It’s no secret that entertainment is largely influenced by today’s society, with many of us spending our evenings online searching, playing, and communicating. With so many ways to be entertained, whether you’re shopping, playing your favorite video games, or chatting to your friends, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular pastimes in today’s society.

Gaming is a huge part of the type of entertainment you can find online. You can choose from a range of different sites that offer a variety of games to suit you, that you can play with your friends in a competitive setting or even place your bets on to win a bit of cash, with Call of Duty betting becoming one of the most popular amongst gamers online. Read on as we look at how the progression of entertainment is influencing society today.

More Time Spent Online

It’s no hidden secret that we spend half of our lives online, which is why entertainment plays a huge role in influencing today’s society. From a gaming perspective, it’s almost impossible to get away from different virtual downloads, with many game console giants now providing the chance for games to be directly downloaded onto their system from an online shop, reducing the need to purchase a physical copy.

Mobile Apps

It’s not just gaming consoles that mean we can all engage in different games. They’re also on our phones, and many of our favorites are now downloadable in a pocket-sized version to play on the go. More often than not, we’re also seeing gaming giants create ‘spin-offs’ of popular games to enable everyone to enjoy playing from their phone, with some even being connected to the main game itself, providing additional incentives to download and play.

YouTube & Twitch

If playing the actual games themselves wasn’t enough, live footage and recordings of them are being uploaded online, providing all of us with the chance to engage in said games without lifting a finger.

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YouTube and live-streaming platform Twitch are just two of the many popular video gaming services, providing people the chance to interact, chat and even earn a commission.

It’s The New Normal

It’s not just about where we can watch and download these games, but video gaming is becoming the ‘norm’ very much for all of us, no matter what age, with 8.2 million households in the UK said to be home to a games console of some kind. It could be noted that many of us are automatically brought into the gaming world either by family members, friends or due to what we see online or on TV.


Video games are advertised almost everywhere we go on the TV, on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, across the web, and even in our supermarkets and game stores. It’s not just the games themselves, but where the games can be played, such as promoting the latest console or device.

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The rise in popularity due to advertisements and exposure means that entertainment is no doubt having an impact on today’s society. Almost all of us are easily bought into these new techniques, but how we manage them is what counts, and monitoring our intake means that we can take advantage of the convenience and excitement that comes along with entertainment without letting it take over our lives.

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