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It’s a fact that children in The Sims 4 are totally toy obsessed. Seriously, it’s like the only thing they wish for during Winterfest. And there’s even a social interaction where they can beg for toys to the adults around them. If you’ve got a spoiled little Sim or two that happen to own all the in-game toys, or have just grown tired of the EA choices, then you need to check out this list. I’ve searched far and wide through the Sims 4 CC world (aka the Internet) and discovered a treasure trove of new toys and items. From dollhouse reskins to completely new mesh items and decor, it’ll feel like the best toy store haul ever.

Functional Toy Bin

word-image-9569 Check Out This CC If it’s a Ravasheen creation, you know it’s going to be awesome. This Functional Toy Bin uses the base-game toy tub to offer a brand-new playing experience for your toddler and child Sims. It also comes with some super-cute decorative wooden blocks to give their bedrooms or rec rooms that lived-in feel. And because it’s base-game compatible, you don’t need any additional packs or expansions to add this to your game.

Rubik’s Cube CC for TS4

word-image-9570 Check Out This CC Ah, the Future Cube. The item you buy once, let your Sims play around with a few times, and then promptly delete because they become obsessed. But what if they were playing something worth being obsessed with? What if it was an all-consuming game that no one wants to put down? Enter Farwayy’s Rubik’s Cube CC for The Sims 4. This notoriously hard 80’s classic puzzle is a retexture of the Future Cube. While the animations are the same, meaning your Sims will chat while using it, it’s not exactly far-fetched to imagine the curious mutterings and grumbles from getting stuck. Best of all, ages Toddler through Elder can use it!

My Plush Friends Owl

word-image-9571 Check Out This CC As adorable as it is to watch my little Sims hug and talk to those giant stuffed bears and dogs in the game, sometimes it’s nice for them to have a portable stuffed friend. Soloriya’s Plush Owl CC fills a much-needed void for handheld plush toys in The Sims 4. The owl design is painfully cute, with its giant eyes, friendly heart-shaped mouth and heart-patterned belly. It’s also functional, so your Sims can take them on all their adventures.

Kids Functional Toy Set

word-image-9572 Check Out This CC Now here’s a functional toy pack made by Sanjana that has a little bit of everything (and even some faces you might recognize). This set features five different toys (all functional!), including a parrot and giraffe. Two of them are very well-known: Marie from Disney’s Aristocats and her iconic pink bow, and the beloved Hello Kitty. The coolest feature here? They talk, thanks to Sanaja using the Bleep The Robot in-game toy as a blueprint.

Anna’s Toys

word-image-9573 Check Out This CC Not only does Soloriya make functional CC, but she’s got the market cornered on toy decor as well. This Anna’s Toys CC set has 11 items in all, including a xylophone, abacus, and percussion toys. This set also comes in three different color swatches. Because these are decor only, they’d fit well as background clutter in a child’s bedroom, rec room, or public lot daycare center.

Island Paradise For Kids

word-image-9574 Check Out This CC If you own Island Paradise, you know that Sims living or visiting in gorgeous Sulani are able to build sandcastles and other beach activities. You’ve also probably noticed that, well, Sulani’s the only place to enjoy said activities. Severinka’s Island Paradise For Kids fixes all that and more. Not only can your child Sims build sandcastles in any neighborhood, but they can do it with several original decor items: like a sandbox and a shovel, to name a few. This CC is a literal game changer, so don’t hesitate to download it.

Children’s Bedroom Park Toy Box

word-image-9575 Check Out This CC A toy box that looks like a dollhouse? Yep, Kardofe’s awesome like that. This custom toy box is also fully functional, so your little Sims can use it as normal. But it’s designed to look like the outside of a super-cute dollhouse. The lid of the toy box is the ‘roof’ of the house, complete with two windows, while the box itself has lower-level windows, flowers, a picket fence, and the sun. If you like this item, then check out Kardofe’s full set for the complete collection.

Angelina (Functional Toy)

word-image-9576 Check Out This CC My favorite toys to buy in The Sims 4 are often the simplest ones. And this Angelina toy by Anna_bibi doesn’t light up or make sounds, but it is the perfect companion toy for your young Sims who need a trusty friend. Angelina is a mouse with incredible taste in fashion, from her pink patterned dress to her tiny yellow hat. She also comes in two sizes (big and small) and is fully functional. It’s the perfect less-is-more addition to your toy collection.

HaloSims Dollhouse

word-image-9577 Check Out This CC While there are no Barbies in-game (or anything similar), this HaloSims’ dollhouse with hot pink recolor by 20/44 Sims looks just like the coveted Barbie dreamhouse mansion. This behemoth of a dollhouse is three stories tall, has two giant windows, and infinite potential for your young Sims’ imaginations. And while it isn’t functional, it will certainly be the pride and joy of any child’s toy collection. Plus if you want some matching items we’ve shared a lot of Barbie CC options for the game.

More Toddler Activities

word-image-9578 Check Out This CC As sweet as toddlers can be in The Sims, they’re also kind of a nightmare when they have nothing to do. Longtime CC site AroundTheSims4 knows just how to channel that rambunctious energy with More Toddler Activities. Play-doh, finger painting, arts and crafts, and pretend gardening will keep your little tykes busy for hours on end. Plus there are some CAS overlays of smudged paint and dirty faces for immersive gameplay.

TS3 to TS4 Converted Toys

word-image-9579 Check Out This CC Originally created by Sincerelyasimmer for The Sims 3, this high-quality set of real-life decorative toys can now be enjoyed in The Sims 4, courtesy of LolaSimblr. The variety alone is enough to add this to your CC folder, with 21 variations and five Easter-themed baskets. Finally, something to give to the kids on Spring day (or whatever you call Easter in your game). It’s also very high quality, so jump on it Alpha players!

Aura Kid’s Decor and Toys

word-image-9580 Check Out This CC Part functional, part decor, all awesome. That best describes NynaeveDesign’s Aura Kid’s Toy Set, which gives a completely different spin on typical offerings in the kid’s section. A bowling pin and balls are just some of the decor items, while a functional race car, nightlight, and more can be interacted with by your Sims. In all, this ten-item collection comes with four variations – and is a great addition to any child’s room.

Pitusa Toys

word-image-9581 Check Out This CC Three is the magic number, and PQSims4’s Pitusa Toy CC set proves it. Between the fully furnished open-faced dollhouse, the classic Mr. Potato Head toy, and the adorable plush robot, it’s clear that quality wins over quantity. We count two swatches for the dollhouse, but there may be more. And either way, who doesn’t love a Mr. Potato Head? Feel free to download and let us know!

Kids Camping Dollhouse

word-image-9582 Check Out This CC Amazing. Breathtaking. Original. Those are some hefty claims to make, but Simcredible’s Kids Camping Dollhouse is certainly worthy of the praise. The open-faced design features a living room, ladder leading to an upstairs bedroom, and an outdoor patio set (all part of the same dollhouse). This CC is part of a larger set that you’ll want to look into if you download this item. And it’s not just functional, but it also has the same broken/repairing states as the EA-made dollhouses.

Castle Playsets

word-image-9583 Check Out This CC You know those school project dioramas your Sims bring home? They work on them for hours, even asking family members for help, or protecting them from sabotaging siblings. And then they finally complete it, only to… view it. Yep. Once they’re done, they’re completely non-functional. That is, unless, you download the Castle Playsets mod by K9BD. This incorporates a functional version of the completed diorama that your child Sims can enjoy. And they can even invite others to play with it, too. If you’re an EA purist and are looking for enhancements to in-game toys, head over to ModTheSims to add this into your game.

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