tips and tricks for becoming a dodgeball champion

As with all sports, there is a lot more to dodgeball than meets the eye. Just because you can throw a ball at someone without killing them doesn’t mean you’re a championship-caliber athlete. (Ask the kids on my dodgeball team in high school.) Luckily, there are a few simple tricks that can make the difference between being a hero on your block and being a superstar on the dodgeball court.

If you’ve ever played dodgeball, you know that its a highly strategic game that keeps you on your toes. While you may feel like a fish out of water the first few times you play, we’re here to teach you some tips and tricks to help you improve your game. The first thing you want to do is analyze your opponent’s play style. Often, if you can figure out how the other team members play, you can easily pick the best strategies to counter them.

As with any sport, practicing and knowing the rules are crucial to becoming a champion. If you’re new to the game or need a refresher, here’s a quick rundown on the sport’s basic rules. First off, dodgeball is played by two opposing teams on a court divided by a center line. Players on each team take turns throwing or rolling a ball toward the opposing team’s players. (No throwing the ball at the opposing team’s player’s face. That’s considered unsportsmanlike conduct.)  The object is to eliminate players on the opposing team by having the ball land in the opposing team’s court, where it then remains until the end of the round. If a ball thrown by a player lands outside the court,

Knockout City is a new game from Velan Studios and Electronic Arts that modifies and changes the usual shooter and RPG games. This is a fast-paced dodgeball game where you can compete with a team to get ten points. The game is still fresh, but if you want to improve, we’ve listed some tips and tricks for Knockout City for you to shorten your learning curve. We’ll take a look at some game settings that can improve your game, give an outline of all the standard controls, and review some basic and advanced techniques you can use to attack your opponents. If you’ve been playing for a while, most will look familiar, but hopefully you can learn something new too!

Knockout City Power mode or Quality mode

Knockout City has two graphics settings: Performance mode and quality mode. If you’re playing on a console like the Nintendo Switch, try using Performance Mode to increase the FPS limit to 60. It requires a bit more bandwidth, so you’ll need a decent internet connection, but it makes a big difference in gameplay. This reduces the lag between inputs, allowing you to react more quickly to bullets flying at you.

Knockout City Controls

Here’s the full list of Knockout City checks:

TravelB, A, C, DMove the lever LMove the lever LMove the lever L
Move the cameraMove the mouseMove the dial RMove the dial RMove the dial R
SprintSwitching (toggling)Retain L3Hold the handle LHold the handle L
Continue toSpaceXAB
GliderSpace (in the air)X (in the air)A (in the air)B (in the air)
CastingClick with the left mouse buttonR2RTZR
Loaded NestHold down the left mouse buttonMaintain R2RT ConservationMaintenance of the RR
Faulty beamLeft mouse button, FR2, R3RT, RRR, R
Twisted NestLeft click, ER2, ORT, BRR, A
CastingLeft click, QR2, △RT, YRR, X
CatchR ClickL2LTZL
Continue toThe average mouseL1LBL
Ball in the airAlt (Hold)R1RBR
Emotion1D-Pad upD-Pad upD-Pad up

Knockout City Tips and Tricks

Here are some basic and advanced tips and tricks to improve your game in Knockout City.


Passing the ball in Knockout City has many advantages. First: If your team-mate is already in possession of the ball and you pass the ball to him, you get the ball back immediately with an overload. The overload adds some speed to the ball, so you can throw it quickly at high speed without wasting time loading. The guide is also an excellent way to trick and confuse enemies. There’s a lot of action in Knockout City. If you pass the ball to a team-mate who is a little closer to your opponent, you can force him to use his catching technique, which creates opportunities for your team-mates to hit the ball


Dodge is a move that can be used in many ways, including blocking, dodging punches and knocking the opponent down. In Knockout City, you can jump into a Dash by pressing the left CTRL key on PC, square on PlayStation, X on Xbox or Y on Nintendo Switch. Hit your opponent to make him lose the ball (if he has it) and disorient him for a few seconds. If you do this close to the edge, you can push your opponent off the edge and get a free point. If you and your opponent split at the same time, you will both be stunned for a short time. The same goes if you hit a wall, so aim accordingly. More importantly, you can use the Dash technique to block incoming feints. If you are in a tight situation, make a move to block an incoming ball. You can also dodge flying balls, but be careful because you have a second of downtime if you’re vulnerable after the spurt.


Catching is an important skill to master in Knockout City. You can right-click to grab on PC, L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox, and ZL on Nintendo Switch. A perfect grip gives you a charge stack that accelerates the ball. There may be as many as six, and with each stack the ball goes faster and faster. The batteries disappear over time, so you have to act fast to take advantage of the speed.

Waterfall shots

Tricks are advanced techniques that you want to incorporate into your play style in Knockout City. You have two strikes against you: Praise and low blows. Both options have their advantages and can throw your opponent off balance by changing his timing. You can also use them to pass the ball to your teammates. Learn how to make a curveball in Knockout City here:

  • PC : E+left mouse button
  • PlayStation: Circle+R2
  • Xbox: B+RT
  • Switch: A+ZR

A curveball is good when your opponent is behind a wall and you have to bend your swing to hit him. You can change the direction of the curvature of the sphere by moving in a certain direction. Here’s how to take a lob in the city of lobes:

  • PC : Q+left mouse button
  • PlayStation: Triangle+R2
  • Xbox: Y+RT
  • Switch: X+ZR

A head shot is good when someone is taller than you and you need the extra height of the ball to reach them.

Ball head

Turning into a ball, so your teammates can throw you, can be incredibly useful in Knockout City. If you turn into a ball and your teammate picks you up and charges you all the way, you turn into a bomb. The bomb allows you to kill in one shot with a fairly long range, making it easy to take out an entire team in one shot as they gather. It also doesn’t hurt to hit the ball if you and your teammates are having trouble finding the dodgeball. Not to mention the fact that you can hit a player with the ball with the press of a button, which is perfect for scoring easy points. Note that if an opponent catches you during the ball game, you will become disoriented and have to press certain keys to get out.

False jets

Finally, one of the most important tactics is the deception role. People will figure it out eventually, but enjoy it while the game is new. You can use the fake throw button or do things like spins and flips to try and pull your opponent’s turn.In the game of dodgeball, the objective is simple: throw balls at your opponents and eliminate them from play until only one team is left standing. (If this sounds a lot like a certain other sport that has become extremely popular in the last five years, you’re not wrong.) While there are many different types of balls and different ways to play, the underlying rules of dodgeball are the same regardless of the setting. With a little bit of practice, you can easily become a dodgeball champ.. Read more about what is catching in dodgeball and let us know what you think.

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