Unova will be getting a brand new generation in the form of Pokémon: Black and White 2. With this new breed, comes new shinies that are sure to make the game even more fun and interesting than ever before.

Welcome to qarth’s 15th birthday post! I hope you have enjoyed my posts and as always, I hope to provide you with a bit of a treat. So without any further delay, let’s get to it!

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Fans are already talking about a return to Unova and hoping for a remake or something. Personally, that makes me happy. I know it will be a few years before I get it. But Generation V is by far my favorite version of Pokémon. I’d say BW2 is the best part of the franchise, and it doesn’t even come close. To add fuel to the fire of speculation and revive my glory days, let’s take a look at the most beautiful shining forms in Unova.

15. Maractus

word-image-13792 Maractus is poor Cacturn, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, why do we need two different types of cactus pokemon? No. The shiny maractus does look cool. The purple and white color combination is much more reminiscent of a cactus, if I may use that adjective. If I were purely objective, Maractus would probably be a little higher on the list. But I don’t understand why he exists, so he should be glad he came.

14. Volcarona

word-image-13793 Meeting Volkarona in the past remains one of the best memories of Pokémon Black and White. I was young at the time, so I wasn’t really on the internet yet. I mean, it caught me off guard. It would have been even cooler if the meeting had been brilliant. But in seven generations of Pokémon, I haven’t had a single brilliant encounter, so there’s no chance of that. The color change of the shiny volcarona is interesting, to say the least. It makes him look much more like an insect. And that, on balance, can only be a good thing.

13. Garbodor

word-image-13794 I hate Garbodor. I hate it so much that I’m willing to claim it was the only valid criticism of Gen V when it was announced. So the fact that the shiny Garbodor looks cool bothers me. In fact, this shiny form is the same as giving the Pokémon a blue trash bag instead of a green one. But it’s a nice shade of blue, so I agree.

12. Hydreagon

word-image-13795 Generally speaking, dragon trolls are either great, like Rayquaza, or terrible, like Garchomp. This rule is followed by 99% of dragons. But Hydraigon is the exception. He’s far from a top 10 shiner, even if you only count the Generation V Dex. Still, it’s a nice sprite that shines with lots of light. That’s more than I can say for many competitors. The combination of green and purple almost gives the impression that Hydraigon should be the poisonous type. Which I think is really cool right now.

11. Crocodile

word-image-13796 I’m sure the Game Freak team got the sprites of the shiny and normal crocodiles mixed up. I mean, there’s no way that’s not true. I mean, the common crocodile goes from brown to dark red with black stripes when it evolves. As for the chandelier, it has almost the same color palette as its predecessors. I can’t say it’s a great shine per se, because it looks like what crocodiles normally look like. So it must mean something.

10. Virisión

word-image-13797 Game Freak has a chance to do something special with the Gen V sparks. I mean, why didn’t the design team make the shiny Zekrom white and the shiny Reshiram black? This change of color wrote itself. Literally. In this fucking story. While I’ll never get over the fact that GF dropped the ball like that, there are some legendary Generation V heroes who have some brilliant alternatives. Virizion is the first example of this type. It’s already a stylish and feminine Pokémon, so the transformation from green to pink fits the bright sprite perfectly. I know we have to abandon all those gender norms these days, but you can’t deny that the elegance of this design and the femininity of the color palette complement each other very well.

9. Terrakion

word-image-13798 The name Terracion comes from the fact that it’s a terracotta cutout, and it’s a pretty accurate description. The Pokémon is a stone armor. And it’s made even more obvious by the brilliant sprite he got. Not only does he change his primary colors to brighter, more vibrant alternatives that immediately catch the eye, but his horns also turn red. You can’t tell me it doesn’t symbolize blood, especially since it’s not the only example of Game Freak doing something like that in Gen V. Anyway, the shiny terrakion seems to have been used as a chew toy by Clefable. And it’s kind of macabre that I enjoy.

8. Bravieri

word-image-13799 Braviri is one of my favorite bird-Pokémon of all time. Talonflame and Corviknight are very close. But Breiviri, this is America. I am not an American and I have nothing to do with America. But Hollywood makes us all cancel the Pledge of Allegiance. Shiny Braviary is an example of this. It goes from red to blue, which I really like. Unova is also based in the United States. So it even has a thematic meaning.

7. Cofagrigus

word-image-13800 I only recently discovered the brilliant Cofagrigus, but I’m glad I did. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite trolls. That’s impressive considering I didn’t know what she looked like until a few weeks ago. The common Cofagrigus is excellent. It is designed as a sarcophagus, and the colors reflect this. The shiny Cofagrigus isn’t supposed to look like a sarcophagus, but it’s so beautiful that the thematic questions don’t even arise. In addition, this Pokemon literally mummifies the people it encounters. People in the Pokémon universe are surprisingly relaxed about this.

