Characters are always an important part of Tekken. They are the ones you play with, and the ones you face against. There are lots of characters in Tekken 7, and while the majority are quite balanced, some are more suited for tournament play than others. We’ve got a list below that covers the top 10 characters you should be using in your quest to become the best Tekken player you can be.

As we have come to expect from the Tekken franchise, the character roster of Tekken 7 is one of the most diverse in all of fighting games, with combatants hailing from all over the world. And although the game is still in development, the beta test that took place a couple months ago highlighted some of the best characters in the game. Although some of the names are obvious, there are a few that might surprise you.

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Tekken 7 is a difficult and technical game to master, and playing as the game’s best characters will help you on your way to victory. This list includes a variety of combos, sheer power and special moves. Let’s take a look at the top 5 things the game has to offer.


Image by Bandai Namco word-image-10679 In many level lists, Akuma seems to be on top. This Street Fighter hero offers lots of combos, lots of punches to turn the tide. He also behaves differently than most Tekken players, using his focus attacks and Hadoken projectiles. These two elements of his design, along with the immense power of his fists, give Akuma a huge advantage over his opponents.

Leroy Smith

Image vis Bandai Namco word-image-10680 The old master is still agile and can hurt anyone he encounters. His juggling abilities are second to none, and his combos often do 30% damage when used correctly. As seen in Ryzingsol’s combo guide for Leroy, the character can do about 60% damage with a normal combo move and the Art of Rage. Even his bread and butter combo can kill about 20-25% of his health reserves. His new move from the fourth season of Enter The Dragon is a great way to counter opponents who punch often, as he can turn his body under his fist and punish him with a punch to the head. You can use this switch with a queue line.


Screenshot from Bandai Namco YouTube word-image-10681 Although he doesn’t appear in most level lists, Bob is an ideal character for a newcomer to the game. His unpredictable attacks make opponents flinch, and hitters can be surprised by his speed and attack trajectory. His belly kick takes precedence over the other blows. His spinning ball can also confuse opponents as he can connect with other attacks, creating an unpredictable collision. He doesn’t have as much power as the rest of this list, but his ropes and tricks can be effective in combat if used properly.

Howard Geese

Image by Bandai Namco word-image-10682 From the King of Fighters series, Giz, like Akuma, has useful projectile-based attacks. He’s dangerous on the battlefield with his quick moves, powerful conventional attacks, and his low kick is great for counterattacks because of his long range (thanks for the tips, TheMainManSWE). The goose has a powerful combo that can reduce the opponent’s HP by 40%. Additionally, his unique Max mode can increase your damage potential if you activate it, and his counter attacks can be devastating if you use them with the right combo.

Jin Kazama

Screenshot word-image-10683 Gene has been a main character for many since Tekken 3. His quick jabs are deadly and his combos do a lot of damage. His swing is top notch and can lead to some tasty extensions, and he has a lot of combination potential depending on the situation. If you’re in the middle of an unpleasant argument, Gene might be able to get out of it. First, he can perform a fiery uppercut that works as a great beating. Second, his quick attack, similar to a crane kick, can lift an opponent into the air. Finally, Gene’s electric fist techniques are particularly dangerous if you manage to land them.Popular fighting game Tekken 7 was released in early 2017, and it quickly became one of the most popular and most played fighting games of this year. This game is made by the developers of the most popular fighting game series Street Fighter, and it is the eleventh game in the Tekken series. The biggest difference between Tekken 7 and other fighting games is the story mode, but there are also many other improvements in the gameplay, design, and characters. The most notable new feature is the “Claudio Serafino”, an Italian priest, who is the story’s main character. There are many other new characters that are very popular, such as Akuma from Street Fighter or Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.. Read more about tekken 7 tier list and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Tekken 7 character?

The seventh installment of the Tekken fighting game series, Tekken 7 has finally been released to the public. And while the game is filled to the brim with over-the-top action and impressive graphics, one thing that’s not so subtle are the fighting skills of the game’s characters. This is why we at MyGamerRank have put together this list of the best characters in Tekken 7. With all the characters that are playable in the Tekken series, it can be very hard to decide who the best character to play with in Tekken 7 is. Each character plays in a different way and some characters are better than others. Tekken 7 features a wide variety of characters, with old favorites returning such as the likes of Yoshimitsu and Heihachi. (In this blog post, we will be talking about the best characters to play with in Tekken 7, not the “best characters in the whole Tekken series”.

Who is the strongest character in Tekken?

This is a very controversial topic, as some players think Kazuya is the strongest character, and others think Heihachi is the strongest. But the fact is that Kazuya and Heihachi are pretty much the same character, except for one thing. For example, Kazuya has a higher damage output but a lower stun rate. I personally think that Steve is the strongest character in Tekken series, and here’s why. If you’re a fan of the Tekken series, you’ve probably been wondering which character is the best to use. After all, some of the characters can be absurdly powerful, while others are so weak they’re not even worth playing. There are a number of (complex) ways you could come to this conclusion. For instance, you could play every character to their full potential and compare their overall performance. Or you could just look at the stats and discover that a character has the highest overall damage. However, there’s another way that’s easier to understand. This is a list that ranks the best characters in the game, depending on how much fun they’re likely to be. That means a lot of characters who are objectively powerful didn

Who is the easiest character in Tekken 7?

A new installment to the famous fighting game series, “Tekken 7” has been released worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is a sequel to “Tekken 6” and features returning fighters as well as new characters. Who’s the easiest character in Tekken 7? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a character added in “Tekken 6”, but there’s no need to read ahead if you’re that impatient, I’ll just tell you: The easiest character in Tekken 7 is the Jack 6.0 character, since he has a great combo potential and he has a “rage” mode that gives him infinite rage. Also he doesn’t have a good juggle properties, Tekken has always been a fighting game for the hardcore. The franchise has always been known for having an incredibly high learning curve, and that’s not been diluted in the least by Tekken 7 . However, there is one character who can be played by even the most inexperienced of players, and that’s Heihachi Mishima.

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