Welcome to The Legacy, a Final Fantasy VII overview. This overview is created to help you recognize the video game mechanics, story, and also personalities of Final Fantasy VII. It will likewise offer tips as well as methods on how to complete the game.

Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation

Final Fantasy VII was initially released in 1997 for the PlayStation console. It was later re-released for the computer in 1998 and the PlayStation 4 in 2015. The video game is set in the world of Gaia, a world that houses several different races and types. The story complies with Cloud Quarrel, a former member of an elite military unit called SOLDIER that joins a rebel team called AVALANCHE to remove the wicked mega-corporation Shinra Electric Power Company. Along the way, Cloud and his friends need to face off versus Sephiroth, a powerful warrior who threatens Gaia’s presence. This guide will help you browse your way through Final Fantasy VII as well as beat Sephiroth. All the best!

The Personalities

The tale of Final Dream VII adheres to a group of travelers called hirelings as they are employed by the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE to take down the mega-corporation Shinra Electric Power Business, that are draining the world’s lifeline as an energy source to advance their earnings. The video game includes seven main playable characters, with the player managing Cloud Rivalry, the game’s lead character. The other six characters are Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Red XIII, Yuffie Kisaragi, and Cid Highwind.

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The Protagonist

The story of Final Fantasy VII adheres to a team of travelers led by the main lead character, Cloud Quarrel. The game starts in the city of Midgar, under the mega-corporation Shinra Electric Power Business regulation. Shinra controls the earth’s energy resources and also makes an army of mechanical soldiers known as Mako — a different power resource removed from the planet’s lifeblood, which likewise generates adverse effects on the atmosphere and people who utilize it.

Cloud and also his fellow adventurer Barrett Wallace lead a bombing raid on among Shinra’s Mako activators in an initiative to put an end to the business’s violent techniques. The raid is successful, but Barrett’s arm is severely injured in the getaway, compelling him to recover from Midgar with his daughter Tifa Lockhart.

The Villain

Cloud Strife is the main lead character of Last Fantasy VII, and the deuteragonist of its sequel, Crisis Core -Final Dream VII-. He is a mercenary who previously served in SOLDIER, an elite military unit of the Shinra Electric Power Firm, till Sephiroth – his superior as well as buddy – took place a rampage, killing many people as well as leading Cloud to think that SOLDIER was no more than a tool for Shinra. After Sephiroth’s defeat by Avalanche, Cloud briefly deals with them before starting a personal pursuit to quit Shinra and mobilize Meteor to save the Earth. Originally cool and withdrawn because of his struggling childhood years and SOLDIER training, Cloud establishes morally throughout his trip, becoming much more understanding particularly towards Aerith Gainsborough. His fabulous skill with a sword makes him “the possessing master”.

The story of Final Fantasy VII adheres to a team of travellers led by the main lead character, Cloud Quarrel. The game starts in the city of Midgar, under the mega-corporation Shinra Electric Power Business regulation.

The Beginning

In the year 1999, the world was on the brink of damage. The planet was plagued with an energy-sapping substance called the Lifestream, and a big animal referred to as Jenova threatened to consume it entirely. A powerful warrior named Cloud Strife was hired by a resistance team called AVALANCHE to help deal with Jenova. Along the way, Cloud and his allies discovered that Jenova was not the only hazard to the world. The ominous Shinra Firm was likewise adjusting the Lifestream for their gain, and they had prepared for Jenova. As Cloud and his friends fought against Shinra and Jenova, they started to piece together the true story of what was occurring in their world. They discovered that Shinra was not the just one adjusting the Lifestream – a being called Sepiroth was also entailed. Sepiroth was once a hero, however he had been corrupted by Jenova’s impact. Currently, he looked to ruin the globe to reprise it in his own photo.

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Cloud and his allies combated valiantly versus Sepiroth, yet in the end they were unsuccessful in stopping him. Sepiroth summoned an incredible meteor to strike the earth, causing prevalent damage and destruction. As a result of the meteor influence, Cloud and his friends started restoring their globe. They swore to never allow anything like Sepiroth or Jenova to intimidate their planet once again. Therefore started their legacy…

The Center

When Cloud and his party finally reach the city of Midgar, they are employed by a resistance group called Avalanche. Their objective is to grow a bomb on one of the Mako reactors that power the city, and also to do so, they have to first infiltrate the reactor through the drains. Nonetheless, their strategies are soon warded off when caught in an unexpected Shinra ambush. With no other option, they combat their means with the guards and manage to plant the bomb, yet not before being seen by Shinra’s head of state himself, Rufus Shinra.

As they attempt to leave Midgar, they are intercepted by Rufus’s henchmen as well as are only hardly able to flee. Nonetheless, their troubles are far from over. With Shinra now after them, they should discover an escape of Midgar before it’s too late. In addition to the major story missions, some side missions can be carried out in Midgar. These range from helping residents in need to taking down powerful monsters intimidating the city. By finishing these side quests, Cloud and his celebration can earn some much-needed cash and get important experience that will certainly help them in their battle against Shinra.

