According to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report, there will be around 3.2 billion gamers worldwide in 2022 (430 million in Europe). And most of them are obsessed with online casino Canada real money.

In Germany, for example, half of the population now plays computers and video games. This means that gaming is no longer a marginal phenomenon but has become part of the mainstream. All age groups play games. The current average age is 37.4 years. Anyone who thinks that only men play games is way off the mark. Female players make up almost half (48%). The most popular platform is our daily companion, the smartphone (22.6 million), followed by the game console (17 million), the PC (15.2 million), and the tablet (9.9 million).

More and more people have taken a liking to the game, especially in the Corona era.

What You Should Consider When Connecting Your Account

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Many gamers are attached to their game account. This is because all progress and achievements are usually linked to the respective account and virtual hero. So it is all the more annoying when these are lost due to a perma ban o permanent account blocking.

Often, not only a lot of time is invested in unlocking achievements, but also quite a bit of real money.

But when is a provider allowed to block an account? And what can I do against a perma ban?

Take a look at the T&Cs and find out about the regulations for banning player accounts.

Serious violations (cheat software, use of bots) against the terms of use can lead to a perma ban.

Minor violations may result in a warning or temporary ban.

Some providers reserve the right to suspend an account at any time and for no particular reason.

If you have been banned for an entire platform, you will lose access to your account and the entire game library. If you have any problems, contact the provider’s customer service and ask for an explanation. If you think that the ban was wrongly imposed, you have the possibility to take legal action against the account ban. Whether an account is blocked or not is determined by the terms of use (general terms and conditions). However, there are actions that are always prohibited and can lead to a warning or account suspension.

How Can This Happen?

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An account can be blocked under the following conditions:

Insulting other player:s, for example in chat messages or voice chat,

Use of prohibited or offensive images and symbols,

Use of bots, cheats or similar software, for example, aimbots or wallhacks.

Can a provider immediately block my account in the event of a violation?

In most cases, a block depends on the severity of the violation.

In the case of serious violations, such as the use of bots or cheats, an immediate and permanent account suspension may be appropriate.

On the other hand, a warning or temporary suspension may be issued first for lesser violations. In addition, some providers reserve the right to block an account at any time and for no particular reason. Particularly in the case of titles that can generally be played free of charge, such regulation may also be permissible in individual cases. Users should therefore inform themselves in advance about the exact rules.

The anger is first great when a player’s account is blocked. After all, you have invested much time and possibly real money in a game. If the account for a game platform like Nintendo eShop, Origin, PlayStation Store, or Steam is blocked, you will lose access to your account and the entire game library.

So it is always smarter to contact customer service and stay calm.