With the rise of blockchain technology, it’s no surprise that games are now being built on this new platform. Free Guy is a game that uses blockchain to create an economy where players can purchase and trade in-game items.

The free guy movie release date is a film about the world of online gaming and its players. It follows two friends who are trying to make it in the game.


“You’re 22 years old and still living at home. There is no such thing as God!”

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The trailers for Free Guy didn’t make much of an impact on me when I first watched them. They teased a virtual world that reminded me of Ready Player One or Pixels. Nothing appeared particularly excellent or awful, just rather forgettable. That’s exactly what happened; I had completely forgotten about this film until my spouse proposed an impromptu trip to watch it. I adore Ryan Reynolds, but the idea of a video game world populated with pop culture figures and allusions has become tiresome in recent years. Let’s take a closer look.


Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a regular guy who works at a bank, has a goldfish as a pet, and enjoys a medium coffee with cream and two sugars. Guy’s days in Free City are basically the same. He speaks to his best buddy Buddy (Lil Rel Howery) in the bank after getting his regular coffee order, as they wait for the inevitable robberies that occur on a daily basis. When Guy runs across Millie (Jodie Comer) on the street, though, everything changes for him. Guy tries all he can to get her to pay attention to him. As a result of his good acts, he levels up considerably. This is in stark contrast to the actions of players who earn experience by committing crimes and harming NPCs such as Guy. Guy quickly establishes himself as an oddity as his life improves.

Free Guy

Free Guy is a fantastic comedy that will make you laugh out loud. Even though Ryan Reynolds’ comic timing is on full display, some of the greatest lines in the film come from minor characters. I was in tears for all the right reasons during a lengthy scene with a streamer. I didn’t laugh at every joke, but I laughed more than I have in a long time with a new film. But it was Free Guy’s sincerity and warmth that truly got to me. There’s a very beautiful love story here, and it has nothing to do with the main storyline. Guy and Buddy’s relationship is both really amusing and emotionally moving. Guy’s simple decision to level up by helping others rather than harming them touched me.

Free Guy

Christophe Beck’s original musical score for Free Guy is very excellent. With soundtracks for WandaVision, the Frozen films, and Ant-Man under his credit, the composer is a solid choice. Free Guy’s primary theme is extremely catchy. Seriously, I’m sure I’ll be singing this when I wake up. Some of the music selections in Free Guy didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t mind too much since they’re mainly performed for laughs. The clothes and make-up are excellent, as one would expect from a film of this kind. The visual effects, particularly in Free City, are incredible (obviously). This aspect of the film is aesthetically beautiful, so I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it. There’s also a convincing (and funny) effect using Ryan Reynolds’ face that was nearly enough to justify the price of attendance.

There are many allusions to other media in Free Guy, especially properties and characters controlled by our evil mouse overlord. The majority of it was really very amusing, including a cameo that had me laughing out loud. The Star Wars joke, on the other hand, did not appeal to me. It dragged on much too long and was too dramatic to catch the comedy’s charm.

Free Guy

Free Guy isn’t a masterpiece, but it was a lot of fun for me to play. Free City’s world is beautiful and escapist. All of the technical elements are in good working order. What’s more, this is the most I’ve laughed in a theater in a long time. I would have been satisfied with it, but Free Guy didn’t stop there. This film has a huge heart and creates realistic character motives and connections. Several moments towards the conclusion of the film affected me deeply. They really knocked it out of the park with this one, especially for a film with such terrible marketing and a tired concept. All I want is that I have a good time with these individuals.

Plot – 7
7 for acting
Editing/Direction – 8
8 – Music/Sound
9 out of 10 for comedy



Free Guy isn’t a masterpiece, but it was a lot of fun for me to play. This film is both funny and touching.

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