Overwatch is not just a good game, it’s also a great way to get fit and learn some new skills. It’s a casual game, which means you can play it in short intervals and get the maximum benefit from it. The game not only improves your hand-eye coordination, it also improves your focus, which is important for both school and work.

This week, Blizzard revealed a ton of new heroes for the upcoming Overwatch game, and we hunted them all down to bring you the best images of the outfits.

When Overwatch 2 comes out, there will be many changes that will make the game different from anything you’ve played so far. These changes include a special story mode, more PvE experience in hero missions, and new maps and heroes to expand the game roster. The changes are not limited to new in-game items, as all 32 playable heroes from the first game will get a new look in Overwatch 2. Here we take a look at all the returning Overwatch 2 heroes and the changes made to bring them into the spotlight. Related: All the character changes that will appear in Overwatch 2


Screenshot word-image-5446 In Overwatch 2, Baptiste has a new haircut and lighter armor. Aaron Keller says the team wants to keep the impression that Bap is a nurse, so he has new gloves to express that.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5447 Genji will finally wear clothes and not walk around naked. He has on pants, a hoodie, and his sword holder is a little updated.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5448 Overwatch 2 will change Lucio’s entire look. His hair doesn’t stand out like it used to, and he has a new neon green glow. He now wears armor on the top half of his body and on his legs, but overall his armor looks like it has been updated, sticking to his usual green and blue scheme.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5449 Overwatch’s favorite cowboy gets new armor and a slightly longer beard. He keeps his red serape, but this time he’s changed. Overall, McCree looks like his modern version in Overwatch, complete with BAMF belt buckle.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5450 The fluffy aspects of May’s outfit in the first game have been toned down in Overwatch 2. The blue of his coat and boots is more pronounced, and his hair is slightly altered.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5451 In Overwatch 2, Mercy has a brand new haircut and a new halo visor. His wings were renewed and took on a golden hue as they unfolded, and his armor was much more visible this time.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5452 The appearance of the lighthouse was minimally altered. His visor became transparent and his armor changed color slightly.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5453 The skinny guy’s costume has a lot more silver and red in combination with her general black scheme. His cape and weapons are different, and the armor on his arms is more visible. The armor on his back also better suits his new look.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5454 Briggate upgraded Reinhardt’s armor from version eight to nine, as you can see on his shoulder. This time he will not wear a helmet, his hair will breathe in a new ponytail, and he will have the same symbol on his chest as on his shield. The red accents of his old armor have been replaced with more distinct yellow markings.


Screenshot word-image-5455 Sombra’s outfit has a lighter shade of purple than in the first Overwatch, and this time you can really see the patterns in her clothing. Like many of the characters, she has no noticeable differences from the first game, but you can tell how much detail has been added.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5456 Torbjorn is wearing new glasses instead of the welding mask he had in the first game. His claw has gotten a little thinner, and you can now see smoke coming out of his backpack. It doesn’t look like Torb is wearing any extra armor, other than his new knee pads, but all of his clothes emphasize his love of working in his shop.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5457 Tracer’s glasses are much less bulky than in the first Overwatch, and she seems to have a new chronic booster on her chest. She has new tights that are slightly shorter than before, no straps around her legs, and her bracelets no longer have wide flying angles.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5458 The main change for Widowmaker is that her hair is now braided instead of tied together in a long ponytail. His spider visor has been replaced, and his torso is more armed than before.


Imagecourtesy of Blizzard Entertainment word-image-5459 At first glance, Winston looks a lot like Overwatch 2. His glasses remain the same (given to him by his mentor Harold Winston), but he has brand new armor, now with the Overwatch patch on his shoulders. His old armor dated back to the Moon Colony Horizon, so historically it should have been renewed long ago. His jetpack has also been modified for Overwatch 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be new heroes in overwatch 2?

The Overwatch League, which kicked off this year, is the most exciting esports league in the world. One of the most exciting parts of this league is the fact that it will feature a roster of all new characters, not taking any old characters that already exist into account. It’s been a long time since the first Overwatch spawned, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing how the game has evolved since the first game. For the new Overwatch 2, they are still investigating the next heroes to join the fray, and they want to know what your favorite hero will be. They also want to know what you think the next hero will be!

What are the new characters in overwatch 2?

The summer of 2019 is coming to an end, and the Overwatch community is already looking forward to the newest game in the series. With the official launch of the sequel, Blizzard’s Overwatch 2, all sorts of changes are coming to the original Overwatch game. We have all seen the new overwatch 2 characters and even though they don’t really look like the characters from overwatch 1 but they’re still pretty cool, but I can’t help to compare them with overwatch 1.

Will Reaper be in overwatch 2?

We’re getting closer to the Overwatch 2 release date, and we can’t wait! But wait, why do we work so hard for the release of an online game? Isn’t Overwatch just a fun game to play? Well, we’re here to tell you that overwatch 2 is not just a game, it’s a big deal, and we’re going to explain what this statement is all about. Overwatch fans might be excited to find out that the Overwatch 2 comic was just released by Blizzard. The comic was released one month before the Overwatch League Grand Finals and it shows the new heroes for the game. But who would be the major characters in the new Overwatch 2 (overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2 overwatch 2

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