Last night, Sony held its latest State of Play event, where it unveiled the PS5. The company also revealed a handful of new games, including God of War, Spider-Man, and more, previewed during the conference. We saw everything from the new God of War game (currently in development) and Spider-Man to the new Spider-Man PS4 game (coming in 2018) and the new God of War comic book (also in 2018).

The Sony’s PlayStation 5 event at this year’s E3 conference has been held out of the spotlight after a month of anticipation, much to the dismay of gamers who were hoping to get some new info on the console. But while the big reveal was a disappointment, Sony did show off a handful of new games for the PlayStation family that have a lot of potential.

Sony has finished announcing the games coming to their PlayStation 5. While this may seem like just one of many pieces of information, the announcement of the games coming to the PlayStation 5 is very important. It shows Sony is committed to keeping the PlayStation ecosystem healthy and the PS5 is a major step to that end.

The emphasis of Sony’s July State of Play was on the forthcoming FPS game Deathloop. Apart from this much-anticipated game, the Playstation brand had a lot more to offer its PS5 users. There’s a lot to look forward to this year and beyond, to be sure.

The titles that were announced at the event and will be released on PS5 are listed below.


This Norse-inspired action RPG is more than just mindless hacking and slashing. In Tribes of Midgard, you’ll be collecting resources to fortify your town in preparation for when the Helthings arrive at night, in addition to the normal monster-slaying. Ragnarok may be defeated alone or in groups of up to nine other players. The game’s teaser features a season timeline with plenty of things to look forward to once it releases on PS5 on July 27th.


To protect one of the few surviving arcades from an evil gaming mega-corporation, gather your pals and equip yourself. Arcadegeddon is a co-op multiplayer shooter featuring PvE and PvP modes that strives to provide the best online experience possible. Explore various biomes, hunt for riches, play amusing mini-games, and, of course, battle hordes of villains and monsters alone or with up to three pals. The game is currently available for PS5 as an Early Access title.


Swords and firearms have been overused in recent years. The actual pleasure is punching opponents in the face with a big mechanical fist, and that’s precisely what you’ll be doing in F.I.S.T. This is an action platformer with a strong emphasis on fighting. You’ll be executing huge destructive combinations with your mechanical fist to take out opponents and utilizing gadgets to whizz across stages like a badass with your mechanical fist. F.I.S.T. will be released for PS5 on September 7th.


Hunter’s Arena is a brand-new battle royale game that blends the chaos of an open battlefield with the rock-papers-scissors action of combat games. You’ll be battling ancient demons to collect rare equipment and prepare for the main battle, in addition to fighting other people. This 30-player free-for-all multiplayer brawler will be available as a free PS Plus game in August.


In this action-adventure, master the art of kung fu as each loss takes you closer to the end of your days. Fight your way through the streets and businesses of an Asian-inspired city’s underworld. Use your kung fu to defeat your opponents and demonstrate who the real master is, but be cautious. Every time you lose, you become older until you have to start all over again. Practice, failure, and trying again are all part of the mastering process. Sifu’s PS5 release has been pushed back to 2022.


Exploration and video games are usually a winning mix. Jett is a fresh twist on the old-school new-world exploration game. You join a spacecraft as part of a team of scientists charged with discovering a new planet to call home. In Jett, there is no fighting. Instead, you’ll utilize the equipment on board your spacecraft to study the planet’s vegetation and wildlife, as well as perform experiments. The animals that inhabit this strange new planet will see you as an alien entity and may sometimes attack you, so be cautious. Jett will also take use of the DualSense’s special capabilities. It will be released on PS5 later this year.


Detective Yagami is back to investigate another big crime, this time one on which he will have to put his life on the line. The surprisingly successful Yakuza spin-off is receiving a sequel, which promises to amp up everything wonderful about Judgement. Yagami has learnt several new techniques with a third totally distinct fighting style in Lost Judgement. With the inclusion of the Dance Studio and Motorcycle racing, the fun and silly mini-games will naturally return. If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate versions on PS5, you’ll receive three days of early access starting September 21.


In the game’s forthcoming definitive version, Kojima and his crew will take us back to the strange and enigmatic world of Death Stranding. The Social Strand System will be expanded in the Director’s Cut of this controversial game, uniting gamers like never before. It will also offer new methods for delivering packages, fighting adversaries, and exploring new places. If you possess Death Stranding on PS4, you can upgrade to the PS5 Director’s Cut for just $10 when it comes out on September 24.

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