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When you decide to play on an SMP server, you might wonder what to expect.

What are the rules? What are the time and activity requirements? How do you know if your character will be allowed? How do you know what kind of character suits you best? You’re going to want to find all this out before you join.

Getting Into Dream SMP Is Not Easy

The server is one of the most popular online gaming servers, and competition for spots can be fierce.

To be accepted into Dream SMP, players must first apply to join the server through an application form provided on their website. Once accepted, they will be given access to the main lobby, where they can find a variety of activities, as well as the option to join a variety of games.

How to Get in?

Dream SMP is an invite-only server, meaning that if you want to join the server, you must be invited by an existing member. To get an invite, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find a current member of Dream SMP and ask them for an invite. You can join the official Discord server to find someone who is willing to give you an invite.
  • Once you have found someone to invite you, they will need your Minecraft username in order to send you the invitation code.
  • After you have received the invitation code, download the latest version of Minecraft and create an account if you do not already have one.
  • Enter the invitation code in the “Multiplayer” menu of Minecraft and select Dream SMP from the list of servers to join.
  • You will then be prompted to enter a nickname which will be visible to other players.
  • Once your nickname has been accepted, you will have full access to the Dream SMP server and can begin playing with the other members.

That’s it! You are now part of Dream SMP and can start exploring all that this amazing world has to offer.

Dream SMP Community

Dream SMP also has a thriving community, with regular events such as tournaments, meet-ups, roleplays, competitions, and more. The server also offers many incentives for players who participate in these events, such as exclusive in-game items and special access to certain features.

Those wishing to make the most out of their time on Dream SMP can create their own clans or teams and challenge other players in various matches. It is home to some of the best talents in online gaming, so any player looking to stand out among their peers should be sure to bring their best game.

Dream SMP is also a great way to meet other players and build relationships with them, as well as learn new strategies and techniques. The server also encourages players to get involved in the community by joining their Discord or taking part in their forums.

This will give you the opportunity to make friends, share ideas and grow as a player.

Activity Requirements

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The Dream SMP Activity Requirements are simple but strict:

All participants must remain active in the community and contribute to the conversation. This means checking in regularly and posting thoughtful contributions to the conversations.

Participants are expected to show respect for all members of the server and refrain from inappropriate language, threats, or other disruptive behavior. They strive to create a positive and welcoming environment for everyone.

Dream SMP members must also abide by server rules, which include no cheating, hacking, or other malicious behavior.

They take violations of these rules very seriously and will take disciplinary action against those who violate them.

Characters On The Server

The Dream SMP server is filled with creative and entertaining characters, all of whom bring something unique to the table. The most popular characters on the server include TommyInnit, Tubbo, Wilbur Soot, Quackity, and GeorgeNotFound.


TommyInnit is one of the most popular members of Dream SMP, often seen in various videos and streams on the server.

He is known for his love of Minecraft and creative building. He is often seen making builds and structures on the server with other players, bringing his unique style of architecture to the game.


Tubbo is a friendly and outgoing Minecraft streamer. He often streams his adventures on the server, from mining to building and more. Tubbo is an avid fan of the game, and he tries to help out new players whenever possible.

Wilbur Soot

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Wilbur Soot is a popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer. He is known for his funny and entertaining videos about the game, as well as his creative builds on the server. Wilbur Soot brings a lot of charm to Dream SMP, often seen joking around with other players.


Quality is another popular Minecraft streamer and content creator. He has a unique style of creating content, often engaging in funny conversations with other players on the server.

Quackity is also known for his love of music, and he often hosts special events that involve playing music on the server.


GeorgeNotFound is a very popular Minecraft streamer who has become well-known for his videos about Dream SMP. He is often seen playing with other players on the server, helping them out, and offering advice when needed.

GeorgeNotFound is known for his creative building projects, often seen constructing intricate bases and structures on the server. He also hosts special events on the server, such as tournaments and scavenger hunts.


The Dream SMP server is a great way to join a community of like-minded players and be part of an exciting adventure.

The process for joining the server is simple, as all you need to do is find the invite link and follow the steps. You’ll then be able to join in on the fun and explore what this amazing world has to offer.