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Karliah is one of the most unusual and engaged NPCs in vanilla Skyrim, and one of the most notable of the Thieves Guild associated.

She’s a good archer, a master thief, and the prettiest Dunmer in the game with the most distinctive eyes.

What isn’t there to like about her?

Exchanges with her tend to stop after the Thieves Guild questline is completed, but those interactions were meaningful enough for mod authors to bring Karliah back to life.

And this list compiles all of the greatest Karliah-related modifications for you to utilize the next time you visit Riften.


1. Karliah, who is lonely

Lonely Karliah Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Despite the fact that she is just a fleeting follower during the Thieves Guild questline, she is one of the greatest in the game.

That fleeting friendship may now continue!

After finishing the Skeleton Key quest, this patch enables players to have Karliah as a companion to accompany them on travels.

But hold just a second — there’s more!

This mod also enables users to marry Karliah, a spouse with distinct characteristics.

She buys stolen stuff, she is naturally protective of her property and family, and guild members and Mavin Blackbriar herself are among the wedding guests!

She may be one of the greatest spouses not available in vanilla Skyrim!


2. GLAM (Global Learning and Assessment Model) Karliah

GLAM Karliah mod for Skyrim

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Many mods like glamming up female NPCs to the point of overdoing it… However, this one toes the edge a little to give Karliah a distinct appearance without crossing into PG-13 zone.

Karliah’s skin is fairer, her features are softer, and she has distinctive facial marks thanks to this update.

It also provides her with a customized hood to match her armor.

This appearance complements her vanilla voice and provides her a distinct aesthetic while still preserving her personality and other distinguishing characteristics (her purple eyes).

While pale Dunmer aren’t common in Tamriel, Karliah isn’t your average Dunmer, so the appearance works well for her.


3. Karliah, who is younger,

Younger Karliah Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

This is another cosmetic mod, although in some aspects it is closer to Karliah’s default.

Her purple eyes, black hair, and purplish-gray skin remain, although she seems considerably younger than her vanilla counterpart.

Karliah can match her voice much more readily now that she has a new haircut to go with her young age adjustment.

And she’s still sticking to the mythology by keeping her ethnic characteristics on the model!

She might be a sassy young Dunmer thief wanting to establish a name for herself in Skyrim and serve Nocturnal once again.


Jenassa Karliah, Pandorable’s Lethal Ladies

Pandorable’s Lethal Ladies – Jenassa Karliah mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Yes, there are more aesthetic changes, but this one is a two-fer.

Still, we’ll be concentrating on Karliah more than anything else.

Only the characteristics of the face, head, and hair are modified in this mod, which is partially for the better.

This Karliah, like GLAM, is pale, has soft features, a dark haircut, and has preserved her eyes with some little improvement — mixing in a dab of Dunmeri red.

This transformation makes it seem as though she was born with them red, but they became purple due to some external influence.

It’s most likely nocturnal, although that’s still up in the air.


5. The Thieves’ Guild Women

Women of the Thieves Guild Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

So this update provides a cosmetic makeover for all Thieves Guild ladies, and Karliah is one of the more notable modifications in this patch.

Her dark gray complexion and huge purple eyes remain, although somewhat darker, while the rest of her face blends in well with the uplift.

Her features are both smooth and sharp, blending her Elven background with her Dunmer age.

Her haircut is also a significant improvement over her previous one.

With charm and arrows, she’s ready to strike hearts!

The majority of the symbols are arrows.


NPCs from Bijin

Bijin NPCs mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Karliah was one of the earliest models in Bijin, which is one of the most well-known cosmetic upgrades for female NPCs.

She’s pale (again), but she still has her distinctive traits, such as her facial tattoos and purple eyes, as well as softer features and a new hairdo.

Apart from all the NPCs, the nicest aspect of this mod is that you can change the model meshes!

Karliah (and other NPCs) may have whatever physical form you like.

The nicest aspect about Bijin is that it’s compatible with a lot of other cosmetic modifications for female NPCs, giving you a lot of alternatives if you want to make Skyrim more beautiful.


7. Karliah’s Outfit Makes a Comeback

Karliah’s Outfit Returns Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Karliah wears her Nightingale Armor for the rest of her days in vanilla Skyrim after finishing the Thieves Guild mission.

You’ll never see her in her original attire – and it’s a little strange to see her back in the guild after all of that, only for her to keep wearing that out-of-place armor.

When Karliah returns to the guild, this patch quickly fixes that by switching her attire.

When she returns to the hideaway, she won’t stand out like a sore thumb among the other guild members.


Karliah, who is hoodless, is number eight.

Hoodless Karliah mod for Skyrim

Take a Look At This Mod

Karliah has the most beautiful eyes and softest features of any Dunmer, but she conceals them behind her hood.

That won’t happen again!

Because this patch removes the hood entirely from her costume, it is no longer a problem.

This Dunmeri criminal can no longer hide her face and charm from the rest of the world!

We can no longer force her to cover her face, as she did when she was falsely accused of murder.

Show off her adorable qualities for everyone to see (mainly) and free her from her dingy old hood.


9. Karliah at the Thieves Guild Offices

Karliah in the Thieves Guild Headquarters mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Karliah has a propensity of remaining at the Nightingale Hall after completing the Thieves Guild quest, even after being exonerated of the murder allegations against her.

With this mod installed, it will no longer be a problem.

Karliah’s default position inside the Thieves Guild hideaway will be established, providing her a bed, a route to walk down, and the ability to interact with guild artifacts.

In keeping with the other changes on this list, it also makes her simpler to interact with and find.

You may quickly locate her among her peers in the Thieves Guild hideaway rather than having to go all the way to the Nightingale Hall to recruit (or propose to) her.


Karliah Red Eyes (10)

Karliah Red Eyes Skyrim mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Karliah’s purple eyes are the most noticeable of her attributes, yet not everyone likes them.

“Due to the fact that all Dunmer have naturally red eyes!” ”

This mod is for the lore-obsessed tightwads out there.

Karliah’s eyes are simply overwritten, giving her the traditional red eyes of a Dunmer.

While it suits her, most Karliah followers think that she is much more attractive with her purple eyes.

However, if you’re a fan of the “Red Dunmer Eye,” this mod will be a welcome addition.

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