The Zodiac Age is a new feature in the next release of Fire Emblem Warriors that is available on all three versions of the game. In this mode, you are able to play as your favorite Fire Emblem characters from different eras of gameplay. In this article, I will be covering my favorite characters to use in this mode, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other characters.

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy VII, the first in a series of role-playing games by renowned Japanese studio, Square Enix. It was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, a young artist and designer who was brought in to replace Hironobu Sakaguchi, who had been the main director for the previous six Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy VII was Nomura’s first project as a designer, and it became a seminal moment in the franchise, as it became the first mainstream RPG title to feature both beautiful characters and a vibrant musical score, as well as a storyline that was considered to be both fully character-driven and action-packed.

Final Fantasy XII was the series’ biggest shake-up yet, presenting a complete mechanical overhaul compared to past games. Battles and exploration were no longer separate screens, and as such, party management required a much more attentive hand. Fortunately, you’re presented with the perfect tool for the job: Gambits! Gambits are assignable, conditional commands that make party members do things you want them to do, without having to babysit them. Think of them like writing and running a script that tells your party members what to do based on certain situations. But there are hundreds of gambits, so let’s discuss the most useful ones worth getting.

11. Foe: Lowest HP

word-image-9683 Defeating the enemy is the entire point of battle. This can be done through a variety of means, but one of the simplest ways is to target the weakest enemy and then systematically clear the field. This Gambit orders the crew to prey on the weak – and to great effect. This is extra effective when small-time creatures like bats decide to join in the melee.

10. Foe: Party Leader’s Target

word-image-9684 It’s not uncommon for the battlefield to get really crowded. More often than not, there’s one or two specific enemies in the mess that cause extra problems to the group, and can be tricky to get to – especially if it’s early yet and your team’s gambits aren’t too fleshed out. “Foe: Party Leader’s Target” tells the group to gang up on whomever the leader is engaged with, making it easy to get rid of troublemakers and rare creatures that tend to run away.

9. Foe: Flying

word-image-9685 Flying enemies are a serious inconvenience to anybody who can’t use magic or bow-type weapons. Sometimes this is made even more annoying when a flyer comes with a pack of otherwise earthbound enemies. This gambit makes sure the party members who can deal with flying enemies do so, picking them off while everybody else manages the ground.

8. Foe: Undead

word-image-9686 Ivalice has an unusually high number of undead creatures. Zombies, ghosts, skeletons, wraiths… if you can think of it, it’s probably here. While these enemies aren’t really too much trouble with swords and magic, the easiest way to dispatch undead creatures (especially large groups of them) is through healing or fire magic. Using the “Foe: Undead” gambit to tell a member to apply a large Curaga or Firaga to an undead posse is a super-efficient way to clear the room – or to deal severe damage to any single-target big guy.

7. Foe Status

word-image-9687 It’s really annoying when enemies buff themselves. Watching an already-tough beast perform a protect-haste combo and then ravage the party is really disheartening. Even more so when they won’t stop doing it. The “Foe Status” gambit sets it up so anytime an enemy has the audacity to do such a thing, a party member automatically dispels it. Or if you don’t have Dispel, you can just focus on the buffed beast and destroy it through sheer brute force.

6. Foe [element] – Weak

word-image-9688 There’s a whole range of elemental weakness gambits, covering everything from Fire to Holy. Using them efficiently can really make battles fly by. Setting up your magic users to attack specific weaknesses can cripple common enemies and deal severe hurt to boss life bars. An elemental weakness gambit is a great way to really show an enemy how foolish they are for having a weakness to begin with.

5. Self MP

word-image-9689 In Ivalice, there are so many ways to use MP – over 65! From basic cures to devastating ultimate magics, your Magic Points will constantly be stressed. And having enough MP reserves is crucial, especially in the mid-to-late game. Stopping to throw out an ether or to use the Charge ability is a good way to replenish that resource. But who honestly has time to pause the battle that often? Especially if things start becoming sketchy. This gambit makes casters self-sufficient, and keeps them full on MP no matter how long the battle lasts.

