The Elder Scrolls Online has always been incredibly flexible in how you play. You can choose between a variety of combat styles, from the deadly stealth to the more traditional tanking, healing, and DPS. You can even mix and match your skillsets, trading some of your damage for utility or survivability.

Hello and welcome to the Elder Scrolls Online Patch Notes preview! This week’s patch has arrived with 2 new ESO Alliance Ranks, the Season 15 Legendary Items, Dune Steed Mounts, the Level-Up Rewards, and much more. Read on to find out more.

The patch notes for the latest season of the acclaimed competitive online multiplayer game League of Legends has been revealed. Check out the official patch notes here. **UPDATE LOGS** Added in additional champion changes and bug fixes to follow in the coming days.. Read more about destiny 2 patch notes today and let us know what you think.

destiny2 9 - Additional Season 15 Patch Notes Preview

Hi All,


Before this week’s TWAB, I was able to get my hands on some early patch note previews, which I wanted to share. There seem to be some intriguing additions and adjustments!


Weapons from the Far East

  • For far too long, anarchy has had its day (years) in the sun. It excels in far too many things. As a consequence, we’ve made a few small changes to narrow down its strengths and limitations while keeping it as a distinctive and attractive exotic.
  1. Damage to opposing fighters and bosses has been reduced by 85%.
  2. Anarchy rounds have increased the brightness and frequency of sparks.
  3. “No Distractions” has been included as a bonus.
  • Chaperon precise kills will now feature an audio track that says “Arm’s length away youngsters” on occasion.
  • We’ve gathered criticism that Heir Apparent is “too much fun,” therefore we’ve made the following adjustments:
  1. When two Arc Shields are placed close to one other, they now reinforce each other in a multiplicative way.
  2. All classes now have the option to blink without losing their revved up state or overshield.
  3. People in PvP who rush straight towards a pumped up Heir Apparent with a shotgun, wondering why it didn’t lead to success, are now 35 percent more disappointed.
  4. For future enhancements, we’ll keep an eye on the comments on Heir Apparent.
  • “Worldshaper,” Izanagi’s Burden adornment, may now be wielded as a sword. Kills with the sword enhance the damage of the following precise shot.
  • Screebs is now available in the Colony.
  • The catalyst for Cloudstrike has been published, increasing the lightning strike radius by around 30 meters. This is also able to pass through barriers.
  • The radius of the bubble has been extended by 20 meters thanks to the Helm of Saint 14. On top of the bubble, a Disco ball has been placed.



  • We’ve sifted through a lot of comments on the Champions’ performance in different activities, and the message is obvious. The players want them to be cranked up to eleven. As a result, we’ve added:
  1. When unstoppable champions approach a player, they now regenerate health and shout out “Hulk Smash” or “Snap into a Slim Jim.”
  2. Overload SMG has been modified to be even more unreliable, and it will now be the only seasonal Overload mod available in the future.
  3. The AI for the Anti-Barrier Champion has been improved to better understand when you’re reloading so they can utilize their shield.
  4. Overload Wyverns have been added to the game. These will be used in a variety of tasks, including:

– The Sun Sets

– Raids

Iron Banner –

— Gambit-blocking software

— On Rahool’s request, sporadic Tower occurrences

  • We’ll keep an eye on comments on the new Champions adjustments.


Changes that are centered on PvP

  • We have been collecting feedback about new PvP maps and desirable loot for playing PvP. While we announced a ramp up to the team earlier this month, we have also been working with other developers to help in the near-term. As a result, we will be introducing several crossover maps and weapons from other popular franchises to PvP. These will be included:
  • Maps:
  1. Zanzibar and Blood Gulch
  2. DE_Dust
  3. Rust and Nuketown
  4. 2Fort
  5. Hunters of large game
  6. Road of the Rainbow
  2. Lancer in the Gears of War
  3. The Master Sword of Link
  4. 9000 BFG (will take special ammo)
  5. The Golden Gun is a weapon made of gold.
  6. Shells in the color of blue
  • We also realize that in previous sandbox situations, individuals were interested in playing with firearms. As a result, we’ve put up a playlist that rotates everyday with new sandbox updates and modes. Here’s an illustration:
  1. Tuesday is the official launch date for Forsaken. The duration of Nova Warp and Spectral Blades is 3 minutes. Original condition of the One-Eyed Mask. Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl returned to 180 RPM and the previous “Magnificent Howl” bonus. Etc.
  2. D2 will be released on Wednesday. Only the double primaries, baby!!! All abilities have a 20-minute cooldown.
  3. D1 – Thursday Meta of the House of Wolves. People seemed to like it, so let’s see how rose-colored those glasses are. Thorn and Last Word are now two taps apart from each other across the map (including Last Word in aim down sights form). The original long-range shotgun (also known as the OG Felwinter’s Lie) has a range of 20 meters. Final Round Sniper Rifles that aren’t restricted to precise hits (allows for one shot body shots).
  4. Only No-Land Beyond, sidearms, and Fusion Grenades are allowed in D1 Year 3 Meta.
  5. On Saturday, it’s all about Star Wars! As in the time when Prometheus Lens was hacked and the crucible was transformed into a massive laser tag arena.
  6. Sparrow Racing League on Sunday
  7. Slappers exclusively on Monday. It’s not an odd job.


