Mega Moolah, one of Vegas fashion classic slots from Microgaming is well-known for its progressive jackpot which is the industry’s first-ever, and it collects wagers from a network of casinos across the globe. Mastering Mega Moolah jackpot slots is a must if you are around to try your luck. This title is a game selection of many who demonstrate perseverance in trying despite the odds. It doesn’t need too many special instructions because it is very easy to understand but to amaze you, there are bonuses and payouts for large wins that will leave you with a great impression about just how much fun one can It is top choice of online casino lovers and has not only been captured for coverage by online casino groups journalists in the industry but also international media outside the gaming industry as well.

In the following sections, we break down the features of the game, how to play it and maximize your chances of winning.

Set up of Mega Moolah

When one opens the game they will find an uncomplicated, simple game layout. It showcases a scene from the African savannah. There are lions, giraffes, elephants and other animals in the wild. They also show up as symbols on the reels. After that are the standard card icons – 10, J, K, Q and Ace.

Highlighted features of the game are as follows:

  • Reels – 5, rows – 3, paylines – 25
  • RTP – 88.12%
  • Volatility – high
  • Minimum bet – 25 cents; maximum bet – $6.25
  • Highest jackpot amount – $1000,000 minimum
  • Includes free spins, multiplier bonus and bonus round of progressive jackpot
  • The Gamble feature is not found
  • The highest payout in base rounds is 750000 coins, with free spins of 225,000 coins excluding progressive jackpot

Reels And Rounds

As a slot game, it has a simplistic setup. The spins are across 3 rows and 5 reels. Paylines are 25 in number and run from left to right. Besides the basic rounds, the bonus ones come with wilds. These help multiply the rounds and wins.

Besides the above simple features, the bonus wheel announces the jackpot. This feature triggers at random. When it comes on, there are four levels of a jackpot that one can land. Players need to spin the wheel to see where it lands.

How to Play?

Contrary to what one might think, there is no need to start with the maximum bet. One can start with the minimum bet and place bets for several rounds. Indeed, those who are low rollers are the ones likely to come across the jackpot wheel. Hence, there is no need to wager a hundred dollars on a spin or round in this game.

As the game experts’ advice, one can start by playing it simple. One can choose their bet level and the number of spins they want to make. After that one should wait to see the rounds complete. online casino groups journalists

Ways to Increase Chances of Wins

As will say, one can keep the play simple here. All one needs to do is select their bet level and cover all paylines. It increases the chance of landing one of the jackpots.

The jackpot round is triggered at random. Hence, it could be that one has bet on all paylines but did not land the bonus wheel. However, it has been seen that those who spin the wheel often encounter the wheel.

Besides the jackpot wheel, certain symbols are more high-paying than others. For instance, the buffalo, elephants and lions bring on the big wins. Whereas, monkeys, zebras and antelopes offer small wins.

Among these, the lion acts as the wild. When it appears it offers multiplier effects. For instance, two symbols offer x15. Three of the same offer x125 while 4 lions offer x1500 effect on wagers.

RTP and Volatility – What it Means?

RTP or return to player percentage indicates how much a player can expect to get back, say over 100 spins. It is an approximate number which gets more accurate as one spins the reels more often. Of course, the RTP of 88.12% shows that the return percentage is lower than most slots. However, this is a common trend in slots with progressive jackpots. When the progressive jackpot is considered, RTP becomes 96%.


When it comes to volatility, it being high indicates the frequency of wins. That is, a high volatility slot usually provides wins infrequently. However, when it does the wins are considerable. That is the case with this progressive slot. The large paying wild or animal symbols will occur at random and infrequently. However, they provide generous payouts when they do. The same goes for the jackpot round which can come by only after several rounds.

Appeal of Mega Moolah

If you are a casual gamer looking to land large wins, save up and spin this game. This classic slot of Microgaming has been around for decades. Over this time it has made several gamblers millionaires. Even if you do not land millions you can surely land thousands in the jackpot wheel. Also, the main advantage is that you need not wager large on this game. Put aside bet money to run the game through several rounds. And repeat the same till you come across the jackpot wheel.

The simplistic nature of the game appeals to most gamblers. At the same time, it is a reputed game that occupies top ranks on the casino game lists. Hence, your wagers are in good hands when you bet on this game.