The latest addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, Kakarot, is a powerful new fighter that has his own unique fighting style. This article will review his moveset and playstyle.

In the kakarot a new power awakens part 2 I will be reviewing the second half of the set.

Legend-Of-Mana-Review-%E2%80%93In CyberConnect2’s over-the-top action RPG, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set, the famous Super Saiyin Goku and all the Z Fighters burst into the Nintendo Switch, collecting the original adventure plus two new narrative DLC packages. Prepare for the ultimate Dragon Ball Z adventure, as the game’s lengthier than usual title implies!

Following Son Goku through his many fierce fights that have characterized action anime for almost 40 years, this game picks up after the events of the original Dragon Ball anime and manga. I was hesitant to start the game at first since there have been so many games that tell the Dragon Ball Z narrative, and I figured there wasn’t much DBZ: Kakarot could accomplish that other games hadn’t previously done. Well, I’m glad to inform that I was mistaken!




This is a dream come true for long-time fans of the series. It may seem corny, but this game really puts you in Goku’s shoes, as you eat, train, and battle with the other Z Warriors over the course of the approximately 40-hour narrative. Every significant narrative arc is covered, from the Saiyin Invasion Saga to the final battle with Majin Buu. The narrative of Future Trunks and Gohan battling the androids is included in the Switch edition, as well as plot material from Dragon Ball Super.

In terms of plot, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is enormous. I expected the game to miss a few narrative moments, but it doesn’t stray too far from the original material. This may seem a little lengthy and drawn out at times, but that’s always been the case with Dragon Ball Z.




There are vast open world settings that fans of the genre will know immediately, filled with hundreds of people, loads of side missions, and a sprinkling of Easter Eggs to uncover, in classic RPG form. Many of these characters and side missions are evocative of the original Dragon Ball manga, and they serve as wonderful tributes to the source material while remaining true to the established canon.

The game’s combat is comparable to previous 3D Dragon Ball or anime fighters, with minor differences like as the ability to morph in the middle of a battle or summon backup characters for assistance. The battles were not very tough, owing to the fact that this is an RPG and the characters level up fast before the major boss bouts. This didn’t bother me since that’s how I usually play RPGs: constantly over-leveled.

By collecting Z Orbs in the overworld, each character has a comprehensive skill tree that can be utilized to unlock new attacks and power-ups. For me, this was a little boring, but the benefits of unlocking signature moves made it worthwhile.




Due to backwards compatibility, the game is now playable on next-gen platforms after debuting on PS4 and Xbox One last year. This made me worry whether the Nintendo Switch version of the game would run badly or seem significantly inferior, but I’m happy to report that it looks fantastic. I have not seen any framerate or texture problems when playing the game in docked or portable mode throughout my whole time with it.

Beautiful cell-shaded graphics help Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot remain faithful to its anime source material and are one of the reasons why it looks excellent on the Switch. This may be because CyberConnect2 worked on the Switch version in-house rather than outsourcing it to another company. The quality is evident, and the wait for it on Nintendo’s system was well worth it.




DBZ: Kakarot encapsulates what makes Dragon Ball such a beloved pop culture figure. It exudes love from its Saiyin pores, from the title cards at the beginning and conclusion of each narrative cycle to the pounding music taken directly from the anime. The game may be played with both the English and Japanese casts, adding to Dragon Ball’s already fantastic atmosphere.

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan who was skeptical when the game first came out last year, now is a perfect opportunity to delve into the colorful world of Dragon Ball Z and experience all of the heart-pounding action you’ve been missing. Now I’m on the go!




Set Review: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens
  • 9/10 for graphics
  • 10/10 for sound
  • 9/10 for gameplay
  • 9/10 for Persistent Appeal


Conclusions: EXCELLENT

From the luxury of your Flying Nimbus, you can now eat, train, and battle like Goku and the other Z Fighters! The Switch version is an excellent method to complete this long game.



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The dragon ball z: kakarot — a new power awakens review is a set review for the dragon ball z series. It covers the cards of Kakarot, who will be released in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super.

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