Far Cry 6 is a game that has been in the works for a long time, and it finally released on March 27th. One of the main missions in the game is to find Lorenzo’s children. In this guide, we will tell you where they are located and how to get there.

The far cry 6 paint the town is a quest that can be found in Far Cry 6. This quest asks you to find Lorenzo’s children, who are hiding around the map.

Far Cry 6 has a Yaran Story (sidequest) called The Seeds of Love that you may finish. But be careful: it’s like searching for needles in a haystack, or in this instance, particular landmarks in a large nation. To help you locate all of Lorenzo’s offspring, we’ve put up a Far Cry 6 The Seeds of Love task guide.

Where can I locate Lorenzo’s children for the Seeds of Love mission in Far Cry 6? (Yaran Story)

To get The Seeds of Love quest in Far Cry 6, you must first complete the following requirements:

  • Complete Meet the Legends is a mission that brings you to El Este’s Patriotas Peak guerilla camp. El Tigre and Lorenzo are two key individuals you’ll encounter.
  • Complete The First Love, a sidequest from Lorenzo in the Yaran Story. There are many booby traps in the indicated area. This sidequest will be completed after you speak with Lorenzo’s former love.

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Lorenzo should have The Seeds of Love quest waiting for you when you return to Patriotas Peak. This involves tracking down seven of Lorenzo’s children and delivering his letter of apologies to them. Lorenzo would only provide you pictures of locations around where his kids are hiding. Trying to find all of them may be time-consuming.

In any case, you may use the map of El Este below to get a rough idea of where they are. You’ll have a long discussion with any of Lorenzo’s children in Far Cry 6 before you can finish that tally.

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Lorenzo’s firstborn

  • Location: Sierra Perdida, Barrida (northern tip of this province).
  • The guards are stationed outside his home. Take them out, and the door will open as well.

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Lorenzo’s second kid

  • Perdomo Farm is located in the Savannah Fields (north) of Sierra Perdida (eastern section of this province).
  • Additional information: Lorenzo’s Son’s Key may be found on a table outdoors. Use it to gain access to the home. You’ll come across this guy who resembles pro wrestler Kenny Omega.

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Lorenzo’s third kid

  • Sierra Perdida, Oceguera Farm, Savannah Fields (south) (eastern section of this province).
  • Additional information: There is a flower that you can smell. Lorenzo’s daughter will emerge in the distance after you’ve done this. Keep following Dani whenever she returns because she’s delusional. You’ll be able to communicate with her after a time.

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Lorenzo’s fourth kid

  • Location: Sierra Perdida, Santo Domingo (just west of the Patriotas Peak guerrilla base).
  • He’s stuck inside a room with the door shut behind him. You’ll need to climb onto the roof of a neighboring home and fire the lock through the window hole.

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#5 Lorenzo’s kid

  • Todos Santos Cemetery, Sierra Perdida (further west of the Patriotas Peak guerilla camp and where you discovered Lorenzo’s fourth kid).
  • When you go inside the cemetery, you’ll hear someone making weird sounds. To locate this guy who’s pretending to be a zombie, look for a cabin right beyond the sloping path.

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#6 Lorenzo’s kid

  • Flores Farm is located in Conuco (at the southwestern area of this province close to the highway).
  • Pet the dog when you arrive at the hut, and it will take you to its owner. Unfortunately, if you come into hostiles, the good doggo may flee. You may still cross the river and go to the right. A tiny camp where two individuals are enjoying a romantic moment may be found. Surprisingly, they’ll also discover that they’re also Lorenzo’s kids. That man knows his way around.

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#7 Lorenzo’s kid

  • Concepcion, Conuco (a town on the province’s eastern bay) is the location.
  • Additional information: Corazon Alley is located on Concepcion’s western road. Someone will be spray painting graffiti on the walls. To finish this tally, speak with her.

The Seeds of Love mission in Far Cry 6 will be completed after you’ve located all seven of Lorenzo’s offspring. You’ll get the Krate Kat weapon charm as well as Lorenzo’s thanks for your efforts.

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The Far Cry 6: The Seeds of Love quest guide – Where to find Lorenzo’s children is a quest that can be found in the game, Far Cry 6. It requires you to find the three children of Lorenzo Fontana. Reference: far cry 6 fontana fort.

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