Cricket is much more than just another sport. At this moment you can make IPL match betting at 1xBet, where you will also find opportunities to wager on other extraordinary competitions.

This discipline is more like a tradition that has evolved significantly over the years, especially when it comes to what players wear and the equipment they use. The journey from the traditional whites to the vibrant colored kits and the technological advancements in protective gear tells a huge story. Basically, it is proof that cricket is a sport that has embraced change while staying true to its roots.

Back in the day, during the early 20th century and even earlier, cricket was played in what we now call ‘whites.’ This wasn’t just for style. Wearing white made sense because these matches could go on for days under the blazing sun, and white reflects heat better than any color.

However, as cricket branched into shorter formats like ODIs and T20s, teams switched to colored kits. This wasn’t just a fashion statement. Instead, it made teams easily distinguishable and added a dash of excitement with team colors and logos. This enhanced the spectator experience and opened new avenues for merchandising. There is match betting at the 1xBet platform, where the IPL can be wagered, as well as other T20 and ODI matches.

Protecting And Helping Players

The real game-changer in cricket attire has been the focus on safety. Let’s face it, a cricket ball is hard, and if it hits you at a high speed, you could be in a lot of trouble. For this reason, and over the years, protective cricket gear has basically become non-negotiable. The 1xBet cricket betting rules are quite simple, and they can be easily understood for wagering on all kinds of cricket matches too.


Let’s talk about the 3 main protective elements that are used during a match, which include:

  • Helmets. A relatively late addition to the cricket field, helmets have become indispensable. It’s all about keeping the head and face safe from those nasty bouncers.
  • Pads and gloves. Facing a fast bowler without leg pads or gloves will not be fun at all. These pieces of gear are crucial for batsmen and wicketkeepers, offering protection without sacrificing too much mobility.
  • Finally, there is The ‘Box.’ It is basically a piece of abdominal guard, and it is a serious piece of protective equipment that nobody dares skipping.

Cricket shoes have come a long way, too. They’re designed to give players the grip they need on the field, with bowlers’ shoes even sporting reinforced toes to handle the impact of landing. And whether you’re playing on grass or an artificial surface dictates the type of soles you’ll need. The cricket betting rules from 1xBet can be understood by novice bettors, too, and they can help create a great experience whenever wagering on this sport.

Now, let’s talk about the tools that are used during cricket matches. In 1st place we have, of course, the ball. Whether it’s the traditional red, the white used in limited-overs matches, or the pink for day/night Tests, the cricket ball is a marvel of craftsmanship. Even the slightest details can affect everything from swing to seam movement.

In 2nd place, there is the bat. Made from willow and with a design that’s been refined over the years, the cricket bat is a player’s best friend and worst enemy (if you’re on the bowling side). It’s all about finding the right balance between power and control.


In 3rd place we should mention both stumps and bails. The very goal of the game is to hit those stumps and see the bails fly. Simple as they may seem, they’re central to the drama of cricket.

Finally, in 4th place, there are some extras too. Some players kit up like they’re going into battle, as they add guards to 3 other parts, too, which include the thigh, arm, and chest guards. All of this is tucked away under their clothing. It’s all about mitigating risk and staying in the game. Those are some additional elements that make playing a cricket match quite interesting.