If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of choices. From the budget-friendly to the high-end, you’re not lacking in options, but still, there are more phones out there than you really need. So, how do you decide what phone is the best? We decided to compile a list of all the top phones out there and rank them, so you don’t have to. For a more in-depth look at each phone, check out our analysis.

When you first see the G3, you realize this is what a top-tier Android phone actually looks like. Everything about the hardware screams quality, starting with an extremely high-resolution screen that stretches almost edge to edge, and ending with a titanium frame. The G3’s thin design, its rear buttons, and its unique-looking rear-facing volume rocker also make LG’s flagship stand out from the crowd.

The new list of the Ultimate Ranking – was recently released and I’m sure you want to know who the best man is. There were a lot of nominations for this year, but only a few of them were able to make it on the list. The winner of the Ultimate Ranking – is – (insert name of winner here). The Ultimate Ranking – is the most prestigious award that you could receive in the industry. It’s awarded to the people who have achieved the highest level of success in the world of – (insert name of industry here).

Potions in OSRS are very useful. From restoring your prayer to treating the poison to protect you from the dragonfly, the possibilities seem endless. Using the right potion can also save you a lot of stress and money, and there are a few potions to watch out for. With literally a dozen options, it can be very easy to get started. So, which potions should you hoard and which should you throw away? We will mention some of them here.

15. Hunting potion

The hunter potion is an early game potion that can temporarily increase a player’s hunter level by +3. A level 53 herbarium is required. This is useful for players looking for rare goblins along the way. For example, the coveted dragon Impling has the required hunter level of 83. With this potion, you can get a wild potion at level 80. Ironmen will also find this tool particularly useful, as it is one of the few ways to obtain the Amulet of Glory early in the game. How to cook: For this drink you need pure aventurine and hazel dust. You can get kebitz sword teeth and mash them with a pestle and mortar.

14. Weapon++Toxin

word-image-5392 In OSRS, some weapons can be poisoned (like the dragon dagger and spear), making them much more effective by adding a layer of poison to their ends. The only way to do this is to make a bottle of Weapon Poison, with Weapon Poison ++ being the deadliest of all. You need a Gerblore level of 82, which is pretty high. But when applied to a weapon, it creates a 25% chance of poisoning the target. Once poisoned, it deals 6 melee weapon damage or 4 ranged weapon damage every 18 seconds. This potion is an excellent tool in combat, as it slowly degrades the health of your target. How to cook: You need black nightshade and poison ivy berries. Use it on a bottle filled with coconut milk to make this deadly cocktail.

13. Skill Potion

word-image-5393 This potion works similarly to the Hunter’s Potion and is often used by low-level Ironmen to overcome difficult mobility obstacles, assist in quests, or complete diary missions. Making an agility potion requires 34 herb dictionaries and temporarily increases your agility level by +3. These small drinks also contain ingredients that are relatively easy to obtain and prepare. How to cook: Mix the flax with the toad legs you can find in the dwarf fortress.

12. Divine Combat Potion

word-image-5394 The first combat potion on this list, the combat mage potion, is the best choice for magic. This potion combines two in one: a magic potion and a super protection potion! They are mainly used for PvM bosses, such as. B. Zulra, where a high defense combined with a magic attack boost is useful. But this potion increases magic by +4 and defense proportional to your base defense level. For example, at 94 defense you get +19 and at 80 defense you get +17. Being a divine drink, the pick-me-up lasts for 5 minutes without the level dropping. How to cook: You’ll need a bottle of blood, which you can get in the Blood Theater, and a candantina and a potato cactus for the battle mage potion. To make it divine, add crystal dust.

11. Extra Strength Potion

word-image-5395 Super strength potions are a popular choice for both PvP and PvE and are a cheaper alternative to super combat potions, as many players just want a power boost. And that’s exactly what you get here. This potion increases your power level above your base power level, just like the Battle Magnate potion mentioned above. But this superpower option costs nearly 1/10 the price of a superfight potion, making it a viable choice for many activities. How to cook: Use Limpwurst Root on a Quworm Potion to make this power bubble.

10. Advanced Super Antipyre

word-image-5396 Dragon fire is not to be taken lightly, and without the proper protection, it will reduce you to ashes within seconds! The Advanced Super Fire Potion is not only the best fire potion, but also the hardest potion to make in OSRS, with a requirement of level 98! One dose provides complete immunity to dragon fire for six minutes. The only exceptions are Vorkat, KBD and Galvek, who can still do partial damage to you. Note that you also need to complete Dragonslayer II and talk to Primrose, who lives in the Mythos guild, to learn how to make this potion. How to do it: If you put a lava shard on a super fireproof potion, you get an enhanced version. You can get lava scales from lava dragons in the wild.

