The story of the first Dune book is one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told. This story is one of the best-selling sci-fi books ever written, and has been made into a series of movies over the past few decades, with the latest installment in development. In this article, I’m going to go into detail on the publishing history of Dune, and how the intellectual property of the book has been passed around the various companies that have had a hand in the movies…

Dune the movie was released in 1984. It starred a young David Lynch and featured an incredible soundtrack by the late Jerry Goldsmith. One of Goldsmith’s most famous scores is his music for David Lynch’s Dune, which is one of the best selling soundtracks of all time. And it’s not hard to see why.

RETRO – It may sound strange, but if you want to download a program that best captures the atmosphere of Frank Herbert’s original novel and David Lynch’s film, you should go for 1992’s Dune 1. Cryo Interactive’s best game to date combines large-scale adventure and strategy, with a twisting and atmospheric twist – a must-have for any Dune fan’s collection.

When I picked up Micro (roughly the French equivalent of the computer magazine PC World) from the library of the French Institute Science et Vie in 1992, I was surprised to find that this magazine, which barely deals with games, had devoted several pages to Dune, practically a focus on Cryo. Of course, the enthusiasm was understandable: The French game industry was not very good, and Dune was one of their most ambitious projects, both in terms of visuals and gameplay, even on an international scale. word-image-3041

Unanswered stars

But now the French are having trouble getting different rights. Although the film was licensed by Dino De Laurentiis’ film company, the actors who star in Dune had to individually agree to star in the film, so the hapless creators had to approach them one by one and negotiate with them. Most of the stars did not show much enthusiasm, so that with the exception of a few actors (Kyle McLachlan as Paul Atreides, Francesca Annis as Paul’s mother Jessica in the play) the main characters had to be drawn as completely different characters. Fortunately, the end result was very satisfying: Since the plot of the game doesn’t follow the novel or movie to the letter, it didn’t bother me that most of the characters didn’t look like the actors. word-image-3042

One day the Messiah will come….

In the game, you must control Kyle McLuhan’s Paul Atreides, the son of Prince Leto. The action of the novel and the film continues when Paul’s family is sent by the Emperor to the planet Arrakis (Dune) to oversee the extraction of the most valuable substance in the universe, spices. As Paul, our first and most important task is to seek out the secret base of the locals, the Fremen, and convince them to retrieve the herb for us in the service of the House of Atreides. The legend of the Messiah, the man the Fremen believe will one day come and lead them to true freedom, will help us do this. Instead of more complex dialogue connections, we were only given one or two options: For example, we could ask Gurnie Halleck to escort us or the warriors to the Irish base. In the first half of the game, we have no choice but to convince the Fremen who join us to grow spices, perform small missions, and convince those who are initially hesitant. In the first place, we need to get enough spices and make sure that the emperor’s (growing) need for spices is satisfied at regular intervals. If we don’t, the elite imperial soldiers, the Sardaukars, will come and massacre everyone. word-image-3043

Herbs Guerrilla Campaign

After spice production has begun, events accelerate when the Harcones attack the planet and kill Prince Leto, who opposes them. Paul and I need to organize a resistance against the Harkonnens with the Fremen, so we can train our brave natives to fight from now on. – BadSector(1992)- Publisher: Blank sets Developer: Cryo Style: adventure, strategy Date of publication : 1992 (DOS, Amiga), 1993 (Sega CD)

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