After the hit of Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil fans were looking forward to Resident Evil 6. However, the franchise changed with the release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in 2012. Gamers are already hyped for the upcoming Resident Evil: Village, which is the latest game in the franchise. The game will be released on September 27 this year. (As of this writing, the release date is September 19.)

The Resident Evil franchise has remained popular with gamers, due to its unique style and immersive gameplay. The franchise has also received a lot of attention from the media, with several live action movies being produced and several spin-off games appearing on multiple gaming platforms. The games in the franchise have also received praise from critics and fans alike for their excellent graphics, sound effects, voice acting and spectacular storyline.

Resident Evil Village is the newest edition to the world of Resident Evil games. Launching this week, the game brings a new and exciting experience to the long running series. With new characters, a new storyline, and tons of new features, RE Village is poised to blow the rest of the RE games out of the water.


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After months of preparation and waiting, Resident Evil Village is finally coming out on the 7th. May. After releasing remakes two years in a row, Capcom now brings Resident Evil : Ethan Winters, protagonist of Biohazard, in the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise. But it’s been four years since most gamers have played Resident Evil 7. Your knowledge of the game’s history and what to expect from Resident Evil Village may not be enough. To get you started, we’ve listed everything you need to know about Resident Evil Village.

What Is it?


After the Dalvey incident in Resident Evil: Biohazard, the newly reunited couple Ethan and Mia, have decided to move to Europe and settle down. But the couple’s peace was short-lived. After Rosemary’s birth, the couple learns that Mia has passed on a fungal superorganism called Mold to their daughter. Shortly thereafter, the story of Resident Evil Village begins. The game begins with a group of soldiers, led by Chris Redfield, executing Mia and Ethan watching in horror as he loses his wife. They then kidnap Rosemary, forcing Ethan to search for his daughter in the mountainous area where the events of Resident Evil Village take place. The village is ruled by a certain Mother Miranda, who is worshipped by the villagers as a kind of deity. It is currently unknown if Mother Miranda will play the role of antagonist in the game or not. But we do know that there are four gentlemen working for them. Namely Lady Dimitrescu of the Dimitrescu Castle, Karl Heisenberg of the Heisenberg Factory, Donna Benevento of the Benevento House and Salvatore Moro of the Moro Reservoir. There’s a lot going on in Resident Evil Village. But while much is still unclear at this point, we do know that the game will feature female vampires and werewolves, and that it will end with Ethan Winter’s story.

Is Chris Redfield bad?


Chris Redfield’s appearance at the end of Resident Evil: Biohazard was one of the most surprising aspects of the game. Many felt that the last major Resident Evil installment was more of a reboot after the increasingly negative public reception of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. But with Chris’ appearance in the 2017 film Resident Evil: Biohazard, fans had reason to believe that the series’ longtime protagonist would make new appearances in future games. That said, Chris Redfield’s appearance in Resident Evil was just as surprising as his appearance in Resident Evil: Biohazard was, like its supposed antagonist role in Resident Evil Village. At this point, we don’t know if Chris Redfield is really the bad guy or not. Interestingly, the box features Chris Redfield with a bright orange eye. If you look closely, you can see the same eye on other characters from Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitressu in particular has the same eyes. This suggests that Chris Redfield is not necessarily acting out of free will. Lady Dimitrescu is believed to be the leader of a satanic cult that rules over Castle Dimitrescu. It is a 2.5 meter long vampire that will haunt players as they walk through Castle Dimitrescu. She also appeared in many commercials for Resident Evil Village.

When will Resident Evil Village be released?


If you’re worried about all these Resident Evil Village details, we have good news for you. You won’t have to wait long for the release of the game. After months of teasing, Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Village will release on the 7th. May 2021 will appear. The game will be released simultaneously on PS4 and PS5, as well as on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows. Originally planned for Resident Evil Village, as well as a standalone, free-to-play Deathmatch mode, Re: Pour. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, Capcom has delayed the release of Re : Around the summer of 2021.

