In this article, we’ll be exploring four speedrun categories that are either impossible or unlikely to ever happen. Let’s start with the most obvious one: Impossible Speedruns. The super mario bros speedrun world record is a speedrun that has been completed in under four minutes. It’s impossible to complete the game without glitches and it’s unlikely to happen ever again.

A game mode that has never been finished is Circuit mode. Because the slalom game is more of a mini-game, I’d call the conclusion of the World Series in the circuit game the game’s end. Wave Race is something I’ve tried personally and found to be very effective. I breezed through the slalom, and the 800cc circuit race at Nationals was a terrific challenge. But it’s a different scenario when it comes to the World Series.

Speedrunners may never be born for a variety of reasons. For example, a fast game of Hugo II with just one hand, blindfolded: Whodunit? 93.6 percent is a speedrun that is much too ambiguous to pique anyone’s attention. I was pleasantly pleased to see that someone had a speedrun percent! To avoid races collapsing due to a lack of interest, we’ll concentrate on speedruns that are improbable or impossible owing to difficulty in this page. We’ll also look at the many ways in which complexity may affect speedrunning. Keeping that in mind.

Here’s a list of four speedruns that are very improbable, if not impossible!

For our first speedrun, we’ll examine the intricacy of speedrunning at its most fundamental level….. Is the difficulty of speedrunning in general. You can’t perform a speedrun if you’ve never played the game before. No one has ever won the Wave Race, as surprising as it may appear.

% of Each Wave Race

I know what you’re thinking: “But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, The wave race was won by me! Even while we like Wave Race 64 and its amazing 90s synthwave music, we’re not talking about it here (no pun intended). The Nintendo Game Boy version of Wave Race was the first to be published. It was released in 1992 in North America and 1997 in Europe (LUL). This game was never completed, as far as we know. Wave Race is much more difficult than its more well-known sibling, Wave Race 64. There is no record of this contest on the Internet, and I have yet to come across any claim to such a feat. Even the instructions and manuals seem to be lacking. To begin, Wave Race 2 has two gaming modes: track mode and slalom mode. You begin in both game types with the national series at three different speeds: 550cc, 650cc, and 800cc. After you’ve completed these three speeds, you’ll be treated to a brief sketch before the global championship begins. Then things start to become serious. At least in slalom mode, you’ll travel through 550cc, 650cc, and 800cc. A game mode that has never been finished is Circuit mode. Because the slalom game is more of a mini-game, I’d call the conclusion of the World Series in the circuit game the game’s end. Wave Race is something I’ve tried personally and found to be very effective. I breezed through the slalom, and the 800cc circuit race at Nationals was a terrific challenge. But it’s a different scenario when it comes to the World Series.

I soon mastered the 550, and after a 14-hour struggle (to complete the game in only 15-20 minutes), I was able to complete the 650. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the difficulty curve, you’ll understand that 800cc would be a complete nightmare – if it’s even feasible. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I was probably unable to get into the ball for the previous 24 hours before deciding to attempt TAS. I couldn’t complete it because of how the game is handled with a momentum-based mobility system, the opponents’ elastic impact, and the fact that I’ve only played one other game. It would not have been on the list of possibly impossible speedruns if I could discover even one reason that someone had accomplished this job! So, what are your thoughts? Are you up for the challenge of proving me wrong? If anybody demonstrates it’s feasible, whether via a TAS or an actual accomplishment, I promise to defeat them live on the Twitch channel as a prize! Wave Race, like other Game Boy speedruns, is typically performed on the Super Nintendo using the Super Game Boy 2 controller (which, unlike the original Super Game Boy, runs at the same speed as the original Game Boy hardware). If you want to give it a go, here are some Amazon links. In the ranking, emulation is also permitted. Aside from the fact that it’s difficult, what makes a speedrun unlikely?

I’d Want to be The Bush Without Dying

I’m one of the few fans of I Wanna Be the Boshy that thinks you can race without dying. I can’t see anybody completing the Boshy speedrun without dying in the next 10,000 years or more, given how far we’ve progressed since it was published. Thousands of lives will undoubtedly be lost in the first game, and the lowest death toll since the game’s debut is just 10, which BBF accomplished during their world record attempt. Isn’t it feasible, then? But the issue is, will anybody really do it? Are the incentives enough? The issue is that Boshy is already complicated enough to please anybody just playing (my first game took 54 hours), and any speedrunner capable of putting down an immortal game would choose to spend their time battling for a genuine spot on the leaderboard. This has been the case so far, and there are no signs that this will change. If you want to finish the game without dying, you should proceed at a slower speed rather than trying to beat the leaderboard times. in place of z. B. In the second world, you may get past the metaphorical Kirby by luring him out, running back in, waiting for Kirby to pass you, and then continuing on your path. This is only one of hundreds of modifications that need to be made to the race – and even if they did, beating Boshi without dying would be a near-impossible task. This isn’t the best strategy for a fast pass, but it will drastically decrease the amount of tries required to achieve a pass without dying. In the end, a speedrun like this is improbable, since speedrunners would forego numerous granny adjustments in order to better their personal best or the existing world record. But what about a more well-known game?

