The Flash (1990) is an American superhero film that was based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The film was directed by David S. Goyer, and written by Goyer and Louis T. Kiffel and stars Michael Rooker as the titular character along with Elizabeth Banks and Thomas Jane. In the film, scientist Barry Allen is affected by an energy released by a particle accelerator, which gives him the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

The Flash has had a pretty crazy season, to say the least. Barry Allen was arrested by his friends and co-workers at the CCPD, and then turned into a prisoner in his own mind, with his nemesis, the Thinker, taking over his body. The team found a way to break the Thinker’s hold on Barry, but then he was taken away to the speedforce before they could truly reunite him with his family.

The Flash season 7 episode 10 was an emotional rollercoaster. It combined a compelling mystery into a character-driven story that played a huge role in the series. The episode revolved around Caitlin Snow and her father. Caitlin grew up in the foster care system after her father, Gregory, abandoned her and her mother when she was just a young girl.

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Past, present or future – you cannot escape me.

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word-image-5835 Last week, The Flash took this season’s plot in a new direction, but Family Matters, Part 1 warns us not to count our chickens before they’re hatched. He simplifies a complex problem, wastes time with a mundane plot, and forces characters into strange and in some cases downright stupid decisions, to underscore his newfound love of avoiding confrontation. When Psycho shows up and starts attacking the realms, Barry speeds up Alexa’s training so she can help him take on the Sage Force. Iris examines Psycho’s victims looking for a connection. While Frost is behind bars, Kristen Kramer expands her crusade against the metahumans and Joe tries to suppress her. Cisco is thinking of a new life with Camille. With no clips or preface, Family Matters, Part 1 begins where we left off last week, with Speed Force confronting Deon. But things don’t go as planned, because she doesn’t want to kill Deon, she wants his help. This has great potential as the villain is now using a new favorite tactic of the good guys against them. They are convinced that anyone can be persuaded to join the light side of the force, but what happens when evil does the same? I hope this is explored further over the course of the season, as it is a great new development. Unfortunately, this is the best part of the episode. *SPOILERS* The idea of convincing those who do wrong of their mistakes is so heavy-handed and pervasive in Family Matters Part 1 that it’s laughable. Remember when Iris tried this last week with Psycho and realized it was a mistake, that some people are unapproachable and need to be stopped, and how that added nuance and complexity to the topic? Now we pretend nothing happened, because Iris is ready to talk to him again. And just so you know, we learn that while he does attack innocent people for selfish reasons, it’s perfectly normal because Psycho isn’t killing anyone. It’s silly. He’s picking on all his old friends just to get them to the hospital? His ultimate plan is to raise their health insurance premiums a bit, as if billionaires care? Actually, it probably didn’t even occur to us, except that Iris’ determination to save him didn’t seem ridiculous. Psycho is now working with the Flash team, and all is forgiven. Swelling. To get there, Barry must team up with Alexa, whom he rescued with Iris at the end of Timeless. But first he has to teach her to live with her Power’s alter ego, Fuerza, and that’s most of Barry’s work in Family Matters, Part 1. I call it busy work because it’s not just familiar territory, it’s rushed work that doesn’t really happen. Barry does nothing to educate Alexa except lock her in some kind of force field that doesn’t keep working. The idea is that Barry is going too far instead of taking the time to raise him properly, and he needs Caitlin’s lesson to put him in his place. However, this lesson is lost almost immediately when Alexa, who has not received any new training, decides to act like Fuerza. Barry had to learn another lesson he had already learned in previous seasons, only to find out he was right, even though the show wants to show he was wrong. This episode is not of the level of the best Flash episodes. Fuerza’s CGI doesn’t help much: they’re clearly trying to create a Hulk-like atmosphere – even to the point of copying the Infinity War and Endgame arc – but the visuals are so bad they fail even for a bad script. word-image-5836 The business of enlightening your enemies also extends to Joe. At the beginning of Family Matters, Part 1, he is summoned to Kristen Kramer’s office where he is questioned about missing metahumans that the police are not too keen on finding. In theory, it’s a good topic; Joe and the others have had to cover a lot of actions and comings and goings of various metahumans, good and bad, over the years, and it makes sense that someone would have questions about that at some point. And while we instinctively turn against Kramer for causing trouble for our favorite characters, she’s not wrong in her suspicions. But due to his increasingly radical stance and methods against Killer Frost, Kramer is now the meta-human tool to use in combat situations. This raises many ethical questions, such as whether she has the right to unilaterally impose a medical procedure on someone, and why she should have that power. But instead, Joe talks about de-escalation, which is the wrong direction when dealing with people with superpowers. This sounds like the recent trend of replacing police with social workers, and if that were the argument, I’d probably side with Cramer. And because Joe does what he says, he abandons the idea of arresting Kramer and quits his job. Can you imagine someone in his place grabbing his ball and going home at the first sign of resistance? If he wasn’t there, wouldn’t she be less resistant to his nasty treatment? What about Barry, who wants to harass Kramer about the disappearance of metahumans? Didn’t Joe leave his son to his fate? I’m sure they did it for the visual image of Joe coming out with the Central City police symbol in the background, and it’s a shame because they sacrificed the plot and intelligence of the main character for it. Everything else in Family Matters Part 1 is not that important. Cisco is leaving and they’re stretching it to make it even more painful. His story of how Psycho forced him to see himself working in the STAR lab in his old age while the rest of us are away is worse than a Lifetime movie marathon, and it’s made worse by Camille forcing him to find a job he wants to do elsewhere. If they insist on firing Cisco – or if Carlos Valdes wants to leave; I don’t know whose idea it was – they could at least give him a compelling reason, rather than saying that I should move on to an ambiguous next step that I feel is necessary for reasons I can’t articulate. Psycho’s real name is revealed, and it doesn’t matter because it’s not someone we know. And the Speed Force seems to have killed Iris, Psycho and Alexa, but we know it didn’t, because of course it didn’t (or if it did, they weren’t in that state for long). It’s a big cliffhanger for the second half of next week, and it lands with a bang. word-image-5837 Family Matters part 1 is a boring two-part first half of the series that lacks the complexity added to the season’s theme last week, makes Joe look like an idiot, and makes the idea of convincing enemies to switch sides seem lost in the shuffle. My hopes for the rest of the year have dropped considerably.

Location – 5.5
Action – 7.5
Progression – 6.5
Production planning – 5
Subjects – 4.5


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Family Matters part 1 is a boring two-part first half of the series that lacks the complexity added to the season’s theme last week, makes Joe look like an idiot, and makes the idea of convincing enemies to switch sides seem lost in the shuffle. My hopes for the rest of the year have dropped considerably.It’s the end of an era, as it’s the end of the second half of the seventh season of The Flash . The season started way back in October of last year, so it’s been a long time coming. This is also the last episode of the show until January. This is going to be a long wait for fans of the show. However, the episode itself was action packed and very interesting. It’s a big game changer for one of the main characters. I can’t wait to see how things continue into next season.. Read more about the flash season 7 episode 11 and let us know what you think.

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