Depending on your disposition, the advent of online games to play with friends, as explored on platforms like, has transformed the industry. Those days are gone. Back then, you would sit on the sofa with controllers and dive into a shooter in the mainstream sense. In 2022, multiplayer games will thrive within headsets and across modems.

Nowadays, everyone has a console. They use it to connect over the internet and voice chat to play squad-based battle royale. This change has been a boon for those looking to keep in touch with far-off friends and family. It offers a bridge for gamers. Yet, amid this digital revolution, many still cherish the memories of couch co-op games. They miss the feeling of cheap controllers in their hands.

It’s a great time to remember the best multiplayer games, from old classics to new favorites.

Rocket League

Who would have thought? Soccer with cars has become a big hit with many players. Rocket League is a simple game. It pits teams of fast, remote-controlled vehicles against each other in an arena with a giant ball.

But this simple idea is a huge hit with many players worldwide. It has spawned a die-hard competitive scene and extra modes. These modes reward those who can control their mid-air momentum. They also score killer goals. The lasting silliness of Rocket League’s physics makes tense matches funny. They turn into laugh factories. It ensures a new experience every time you play.


Epic Games’ Fortnite is a multiplayer phenomenon. Given its biblical popularity, it’s safe to say it will be etched into the video game history books. It has weathered storms. Now, it has them in-game. Other battle royale games have failed and fallen.

Fortnite keeps growing. It has live concerts and movie events, making it an even more popular multiplayer game. It’s not about the crossovers; it’s a fun place for friends to team up, dance, and win with fortnite cheats together.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Have you ever dreamed of committing a heist with friends? Grand Theft Auto Online lets you try it in a huge playground. Rockstar Games’ open world is great for battles and team missions. You can plan and execute big heists in it. The Contract, starring Dr. Dre, came out. But Rockstar’s multiplayer sandbox will be around for a while.

Heists in GTA Online might cost a lot, but driving around Los Santos and having fun with friends makes it worth it.

Halo Infinite

A hallmark of the Xbox, Halo reinvented how FPS games played on console. Halo Infinite might not have had such a big impact on the industry, but it proves how timeless Halo‘s deadly dance is.


Running back to base with a last-minute flag capture is tense. There still needs to be more quite like it. Bullets and pink neon death whizz overhead. Each gun still satisfies and has a unique purpose. It might be the only shooter where grenade spam will meet you. Best of all, it’s free-to-play on Xbox and PC.

Left 4 Dead 2

We might have Back 4 Blood now, but Left 4 Dead 2 is still the daddy of co-op zombie games. Fighting off zombies with friends is fun, and it makes Left 4 Dead two a classic game. It’s still popular after ten years.

In Left 4 Dead 2, beating zombies takes teamwork and good talk. It’s the only way to win the game’s tough challenges and reach safety.

Co-op gameplay is more fun in Versus. Players take turns as the Special Infected. They coordinate to pin an enemy team. This is the one Back 4 Blood has to beat!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a top esports game. It’s known for its sharp shooting and strategy. It is fun for any skill level and fascinating in fast-paced modes like Gun Game.

Counter-Strike has shaped today’s shooter games and influenced games like Valorant. Thanks to many community servers and mods, the game stays popular.

Final Thoughts

Online multiplayer games have changed how we play with friends. They let us connect from anywhere. In Rocket League, you play car soccer. In Left 4 Dead 2, you survive zombie attacks. Each game offers a fun way to team up or compete online. Games like Fortnite keep us coming back with new adventures. Classics like Counter-Strike still show us the thrill of team strategy. These games prove that playing online with friends is always an adventure, no matter where we are.