Is it worth playing Resident Evil Village?


When a franchise has as many games as Resident Evil Village, it’s understandable that newcomers are hesitant to buy the latest game. What if they don’t understand the story? Not that the deep story of Resident Evil is easy to explain. But don’t worry! Capcom has put a lot of effort into every Resident Evil game, especially since Resident Evil: Biohazard, a story in itself. The same can be said of Resident Evil Village. Although the game features recurring characters, such as main character Ethan Winters and the aforementioned Chris Redfield, newcomers should have no trouble working their way through the game’s plot. and if it’s any consolation, Resident Evil Village brings a lot to the franchise. Zombies, for example, will no longer appear as often in the game. There are a lot more enemies to watch out for than slow moving zombies in Resident Evil Village. As previously mentioned, there are vampires, werewolves, witches and more! This makes Resident Evil Village even scarier, as it is now more of a survival horror game with limited access to ammo and weapons. So even if you’ve been a fan of Resident Evil for a long time, there are plenty of new things to keep things fresh and interesting in Resident Evil Village. With that, you don’t have to tell us if Resident Evil Village is worth playing or not. Capcom has released a free demo of Resident Evil Village for all platforms. You can play Resident Evil Village for up to an hour on the platform of your choice, exploring parts of Dimitrescu Castle and the village. The Resident Evil Village demo will be available until the 9th. May at 20:00 ET. So have fun and try the game for yourself to see if it’s worth the hype.


That’s all we can tell you at the moment, but don’t worry, the game will be released very soon! Tell us what you’re most looking forward to in Resident Evil Village in the comments below! Resident Evil Village is an upcoming mobile game that will take players to the not too distant future of the Resident Evil series. It’s a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game that features characters, weapons and scenarios from Resident Evil 7 biohazard. For more games check out

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Resident Evil village open world?

It was only last year that the Resident Evil series took a turn for the open world with the release of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. So, what do we know about the upcoming release of Resident Evil village? The rumored title was just confirmed as a real game by Capcom, and is now set to be released on the Sony PlayStation VR, Microsoft virtual reality, and PC in 2020. The game series has been around for a long time, and every year there are debates about whether the upcoming title will be open world or not, as it would dramatically change the gameplay. This year, fans were left disappointed, as an earlier leak showed that the game was not open world; there is only a story mode. However, the game does include an additional mode, which is a survival mode that has players surviving in the village for as long as possible. The leak above shows the first screenshot of the game, and it’s very clear that it’s Resident Evil in all but name.  In fact, it’s often referred to as Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero, and it’s

Is Resident Evil village scary?

The Capcom video game franchise Resident Evil has been an iconic name in horror gaming for years, and in May, the franchise’s latest installment, Resident Evil Village, was released to much fanfare. The game has received stellar reviews and has been praised for its state-of-the-art graphics and its terrifying collection of monsters. However, many players feel that the fear factor in Village has been lacking, and that it doesn’t live up to the horror genre. Resident Evil Village is an online game that is becoming increasingly popular with users. This game has a lot of interesting components and it offers users a lot of fun. The game is free and it allows you to enjoy a number of exciting features. Users are increasingly seeing how much fun this game can bring and they are signing up in large numbers. This is a great game to try and it is sure to offer you a lot of fun.

What’s the story of Resident Evil village?

The Resident Evil is a popular horror game that is developed by Capcom and released in 1996 on Play Station. The game is said to give the player a feeling of fear and horror that is brought by the eerie sounds, graphics and game play. In this game, the player takes on the role of a hero that tries to escape from an isolated village which is placed in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Gamers have had a lot of fun playing the Resident Evil franchise. The first Resident Evil game came out in 1996 and was initially created as a sequel to the most popular horror video game of all time, which is known as Alone in the Dark. The first game was released in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation, and it was so popular that the game was eventually ported to other platforms.