Osiris’ Trials

The Trials of Osiris have been canceled due to Osiris’ conduct in the current season. But don’t worry; we’ll be launching two new modes to replace it. The first is as follows.

  1. Osiris’ Osiris’ Osiris’ Osiris’ Osiris

The next season will center on an intense legal drama centered on Osiris’ activities. Each week, fresh witness testimony will be presented. The community will serve as the jury, with the community having the last say on his guilt or innocence. However, since Osiris has vanished, it will be a challenge in his absence. The trial will be held in Baelor’s newly built Sept. We look forward to seeing you there. It should be a lot of fun!

But how about a competitive 3v3 weekend playlist? Don’t be concerned! We canvassed the Tower seeking volunteers to assist with a new competition for our enthusiastic guardians. One individual instantly took a step forward. We’d like to introduce you to…

  1. The Drifter’s Trials!

That’s correct! We’ll offer a new competitive 3v3 Gambit mode every Friday through Monday. In a fast-paced series of Gambit rounds, teams will compete. Players will be battling each other and attempting to gather and bank motes in their own banks on the same map.

We’ve also gathered comments regarding special weapons and supers being too powerful in Trials of Osiris, as well as heavy ammunition being too powerful in Gambit, and we’ve come up with a solution. This game has been combined with another popular mode, Team Scorched. Only Scorch cannons are allowed! Players will carry a sword unless they are facing the Hive.



  • All Sidearms now have the option to dual wield them, however this comes at the expense of not being able to aim down sights. You won’t be able to hit many targets, but you’ll look great while calling for another Rez.
  • Due to Hunter and Warlock animosity from past seasons, Titan Behemoth’s Shiver Strike has been slowed by 30% (rather than the originally stated 25%).
  • Sunbreaker in the middle of the tree After a kill, the Titan throwing hammer will automatically return to the player and play an audio track that says “I am worthy.”
  • We’ve allowed friendly fire for the Chaos Reach blast to offer a compromise on the strength of Chaos Reach in PvP. We are certain that this will not result in any trolling.
  • Sparrow Horns are being reintroduced. You may now use your own sound files as a horn by uploading them. We don’t expect any issues as a result of this.
  • The Nightstalker Tether now operates immediately rather than “when it feels like it.”
  • Oppressive Darkness has been renamed “Impressive Dankness” and has been included as a permanent mod.
  • “A day at the Spa” is the theme of the new Seasonal Armor. Soothing music sound effects, mud masks with cucumber eyes, and a plethora of bath robes are among the items on the list.
  • More seasonal music has been licensed to play in the backdrop of activities in the tower. Consider the following scenario:
  1. During the Festival of the Lost, “The Monster Mash” is performed.
  2. During the Dawning, “All I want for Christmas is you” is sung.
  3. Etc.

There have been some intriguing adjustments!

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  • Season 15 will be announced soon.

    Start of Season 15 [Source] The following dates mark the conclusion of Season 14: North America: 5:00 p.m. PDT on Sunday, September 16th. Europe: 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16th. CET Asia: 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16th. KST Season 15 will premiere on the following dates: North America: 5:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, September 21. Friday, September in Europe…

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For the game Destiny 2, write “Additional Season 15 Patch Notes Preview.”

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We will be releasing a new patch soon for  League of Legends  we hope that you enjoy.. Read more about destiny 2 solstice of heroes patch notes and let us know what you think.

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