The End

At the end of the story, after defeating Sephiroth, the major character Cloud and his good friends travel back in time to change the occasions that led to Sepiroth’s creation. The ending cutscene reveals all the main personalities going their separate ways.

The Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII is a parlour game developed and also released by Square for the PlayStation. The game features 3 unique settings of play: an overworld map, field areas, and battle screens. The overworld map is a 3D depiction of the video game world, giving a menu-based interface for taking care of the game’s characters and party. The area areas are 3D atmospheres whereby the gamer moves, in which they can interact with non-player characters and also things. Finally, the fight displays 2D environments in which the player battles enemies.

The Fight System

The Legacy: Final Dream VII’s fight system is called the Energetic Time Fight (ATB) system. The ATB system was first used in Final Dream Iv and has been utilised in numerous other instalments of the franchise business. Each character has an ATB gauge that fills up in time in the ATB system. When a personality’s ATB scale is complete, that personality can take an action. Additionally, the player can input commands for every personality when their ATB determination is complete.

Cloud and his allies combated valiantly versus Sepiroth, yet in the end they were unsuccessful in stopping him. Sepiroth summoned an incredible meteor to strike the earth, causing prevalent damage and destruction.

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The player can pick to have the personalities perform physical attacks, utilize magic spells, or use products. There are also unique capacities that personalities can make use of in battle. Each personality has their one-of-a-kind capacities. For example, Cloud can utilize his Limit Breaks, which are powerful physical strikes. Tifa can use her fighting styles skills to carry out powerful physical assaults. Aeris can recover her colleagues with her magic spells. The player can additionally select to have the characters run away from fight. Nevertheless, if the player chooses to flee from the fight, they will not get any experience factors or things from it.

The Magic System

The magic system is one of the first things you’ll observe about Final Fantasy VII’s gameplay. In previous Final Fantasy games, each character had a minimal variety of spells that they could cast. In Final Fantasy VII, however, each personality has an unrestricted variety of spells. Rather than having the ability to cast a spell a certain variety of times, each spell has a “cost” related to it.

This cost is subtracted from your complete MP (magic points) every time you cast the spell. There are 2 sorts of magic in Final Fantasy VII: white and black. White magic is commonly used for healing spells, while black magic is used for offensive spells. Each personality has access to both kinds of magic, however some characters are better fit for one kind or the other. As an example, Aeris (the game’s main healer) is much better at utilising white magic than wizardry. In contrast, Sephiroth (the game’s major villain) is much better at using wizardry than white magic.

To use a specific spell, you must initially “furnish” it among your personalities. Then, you can select the “Magic” menu from the game’s main menu display. Next, you can choose which character you wish to furnish with a certain spell. Each personality can equip approximately 8 different spells each time. s soon as a spell is furnished, you can utilize it in battle by picking the “Magic” command from the fight menu. Each personality can cast up to four different spells per turn, so select wisely!

The Songs

The music of Last Fantasy VII was made up by Nobuo Uematsu as well as generated by Square (currently Square Enix). It was released in 1997 on Sony’s PlayStation and has been re-released on Microsoft’s Xbox and several PC versions. The video game’s soundtrack has been commended, with certain appreciation for its orchestra-enhanced tracks such as “One-Winged Angel” and “Aeris’s Theme”. In total, there are 85 various opus in the video game, with 54 being offered on the original soundtrack launch. Many of the game’s tracks have been rearranged and released on several other albums, including the Black Mages’ rock plans and the orchestral” FF VII: A Symphonic Collection “. Additionally, a piano album entitled Piano Pieces “FFVII”, containing piano performances of 18 tracks, was released in 1998. Finally, the game’s music has also been executed live in several performances devoted to Uematsu’s job.

The Legacy

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular and well-liked games in the Last Dream franchise. The story adheres to Cloud Rivalry, a mercenary who signs up with forces with a resistance group called Avalanche to eliminate the corrupt Shinra Company. The video game was originally launched in 1997 on the PlayStation console and has been re-released and re-released on several platforms. Final Fantasy VII pioneered several methods, including sophisticated graphics and gameplay mechanics that led its time. It additionally had a deep and complicated tale involving players for hours. The video game was so popular that it spawned an entire franchise business, consisting of multiple spin-offs, follow ups, and movies. If you’re a follower of parlour games, you owe it to play Final Fantasy VII on your own. It’s an ageless classic that is equally as pleasurable today as it was when it first appeared.


It’s been over twenty years since the launch of Final Fantasy VII, and the video game is still as popular as ever before. The reason for this is easy: FFVII is a work of art. It’s a video game that goes beyond genres, attracting fans of JRPGs, action games, and shooters. It has a special and gripping story, with unforgettable personalities and locations. The battle is calculated and interesting, with a deep levelling system that encourages trial and error. And the songs are several of the most effective in any computer game. Final Fantasy VII is a game that every person ought to experience. If you have never played it in the past, now is the perfect time to jump in. As well as if you’re a longtime fan, there’s no far better method to experience the journey than on PlayStation 4.

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