9. Prayer Potion

word-image-5397 This is a prayer potion that gives you back prayer points equal to 7 + 27% of your total prayer level. For example, if your prayer level was 80, you would get 27 points back. And if you had a prayer level of 84, you would have 28 points. Since praying is a common mechanic, the ability to recover points during PvP or PvM is extremely important. Most high-level documents require some form of prayerful recovery. And a prayer drink is often the first choice. Fortunately, it only takes 38 points. This makes the drink available to all account types quite early. How to cook: Combine some of Sneep’s herb with Ranarr’s unfinished potion to make a prayer potion.

8. Gutix Holiday tea

word-image-5398 Primarily used in PvP, the Guthix recreation is extremely unique. Why? This is a healing item that does not require any game marks to use. This means that they can, for example, perform a player action. B., an attack, doesn’t stop. This can be very handy for combo strikes when dealing with special weapons like Dragon Claws or Armadyl’s divine sword. And this potion is one of the only items in the game that has this effect. Heals 5 health, restores 5 energy and reduces poison damage or poison destruction damage you take by 1. To make this potion, you must have a Herbalism level of only 18 and must complete the quest A Small Favor. How to cook: Take a teacup, 2 guams, a garralander and a marrentil. Fill a teacup and use one of the herbs to brew.

7. Super Restoration drink

word-image-5399 Super recovery potions work the same way as prayer potions, with a few key differences. One is to grant an additional +1 prayer point per dose. They also restore any impaired vital signs, which is why they are often added in conjunction with Saradomin brews. The only parameter they don’t get back is the number of hit points. And because they are usually used in conjunction with Saradomin infusions, they are used more often than the prayer beverages because their effects are usually much more useful. Most high-level PvPers will need them, but to make your own you’ll need a level 63 Herblor. How to cook: Use red spider eggs with the potion from the art room.

6. Anti-Venom+

word-image-5400 Anti-Venom+, which requires at least Herbalism level 94, can heal any poison or venom instantly and prevent reinfection of venom in 3 minutes. It also prevents re-poisoning within 15 minutes. It is mostly used to fight Zulra and Vorkat, as these two bosses have Envenom potential. And this drink is also used in DCS, because the antitoxin effect of the dose makes it possible to prolong the trips for very long periods. How to cook: Use Thorstol on a poison potion to make a + version.

5. Sanfu serum

word-image-5401 Sanfew serums are the best version of Super Recovery because they treat poison and disease and offer all the features of Super Recovery! This protection against poison and disease is effective for 15 minutes. But they are known to be difficult to make and quite expensive – 20,000 per drink! However, they are extremely useful for bosses like K’ril in God War Dungeon, who can quickly poison you – and has attacks that exhaust your prayers. It saves space in your inventory that would normally be used for antidotes. However, due to its high price, it is only worthwhile in extreme situations. How to cook: I recommend buying it at the big trade show. Its production is a long and complicated process.

4. Divine Potion of the Bastion

word-image-5402 The Divine Bastion potion increases your range at the same rate as the Super Distance potion and the Super Defense potion. For example, a person with a range of 99 and a defense of 99 would get a range bonus of +13 and a defense bonus of +19. Since this is a divine drink, the strengthening effect also lasts for 5 minutes. And they don’t drop until the timer expires, at which point all values return to normal. Also note that you must be a level 86 Herbalist to make this potion. In general, these potions are useful for most bosses you encounter from a distance, such as. B. Hydra, Blood Theatre, Commander Zilan, Kri’arrah, and many others. How to cook: You must use crystal dust for a normal bastion drink.

3. Super Battle Divine Potion

word-image-5403 Without a doubt, this is the best melee potion in the entire game. The divine super battle potion combines the super potions of attack, defense and strength into one potion. This means that all the stats of the melee increase at the same time. The player with the highest level can expect a temporary +19 increase for all melee skills. As with all divine drinks, the enhancement takes 5 minutes. This divine super combat potion is used wherever melee combat is used. The most common are PvM, Slayer, and almost all melee bosses. It is also quite difficult to carry out and requires a high level of knowledge of medicinal plants – 97. How to cook: Use crystal dust on a super battle potion to make a divine version.

