There are many reasons people want a Warframe guide for one-handed use. If you’re new to the game, playing it with just one-hand can be a lot of fun. You can sprint, dodge bullets, and perform all of the feats that Warframe does. If you’re sick of using your mouse, or if your mouse is too small to do with one-handed use, then you may be interested.

In the year 2021, the world had been in a technological war for years, and there had been many casualties. The world’s governments had taken to the use of robotics and other human-like biological constructs, as the only way to keep their armies fighting. However, as the war progressed, the soldiers had begun to lose their humanity, and soon the war was fought by machines, rather than men. However, this did not mean there was no war. The war had just evolved, and so had the soldiers. These new, nearly organic soldiers became known as “Warframes”. These Warframes were the “organic” soldiers, and each one had its own unique personality and fighting style.

A guide to using the new Warframe Character Opticor for the upcoming year, titled “Opticor Vandal Warframe Guide 2021” .

The vandal-proof version of Opticor is called Opticor Vandal. Compared to the classic Opticor, it has a higher critical hit probability, status probability, critical hit multiplier, reload speed, magazine size and reload speed. This improved weapon deals mostly piercing damage. You can get it by earning 100 points in the recurring event Fractures of Thermia. This activity was first introduced in : A buried debt. It is equipped with the Orokin Catalyst and has a free weapon lock.

Comparison of Opticor Vandal with Opticor

Opticor Vandal vs Opticor word-image-18056 word-image-18057

  • Lower attack damage (400 vs. 1000)
  • Higher critical multiplication factor (2.6x vs. 2.5x)
  • Larger magazine capacity (8 cartridges vs. 5 cartridges)
  • Lower propensity (1 vs. 1.05)
  • Faster reload speed (1.4 s vs. 2 s)
  • Reduced damage from secondary attacks (200 vs. 500)
  • Higher chance of critical hits (24% vs. 20%)
  • Greater likelihood of obtaining the status (30% vs. 20%)
  • Faster charging time (0.6 s vs. 2 s)
  • Reduced damage from zone attacks (200 vs. 400)

What are the benefits of Opticor Vandal?

This weapon has high penetrating damage and works well against armor. It is very accurate, as the accuracy disadvantage of the heavy caliber is very small with the Opticor Vandal. It has a very high stat chance, critical chance and critical multiplier, and is very economical on ammo. The Opticor Vandal has an innate counter, and every shot stuns enemies. You can use it half loaded, but it won’t do as much damage. The fast charge function allows you to charge your device faster. The Opticor Vandal’s beam is half a meter wide, and its sides can hit any nearby enemy. Upon impact with the enemy and the surface, an explosion of 4.6 meters is created, causing magnetic damage. Inborn magnetic damage is effective against shields and proto-shields. The corpses of killed enemies evaporate, which is very practical if you’re playing stealth, because you don’t leave a corpse behind. Finally, Opticor Vandal has innate polarity and can benefit from the Careful Shot mod.

What are the disadvantages of Opticor Vandal?

Opticor Vandal has many advantages, but you should also know what is not so good. First, slash damage is less effective against health and shields. The blast deals damage to itself and has innate magnetic damage that is not as effective against alloy armor. The range of the blast cannot be increased with the Firestorm module and the Furax Body Count module, and the linear damage of the blast is reduced from 100% to 40%. When the Opticor Vandal reaches its full charge, it turns on, which can cause premature shutdown.

Interesting facts about Opticor vandals

  • Everyone who completes the Breaks of Thermia event gets this weapon, even if their skill rank is 14. You can also get it with zero interest.
  • Some actions, such as. B. reload, may cancel the loading process, as is the case with many loaded weapons. If the enemies are too far away for a good shot, you can use this technique to avoid wasting shooting time.
  • If you switch to slip mode during charging after a jump, the charging process is saved and not interrupted.
  • Opticor Vandal emits a beam of light that matches the color of its energy when charged. The other players can see this ray. However, turning on the headlight does not mean that it follows the path of the light beam. A fully charged shot leaves a particle effect with energy bands. They look good, but they can obstruct your view of the target.