6. Superior

word-image-13801 Serperior was my starter in the 5th. To this day, he is one of the top three starters of all time for me. It’s just great, hence the name. Game Freak (before BW) had a short history of making brilliant, terrible looking starters. The current generation has bucked that trend, and it’s all thanks to Arceus. Serperior’s glowing sprite becomes more of a buzzing green, meaning it becomes much brighter and more vibrant. He also gets blue accents around his body, which adds to this more attractive color scheme and makes Shiny Serperior look like a rare and unique Pokémon – without being overwhelming.

5. Hygalite

word-image-13802 If Gigalite was real, it would be intensely exploited. The crystals on his body can absorb solar energy. Therefore, it is impossible for governments around the world not to try to take advantage of it. I don’t know why Rose bothered with Darkest Day if all she had to do was set up an inhumane operation to extract minerals from live beans. This is a normal Gigalite. Diamonds grow on the shiny gigalite, so you know where this will lead. Imagine the prices of gigalite blue diamond engagement rings.

4. Zoroark

word-image-13803 I love the combination of purple and black in Pokémon. Of all the geniuses who have used this palette, none have done it as effectively as Zoroark. In this color scheme, only the color of the Pokémon’s huge tail changes. But I like the contrast between the two colors, so it looks good here.

3. Emboar

word-image-13804 Samurott is the only Generation V starter not on the list. Sorry guys, but the shiny sprite sucks for him. Emboar, on the other hand, might be the best glossy starter yet. It turns all blue, including the flame. As much as I love black and purple Pokémon, I also love Game Freak’s jokes about flame colors. Although I feel like my bias is justified by this entry.

2. Chandelier

word-image-13805 Talk about playing with fire…. spoken The shiny chandelier should definitely be at the top of this list. The design is clearly brilliant. And it’s not too intrusive, it’s very pretty, and it works incredibly well thematically. It’s just a shame that the controversial top 3 of all time is from the same generation. Chandelure, however, is easily in the top 10. I wish I could convince myself to turn it up a notch, but I can’t. Why, you ask?

1. Haxorus

word-image-13806 I can’t put Chandelure at the top, because there’s a brilliant Haxorus. Game Freak knew they had done such a good job with this shiny Pokémon that they added it to the Pokédex as an event monster. It’s a combination of black and dark red, but it’s a very intentional color change. The only red on his body is on his claws and fangs. Like Terrakion, Haxorus looks like he’s cut something. Unlike Terrakion, however, Gaxorus devours humans instead of Pokémon. If a shiny sprite can make a Pokémon look like it came straight out of one of my nightmares, it deserves that spot.If you’ve been keeping tabs on our Gen V Metagame Rankings, then you may have noticed a few recent additions. There’s a reason for that. We’ve been catching up on the popularity of some of those Shinies and decided it’s about time to get them all on board.. Read more about best gen 6 shinies and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest Pokemon in Gen 5?

As the fifth generation of the Pokemon video game series, the Gen V games have some interesting additions to the roster. For starters, you can now catch legendary Pokemon, which act as your Pokemon’s battle partners in the game. But there are also some Pokemon that level up and evolve into their stronger forms, which is a big deal. We’ve been hearing rumblings about the final evolutions of the new Pokemon in Gen V, and we’d like to know what you think about these upcoming Pokemon. First, let’s take a look at the new starters (Empoleon, Whimsicott, and Toxapex). Empoleon is a solid choice, especially in Generation VI, where it can learn the new Fighting type move, Megahorn. Let’s also take a look at Toxapex. It’s a slow, Poison type Pokemon, but has a cool design, and is a good counter to Gliscor. Lastly, let’s look at Whimsicott. It’s another Poison type Pokemon, but it has a unique typing,

Why is Gen 5 the best generation?

You know how every Pokemon generation is always the best? Well, this one isn’t. That’s all I’m going to say. Unova’s in-game breeding is a truly fascinating mechanism for players to create a loyal army of powerful Pokemon. Such is the case for Generation 5, which has some of the most elegant breakthroughs in the series.

Which is the best shiny Pokemon?

I’m not usually a fan of shiny Pokemon. I mean, I still love them, but I understand that they make up a huge portion of the over-loved Pokemon. So, when I saw this thread, I decided to compile a list of shinies. I had to make a few cuts, but I tried to keep the list as similar to the one I saw on Reddit as I could. For the next several weeks, qarth will be releasing a series of articles about the best shiny pokemon in the game. Each article will focus on a different shiny pokemon and will rank them from 1 to 15. The articles will be broken down into sections such as: “Which Pokémon is best?” “Which shinies are best in their respective types?” “Which shiny is best for a shiny contest?” and “Which shiny is best in a 5 on 5 battle?” Each article will provide a complete breakdown of how to capture the Pokemon and which stats they excel in.

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