2. endurance potion

word-image-5404 Stamina potions are useful for everything from PvP to skills! An endurance potion restores your run energy by 20% and also reduces your run energy degradation (more specifically, it reduces your run energy degradation by 70% for 2 minutes). The end result is almost unlimited energy for those two minutes of running! This drink takes some work to reach the required level (77 Herb Lore), but it’s worth it. In PvM, this potion is extremely useful for Xeric, Commander Zilana, and Sire of the Abyss solo rooms. But activities like running on the farm also benefit from this stamina drink. Many players also choose to take them on their quests to speed up their progress. They generally improve the quality of life in the game and are worth considering if they can help you. How to cook: Add some amylase crystals to your super energy potion to increase your stamina.

1. Saradomin Bru

word-image-5405 Saradomin’s Brew is the best healing item in the entire game. The Saradomin Brewery, that’s an 81. Requires one level Herbalism, can heal up to +16 health per dose. And each drink has a total of 4 doses. So multiply your bonus by 4, and you have 64 life points to heal with a potion! They also work as an enhanced version of a super defense potion, and someone with a level 99 defense can expect a temporary +21 increase in defense, which is incredibly useful when combined with their healing effects. The counterpart of this infusion of Saradomin is that all other indicators are going down. Therefore, superregeners are typically used in conjunction with an IV, at a ratio of 3 sips of IV to 1 sip of regenerator. This will give you a perfect balance. Players use Saradomin potions for almost every high-level boss, and there are very few bosses where they aren’t taken simply because they are useful! How to cook: Use a crushed bird’s nest on an unfinished mushroom potion.The Ultimate Ranking – by Kathy Khang Before we start, we would like to thank everyone for their participation, it was really hard to choose the winners, especially since every single entry was great and there were just so many! In the end we had to choose just 2 winners, but we expect to see a lot of your future work here at Qarth, the gaming and technology forum blog where we share The Ultimate Rankings.. Read more about smash ultimate player rankings and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does smash ultimate have ranked?

If you’ve been looking for a new fighting game to sink your teeth into, Smash Bros Ultimate is the game for you. Before you go jumping into the fray, though, it’s worth knowing what to expect when it comes to the game’s ranking system. On the face of it, the ranking system is quite simple: as you win fights, you climb through the ranking tiers. However, it’s also worth remembering that a ranking system isn’t just about the game’s mechanics – it’s also about the social side of things. As we all know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally been revealed to the world, and it’s the biggest Smash ever! (Sorry, Melee fans.) The newest entry in the series contains every single character that has ever appeared in a Smash Bros. game, plus several new faces. The lineup goes all the way back to the original game on Nintendo 64, and even adds newcomers like Simon Belmont and Pokémon’s Incineroar.

Who is the 49th best smash player in the world?

This year’s “rankings” season has been pretty busy. We’ve seen the usual suspects rise to the top of their respective ladders, with Mew2King reclaiming his crown at Apex and ZeRo maintaining his reign over the Smash 4 rankings, but there’s one thing we’ve all been waiting for: the Smash 4 edition of the Panda Global Rankings. Unlike the Melee and Wii U rankings, this list is based on arbitrary criteria such as a player’s social media presence, tournament attendance, and “their knowledge of the game”. So, just who is the 49th best player in the world? Well, that’s something we’ll have to As the 2017 Smash season winds down and we look forward to the first 2018 events, we inevitably start wondering who the best Smashers are. As such, the annual SSBMRank will be released soon by Melee It On Me. As usual, the list will be highly controversial, with many proclaiming that it is too high or too low for a certain player, or perhaps that the ranking is not justified by results. Nevertheless, the rankings are an important metric used in determining the best players in the world, and they have a far greater impact on a player’s reputation than a singular tournament victory.

Who is the best SSBU player?

At last, the answer: the best SSBU player is…you! Or, rather, the best player is the one who enjoys the game most. In a recent poll, members of the SSBU community listed the most important factors for enjoying the game. The top two were having fun and spending time with friends. If you’re having fun, then you are the best player. Smash has been a big deal for quite a while now, but this year’s iteration is by far the biggest one yet. The hype is hardly surprising, given how far they’ve come since the Wii U days: modern SSBU is a fast, balanced, mechanically deep game that serves as a showcase of the technical capabilities of Nintendo’s modern hardware. As a result, SSBU has become the de facto standard for competitive fighting game players of all stripes—and it’s only getting better .

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