Tips for using Opticor Vandal

  • A good start would be to install Mod Serration in the Madurai slot of the Opticor Vandal. This increases the AoE potential, as well as the damage. Another good option could be a heavy caliber, but its accuracy is a bit less.
  • Critical damage and/or critical opportunity with Opticor Vandal can mean a huge increase in damage on a critical hit. Even increasing the critical change with the Point Strike mod to 60% is enough.
  • This weapon is particularly good to combine with Nova’s antimatter drops, as it offers excellent accuracy and significant damage. This allows Antimatter Drop to do a lot of damage in one shot.
  • Shield Lancer is treated as a solid support by this weapon, which imposes an AoE damage effect. Grineer can be a useful alternative, firing shield spears into a group of enemies instead of shooting at the ground for splash damage.
  • Opticor Vandal has a 60% chance of a critical hit, so he can use Mod Hunter Munitions to get extra slash procs.
  • However, this weapon rarely gives slashing rolls because its base damage is low. However, you can always change it to increase the chance of damage from statuses and viruses.
  • If you hit an Artic Eximus snowball with a fully charged shot, everything in the snowball will take explosive damage. You can customize the Opticor Vandal and destroy an entire enemy squadron in Slow Globe in one shot.
  • The Mesa ballistic battery counts the blast damage of another shot when the ballistic battery is charged. This means that you can fully charge the Opticor Vancal in one go. It also seems that the bonus for damage to the ballistic battery extends to the entire charge of the shot.
  • Visually, there are some differences between fully loaded and partially loaded images. Larger, they leave a trail of light for a few seconds after the main shot resolves.

Bugs in the Opticor Vandal game

When hit by Volt’s force field, it is considered a hard surface, causing the bean to explode. This only prevents the AoE explosion, not the shot itself. Enemies caught in the explosion will receive a warning. Other enemies are only alerted if a target hit by your breath sees you. If the last Lefantis head is killed by Opticor Vandal in Phase 1, it will vaporize and prevent you from entering Phase 2. This leads to the abandonment of the mission. Some bosses, including General Sargas Hand, Lefantis and Eidolons, take less damage from the Vandal Opticor due to the parameters of the beam emitted. The AoE beam will damage their weak point before the main beam, so the damage is nullified and only the AoE damage counts.Opticor Vandal was released in 2016, and while it was a complex and intense Warframe, it was considered fairly easy, but not an easy mode in general, until the release of the Digital Extremes patch The War Within in December 2017. This patch added the “Marrow” event, which was an event that introduced the introduction of the first “complete” challenge mode in the game. The goal of the challenge is not to kill everything in the room as quickly as possible, but to instead survive until the room is over. The challenge can be completed solo, or with a partner, and the player is given a set amount of time to complete the challenge. If the player does not complete the challenge within this time, the room. Read more about warframe opticor build 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still get Opticor vandal?

Warframe is a free co-op game that has been around for a while – and it has now gone free-to-play. If you are unaware Warframe is a game about playing a space ninja, and hacking your way through hordes of enemies. You can either do this alone, or play with friends – and in the latest update you can do this via the game’s built-in co-op mode. Yes, you can get Opticor Vandal and it will be available for as long as the game is online. Here is a way to get it for free.

How good is the Opticor vandal?

Warframe is an online action game in which you play as the Tenno, a race of “Warriors of light”, who have been awakened from centuries of cryosleep and are now fighting to reclaim the universe from the Grineer, who have been waging a genocidal war against them. The Tenno are equipped with a variety of advanced weapons, abilities, and warframes through which they can fight and take revenge against the Grineer. At the beginning of the game, you can choose between three warframes: the Corpus, Infested, and Sentients. After over a week of working on it, the Opticor vandal is now finished! The vandal is nowhere near as easy to create as the previous vandal, but he still proves to be quite challenging. The main reason for this is because you must be extremely careful when placing the textures to avoid a clash. Hopefully you found this useful and useful, and if you did, share it around! If you’re looking for a place to host your blog, look no further. Here at Blogger, we offer you all the tools and resources you’ll need to succeed – from templates, to a free domain, to enhanced SEO. ===== Blog Post

Is the Opticor good Warframe?

Warframe is an online action MMORPG that has become extremely popular in recent years. As such, many players are beginning to experience a variety of problems, often due to the high level of competition and the low level of skill required to succeed. The Opticor Vandal is one such item that many players find helpful, and it is currently the most popular Warframe for Vandal-based builds. Introducing the the best Warframe Damage Mod – The Opticor Vandal is a great Warframe Mod for doing damage to your enemies. With the Opticor Vandal Damage Mod, it will increase the amount of damage you do to your enemies. The damage is increased by 100%, which basically means that enemies will take the same amount of damage that you would. This damage is added to the damage that you already do.

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