Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 4, “Undead Patrol,” aired on November 14th, 2018. This episode features the return of one of the most popular villains in the show’s history, Niles Caulder. The series has been renewed for a fourth season.

The doom patrol review is a review of the latest episode of Doom Patrol. It was released on October 9th, 2018.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 4 “Undead Patrol” REVIEW

“Do you know what it’s like to be surrounded by hundreds of butts?”

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Willoughby desecrates Niles’ disembodied skull in the first scene of “Undead Patrol.” He uses it to bring Niles’ soul back to the human realm, as suggested at the conclusion of “Possibilities Patrol.” When Darren Jones comes into Willoughby’s chamber in quest of the head, his campaign of petty, self-serving duties is stopped. Meanwhile, a strange lady has taken up residence at Doom Manor. She’s also looking for Niles, but she has no idea why she’s looking for him or who she is. When Cliff tells her that the Chief is dead, she resolves to go back in time to locate him, but her time machine malfunctions. Strange symptoms like as itching and skin discoloration are shown by the roommates. Rita notices a familiar clothing in the woman’s vessel and wonders how they are connected.


The Patrol transforms into zombies one by one while the unidentified lady explores Niles’ home for clues about herself. Laura De Mille is her given name, and she possesses the ability to morph. Laura’s brain is about to be devoured, and Willoughby comes just in time to rescue her. They come up with a strategy to face the master thief and save what’s left of Niles. Jones is diverted by Willoughby and the zombified Patrol, who keep him chatting. Laura is preparing to transform into a bird and blast him from above at the same moment. This does not go as planned, as Jones confesses that the Patrol abandoned him in the ant farm and released the butt monsters, turning him into a were-butt. Because the zombie antiheroes have few choices, they feast on the animals. Laura gives Niles’ head to the Patrol, healing their illness in return for his knowledge on her, as instructed by Niles. Laura discovers that she didn’t only have a strained relationship with Niles; he labeled her as dangerous and suggested her dismissal.

Doom Patrol Undead Patrol

So much for my expectations for the Chief’s comeback. I was taken aback by Willoughby’s treatment of his head and the gruesome look of his work at first. It felt especially unsettling on a program where the main characters died last week and butt-monsters are a thing. I appreciate how this was utilized to provide closure to the Patrol members, especially Jane. Another again, Doom Patrol has used something heinous and repulsive to arrive at a beautiful ending. I’m not sure how they do that, but I think it’s brilliant. Jane’s effigy-burning moment, in which she repeats the Chief’s last words, was really touching. Diane Guerrero has always been fantastic in this part, even if Jane isn’t my favorite character. Because she portrays Jane’s many alternative personas, she has the most difficult role of the major cast.

Doom Patrol Undead Patrol

The film “Undead Patrol” focuses on parental failings and intergenerational trauma. Despite the fact that none of the Patrol members are Niles’ actual children and that they are all adults, he took on the role of father figure when he “rescued” them. He claimed responsibility for assisting them in acclimating and providing them with a home after arranging for their “accidents.” After years of what seemed to be the most typical, joyful family life imaginable, their world was flipped upside down when they discovered the truth. Rita and Jane, in particular, have been grappling with their conflicted emotions towards the guy they’ve known for decades this season. It’s difficult to acknowledge that they still adore him despite everything he’s done to them. Whether they liked it or not, his absence continues to be disruptive and painful for those who rely on him. This result appeals to me since it is both raw and honest. It’s difficult to be conflicted about someone you care about, particularly when they pass away before you can comprehend and face that harsh reality. There are instances when individuals just die, and there is no happy ending. The best Jane can do is eat the Chief’s brains and scream his last words at his burning likeness.

Doom Patrol Undead Patrol

Similarly, in “Undead Patrol,” Cyborg had another argument with his father. Victor’s anger of his father’s split-second choice to rescue him using biotech has been a source of friction between the two. Vic’s meeting with his mother in the afterlife, during which she informed him robots weren’t the only option to rescue him, has sparked the confrontation this time. I’m not sure when or if this will be resolved, but both parties are sympathizing. Victor’s emotions are self-evident; he believes his near-death experience was intended to test experimental technology and produce a superhero. Silas claims that everything was done out of love and that there was no other alternative that was safer. Since he lost his work as a result of Victor’s connection with Roni, his reaction is rather calm. However, I’m not convinced that just repeating the same old responses is the most effective approach for Silas to comfort his son.

Doom Patrol Undead Patrol

The zombie apocalypse was hysterically funny. The zombified Patrol’s makeup was fantastic, and their speech and body language were hilarious. I appreciate that their personalities were mostly preserved, with the exception of a desire to eat brain tissue. Their mockery of Willoughby and, subsequently, Darren Jones was fantastic. Jones, speaking of Jones, was also funny in this. His pitiful sob tale and revelation of his butt condition were incredible. “Undead Patrol” seems like it should have been reserved for Halloween, what with the main protagonists becoming zombies and the return of the butts. The fact that one of the butts was transformed into a zombie in the post-credits scene will almost certainly have an impact on the following episode. Then there’s Larry’s pre-zombie state and post-zombie state. He pukes up a blue liquid and grows a big, spherical stomach mass since he no longer possesses the Negative Spirit. I don’t think they’ll murder off another major character so quickly after Niles, and Larry’s character still has space to grow. I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle this in the coming episodes. Laura’s subplot caught me off guard. I expected her to be a villain coming in, but everything else about her has surprised me. I wept with her in the end when she discovered the truth about herself. She’s witty and eager to assist. It must be difficult for anybody to read their own death warrant.

Overall, I think “Undead Patrol” is my favorite episode of Season 3 thus far. It’s hilarious, uplifting, irreverent, and does a great job of exploring an intriguing subject.

Plot – 9
Acting – 9 points
9 – Progression
9 – Production Design
9 out of 10 for comedy



“Undead Patrol” makes you laugh out loud while also tugging at your emotions.

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