Thought you knew everything about your iPhone? We bet you don’t! There are lots of iPhone tricks and secrets that aren’t all that well known. In this article, we’ll give you some of them. We’ll tell you about aesthetic changes you can make, ways to manage messages, and more. Also, on Delivrd you will find more hidden features that you didn’t even know about!

Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

There are some great hidden iPhone tips and tricks out there. Whether you’re interested in changing how your phone looks or you want to access secret functions, here are our favorites.

Set Custom Charging Animation on iPhone

If you love being able to customize your phone (and one downside of iOS is that it’s always been less customizable), then did you know you can customize your phone charging animation? You’ll need to download and set up a charging animation app, but once you’ve done that, you’ll have great customization options. Examples of free apps are Charging Animation or Charging Sound.

When you have downloaded the app, you’ll need to select the animation you’d like and set it up to appear when you’re charging.

Change Wallpaper Automatically

Another one of our top iPhone secrets is being able to change the wallpaper automatically. With this, you don’t need to manually change your wallpaper each time you fancy something new; you can do it by tapping the home screen.

To do it, you’ll need to create a wallpaper album and download a shortcut. Then, the shortcut needs to have access to the designated album. When you’re bored with your wallpaper, you’ll just tap on the shortcut icon, and it will change. is sharpened for the hidden functions of the iPhone!

Use Custom App Icons

Here’s one of our favorite secret iPhone tricks: being able to change app icons to suit. iOS has now made this possible, which means you can fine-tune your icons and create widgets. You’ll need a third-party app such as App Icon Changer to do this, though, but these are easy to find. Some require payment, but there are also free ones.

Hide Apps on Your iPhone

Sometimes, you want to be a bit stealth-like. In this case, you’ll need one of our iPhone hidden tricks: the ability to hide apps. Whether it’s a dating app, banking app, or even photos you want to hide, you can use folders to keep them hidden.


To set this up, simply go into settings, then screen time, then content and privacy restrictions, and finally in ‘allowed apps.’ Choose what you want to hide, and get the job done!

Turn off/on Bedtime/Sleep Reminders

If you’re using iOS 14, you’ll know there’s a sleep tracking feature. With the bedtime tab moved to the health app from the clock one, you might want to know how to view bedtime reminders. Of all the iPhone secrets and tricks, this is certainly a useful one, as your bedtime routine is unique, and you need to be able to customize it.

Automatically Close Safari Tabs

Another of our key hidden iPhone tricks is that you can set up your phone to close Safari tabs automatically. You can do this in settings under Safari, then Close Tabs. You can set them to close automatically at different intervals, including after a day, a week, or a month.

If, like me, you’re someone who never closes tabs, this can free up space and stop your Safari from becoming too clogged.

Manage Messages Using a Super Handy Two-Finger Gesture

Sometimes, managing your messages is tedious, which is why you need these hidden iPhone tricks. Using two fingers, you can manage messages easily. Simply tap a conversation thread with two fingers and swipe up or down. This will allow you to mark them all as read or delete them all.

If you use your phone for work or have a lot of conversations, this makes managing and prioritizing them so much easier.

Remove Specific/All Contact Suggestions from Share Sheet

Siri gives you contact suggestions in its Share Sheet. This is to speed up the process. For example, if you often send someone an iMessage, Siri will show this contact in your Share Sheet. Though this is handy, you might actually want to stop this feature for your privacy. You can do this in the settings app under Siri and Search. You need to turn off the toggle for ‘suggestions when sharing.’

Explore Advanced Shortcuts for Increased Productivity

Digging deeper into iPhone functionality reveals advanced shortcuts that can significantly enhance your productivity. The Shortcuts app on iOS allows users to create custom automated workflows, streamlining repetitive tasks. For instance, you can create a shortcut to send a predefined message to a specific contact, initiate a series of actions with a single tap, or even integrate with third-party apps for seamless automation.


Unlocking the potential of the Shortcuts app requires some exploration and experimentation. Start by navigating to the Shortcuts app, where you can find pre-built shortcuts or create your own from scratch. Explore the possibilities by combining actions, setting parameters, and personalizing each shortcut according to your preferences.

Optimize Face ID for Faster Recognition

While Face ID is a convenient security feature, you can optimize its performance for faster recognition. Head to Settings, then Face ID & Passcode. After entering your passcode, tap “Set Up Face ID” to reposition your face within the frame. Follow the on-screen instructions to capture your face from different angles, ensuring a more comprehensive recognition profile. This simple step can significantly improve Face ID responsiveness and make unlocking your iPhone a smoother experience.

Efficiently Organize Notifications

Managing notifications effectively is crucial for maintaining a clutter-free user experience. Hidden within the Settings app, the Notifications section offers various customization options. Take advantage of features such as grouping notifications by app, adjusting alert styles, and configuring Do Not Disturb settings for specific time periods. By fine-tuning these preferences, you can tailor your notification experience to suit your needs, ensuring that important alerts take precedence while minimizing distractions.

Enhance Accessibility Features

The iPhone boasts a range of accessibility features designed to cater to diverse user needs. Explore these options under the Accessibility menu in Settings to discover hidden functionalities that can enhance your overall user experience. For example, you can enable AssistiveTouch, which provides a virtual touch interface for easier navigation. Experiment with color filters, magnification gestures, and other accessibility settings to find the configurations that best suit your preferences.

Uncover Siri Shortcuts for Seamless Integration

Siri Shortcuts offers a powerful way to integrate voice commands into your daily tasks. Explore the Siri & Search section in Settings to discover and set up custom shortcuts. By assigning personalized phrases to specific actions or app functionalities, you can streamline your interactions with Siri. This feature goes beyond the standard voice commands, allowing you to create a more personalized and efficient Siri experience tailored to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone is a real powerhouse of features, and Apple is always keen to be innovative and add more to the device. But unless you’re on the ball or doing your research, you won’t know about many of the cool features available. As time goes on, Apple is becoming more open to customization of your device, so expect future changes too.