4. Self: Targeted by Foe

word-image-9690 A clever party can provoke the enemy to attack a designated target. This is useful when two-thirds of the team are squishy casters and need to avoid damage. When the enemy is forced to target a character who has this gambit, they can automatically prepare themselves for the incoming damage – either by refreshing their buffs, or simply healing themselves.

3. Self Status = Petrify

word-image-9691 Without question, when your HP hits zero, you get knocked out. It happens in the blink of an eye. Petrify, on the other hand, is a creeping death – and one of the scariest statuses around. When inflicted with petrify, that character has ten seconds to either do something about it, or make peace with being immortalized in stone. If things are going haywire it can be a real hassle when somebody gets rocked. So this gambit makes sure that each individual can take care of themselves.

2. Ally Status = KO

word-image-9692 Raising knocked-out party members is achieved through either using certain magic, or a phoenix down item. Sometimes being knocked out is a common occurrence, especially when going after hunts or areas that are above your level (with enemies that enjoy throwing around instant-death spells). Pausing battle to revive fellow party members is a real bummer. And that action can delay other more important ones. Making everybody automatically revive defeated friends is a big weight off your shoulders, and makes the adventure that much more enjoyable.

1. Ally: Any

word-image-9693 Protect, shell, haste, float – there are a lot of beneficial status buffs that can be bestowed upon a character in FF12. And this gambit gives you free reign to control all of that automatically. When working your way through a dungeon, it becomes just about mandatory to keep these buffs up. And applying them will inevitably become an annoyance. “Ally: Any” will automate the process, making sure to replenish any buff as soon as it wears off. This allows you to focus entirely on the environment around you. And this gambit is made even more valuable during the big-time bosses and hunts that Ivalice has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age a remake?

Final Fantasy 12 is a beloved RPG with a long history that traces back to its origins in the early 90s. A lot of the series’ most iconic elements (the characters, the monsters, the dungeons, the music) have endured the test of time, but Final Fantasy 12 has been a tough act to follow for many. Final Fantasy 12 is being re-released on the PlayStation 4 as a full remake of the original Final Fantasy 12. Besides the updated visuals and a few improvements, most of the changes are graphical, as the characters have been redrawn, the environments have been redone, and the CG cutscenes have been recoded to fit the newer hardware in the newer Final Fantasy 12. However, the game is retaining the same plot, although the basic cast has been expanded to include some new characters as well.

Is Zodiac age turn based?

Mirror’s Edge was the first game I played with a female protagonist. I didn’t know anything about the game, as I had just bought it at a charity shop because I saw it had a female protagonist. I was in the mood to play something new, so I thought it would be a good idea. I was wrong. When I got to the end of the game I was quite dissapointed. I felt like there was no way to make this game better. The game felt rushed and unfinished. I expected so much more from the game. When it was announced that a sequel was in the works, I was quite dissapointed. I felt like the ending was a bit of a cop out. I wanted a sequel that would be The Zodiac Age is a free-to-play role-playing game that came out on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017, and it’s a fun and unique JRPG that fans of Final Fantasy will love. I’ve been playing it for the last week or so and I’ve found that it’s a lot of fun. The premise starts off as a standard JRPG. You take on the role of a new trainee at the Zodiac Age, a school for young people with special skills. You start off just learning how to use your new powers, and then you’re sent on missions.

How long is Ffxii?

The story of Final Fantasy X starts on the day Tidus and Yuna are granted with a wish. The two spend the next 12 years of their lives together, until Tidus dies in a giant sphere of light. Days later, his spirit is sent to the far-off world of Spira. Yuna then learns that she is the key to destroying Sin, as long as Tidus is close by in her heart. FFXII is a game full of memorable characters and epic stories. And a lot of people still haven’t played it yet. Those who have, have suffered through some pretty tough times. Time to dig in!

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