When I first played Halo: Reach, I really enjoyed it. It’s the first Halo game to take place in “real” space, and it introduced a lot of interesting new gameplay to the franchise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all rosy. I found the campaign to be much shorter than I had expected, and the story was only mildly interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it. But, I did have a feeling that there was more to Reach than I had realized, and I was wrong.

So the achievement I’ve been waiting for since I first started playing was that mysterious one that had to do with something called the “All Covenant”, and we finally got it yesterday.

There is no doubt that an individual can achieve great things, but what about completing all the achievements in an RPG? What about seeing every cutscene in the game? What about getting an item that no one else has? I’ll tell you all about it in this blog.

I0bmZiq - All Covenant Achievements Completed and An Unknown Issue About Them

Images of all covenant accomplishments as well as overall accomplishments (11 achievements left to complete in the game)


TL;DR: If you want your covenant accomplishments to tally up, you must complete them all on the same character; they are not account-wide, although they should be.

Today I’d like to bring attention to an issue that I’ve been aware of for a while but haven’t found the right time to post about because it’s a niche issue that affects anyone who is pursuing achievements unless it’s fixed in 9.1.5 (or later). It might get fixed with the upcoming changes, but they didn’t mention it.

As you can see from the images I finished all the covenant achievements and Venthyr is by far the one that took the longest time (6-7 months). To put into perspective how uncommon these achievements are, according to DataForAzeroth (big shoutout to u/shoooogen who has made the website!) the least completed achievement in each covenant is as follows as of August 14: Venthyr: the party herald - All Covenant Achievements Completed and An Unknown Issue About Them – 0.0076% of players Kyrian (Feat of Strength): 🚀 – 0.0284% of players Kyrian (Gives Points): disciple of humility - All Covenant Achievements Completed and An Unknown Issue About Them – 0.0745% of players Necrolord: – 0.0789% of players Night Fae: – 1.1988% of players

I’m not aware of anybody else who has completed them all, but I’d love to discover a fellow accomplishment grinder!

I am, however, in the midst of redoing them all on my main (with the exception of Night Fae, which I have already completed) due to the following issue:

You may earn 225 more “hidden” accomplishment points by completing all of the covenant achievements on one character, but none of your other characters will benefit until you do the same on them. Unless this is rectified, those who are aware of it will always be ahead of anybody else who may have previously completed the accomplishments on an alt (or may do so on an alt) and does not want to repeat them simply to earn more points.

The covenant accomplishments function similarly to the Horde / Alliance achievements in that when you switch factions, you lose the Horde-specific ones and get the Alliance-specific ones, and vice versa. This is true even if the character you’re changing covenants on hasn’t achieved any.

Except with covenants, you make the swap in-game, which simply hides the previous covenant’s achievements and shows the new ones; they appear uncompleted at first until you relog, after which you will gain account-wide progress (if you have completed achievements in that covenant on another character) and gain additional points equal to how many achievement points you had in the new covenant. However, the only way to retain those points after you switch characters is to complete them on that character as well.

This has the side consequence that the armory will not display 100% on Expansion Features, even if it is 100% in-game, until you complete all of the covenant-specific ones on a single character; it does not take information from your alts and contribute to the percentage.

I’ve told Blizzard about it, and I’m sure others have as well, but with no mention of it in the preview, I’m hoping this will bring it to light.

My base achievement point amount is currently 36.555 on a character who has not yet entered a covenant; my main is currently at 36.740 and has completed 155 of the 300 available covenant achievement points (plus gaining 30 additional points through account wide progress from my Kyrian alt); if the achievements were account wide, I would currently be at 36.855.

I would gain 35 more points if I simply switched to Venthyr right now because I’ve completed 45 achievement points as Kyrian and 10 as Venthyr, which means I’d gain the difference because I’d gain the remaining 65 points (each covenant has 75 points) from Venthyr achievements through account wide progress from my Venthyr alt.

Another strange issue about the armory, and by extension other websites that use the API, is that most players are lacking 30 points in the armory compared to what they have in-game.

Let’s hope this is resolved soon! Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Actually, I’ve been sitting here all this time without writing anything at all, and specifically without writing anything on my blog. I’ve been awful, and I’m sorry. I’ll try to rectify this situation with this little blog post. I’m trying to get the last three achievements in the CoH achievements completed, and they keep giving me an unknown issue about them. I know how to complete them, and the issue is actually the last one: The Ending. I’ve completed the last two, and I just need to get to the ending. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but after the battle with the Seer I just get a black screen with a message that says “All covenant achievements completed and an. Read more about wow average achievement points and let us know what you think.

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