not impossible.

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