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is Completely Free to Play

This is arguably the most probable of all the speedruns discussed in this post, but it’s a fantastic general example of a speedrun that may never see the light of day. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (the Game Boy Color version of Link’s Awakening) was passed about till a few years ago for what turned out to be one of the most accelerated walkthroughs with bugs I’d ever seen – 100% limitless. It contains pretty much everything a glitchy speedrun should have. If you thought OoT was broken, Link’s Awakening has probably damaged it much more – simply because it’s so easy to break. To s. B., use the hook shot on anything within a one-tile radius to trigger invulnerability anyplace in the game. If I may say so, Global-Trance holds the global record for percent in the original Link’s Awakening at 1 minute and 21 seconds. The 100% LADX (Game Boy Color Link’s Awakening) walkthrough begins like most short Link’s Awakening walkthroughs do: get out of the home as quickly as possible, avoid the annoying four-legged pals, and go to the beach to grab the sword. Things start to become weird after the sword is discovered. On your journey to the beach, you must kill a specific number of opponents, since the amount of kills affects your classification when you get at the glitchy world of Dog House. The niche, which may be accessed by merely hitting the top of the hitbox of each entry to the outer world, is where around 75% of the course takes place.

Even outside of the niche, you won’t find any recognizable gameplay in the wide world. Accelerated runners trigger a condition that prevents you from colliding with virtually anything, enabling you to freely travel about the environment until the screen is turned off. Collapse ends the game, and how near you have to go to your opponent’s RNG to collapse is both funny and frightening. Oh my goodness, there are so many things to mention. The reason for this is because if you defeat 89 opponents without passing through the gate in the top level, you will get a free tunic improvement depending on the 89th enemy slain. In addition to the tunic improvement, kill the opponents numbered 86 and 87 to earn a number of pictures (need to achieve 100% ) in your photo book. This 89 adversary slaughter is entertaining to witness since dungeon keys and shells are gathered. Especially because the game is so buggy that it often swaps enemy sprites with those of your dear buddy Marin, giving the impression that Link is murdering Marin.

The 100% LADX (Game Boy Color Link’s Awakening) walkthrough begins like most short Link’s Awakening walkthroughs do: get out of the home as quickly as possible, avoid the annoying four-legged pals, and go to the beach to grab the sword.

However, the truth is that this race rescues Marin! While it’s not required, this category ends nicely since Marin transforms back into a seagull and flies away in the end credits, bringing her ability to hover with her and feeling free to soar over the wide oceans of the Zelda world! Now that you have a sense of the scale of this speedrun, you can appreciate the difficulty of this course. That is the issue with this speedrun, and why it is unlikely to ever be ranked – at least not in a manner that can be reliably improved without painful investigation of prohibited regions, speculating, and hundreds of hours of testing. There are approximately 27 potential niche sites in the game, with niche entrances spread across the surface area and two maps of the subterranean world with complex networks linking all the dungeons and caverns, according to my calculations. But wasn’t this done for Link’s Awakening DX already?

Yes, however each additional variable included may result in a significant increase in routing effort per category. There are a few additional things to include in the original Link’s Awakening. A distorted screen is the first thing that springs to mind. When the screen tilts in the game, just hit the choose key to tilt the screen. This screen not only distorts Link, but it also has the ability to move sprites to the incorrect screen. This fact alone prevents me from entering this category. The old version’s Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE) for executing the final game scene is likewise considerably more reliable. Managing the hundreds of lines of code necessary to gather 100% of the materials required for ACE to participate would need considerable study from individuals who really understand the game. Not to mention the impact of the perfect picture technique known as scene instrument skip (SIS). If someone is running this game, they’re either not doing it well or they’re a complete genius who’s spending their time playing Link’s Awakening instead of battling global poverty and curing cancer while finishing their eighth PhD. This speedrun may not exist in the end, simply because finishing it would be too difficult for any rational person. If you want to see how strange this speedrun is, you may watch SeYsEySR’s Link’s Awakening DX 100 percent No Restrictions real world record on Youtube. The last speedrun, which might be characterized as impossible, comes to mind now.

True 100 Percent in Final Fantasy 6

This is an all-too-common argument, and FF6 is a prime example. Speedrun categories that are difficult to define and thus cannot be harmonized. All sides may never agree if the game does not clearly state what 100 percent implies. To be clear: There have been 100 percent speedruns in Final Fantasy 6 that needed all espers and all characters, but none of them are listed on – and none of them have pleased the whole speedrun community and fans. Cordellium’s newest effort, according to certain members of the FFVI community, is the closest thing to a genuine 100 percent speedrun. Even yet, there are certain sacrifices in this race since it is difficult to bring everything together in some situations. Because you can’t acquire both Ragnarök Esper and the sword at the same time, you’ll have to choose one. Of course, it’s conceivable that there is an issue with functionality. There are a few unused bosses in the game that you can battle with a few flaws, but are they really required to complete the game? Some will say yes, while others will say no. I won’t go into detail about the actual 100 percent since it’s a touchy topic. In the end, categories and speedruns determine what the community agrees on, and outsiders must either accept the agreement or establish a new category.

So there you have it. 4 speed runs that are either impossible or implausible.

  1. Wave Race Any Percent – Due to its intricacy, this race is presently deemed impossible to finish under human circumstances and is not a speedrun.
  2. I Want to Be the Boshy Deathless – If you’re good enough to run without dying, you’d better be able to place in the top 10 or set a world record.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 100 percent No Restriction is an insane speedrun for the game.
  4. While I’m excited to see Cordelium demonstrate 100 percent speedruns of Final Fantasy 6, the difficulty of defining the category and getting everyone to agree is a genuine issue for many speed games.

I’d want to see them put to the test in the real world. Do you believe you can do the impossible? Try it out and let me know how it goes! Writing such content takes a long time. You may join Discord if you wish to assist and support the project! It’s OK if you don’t! What spindrons do you know that are either impossible or very improbable to occur? The speedrun eazyspeezy is an impossible or unlikely speedrun that has been completed. The runner of the run, Eazyspeezy, was able to complete the game in just 1 minute and 41 seconds.